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February 06, 2010



Oh my goodness. How glad I am that you came over. I love it when comments lead back to such wonderful places!!! I have to play catch up with you blog, now!
Nice to meet you!

BTW, your photos are magical! And, I know why you can't enjoy a snow day without planning another project...it's what you love and it shows!


ooh gorgeous. Love all the snow. Sugarwings looks fabulous. she and Humbug would get one well, both with their head to toe pink winter look! ;o)

I love thinking about decorating too. Top of the list (and hopefully starting soon) is the dining. Husband was not impressed when I told him I wanted it Duck Egg blue, but once shown the paint colour and the fabulous fabric and wallpaper from Laura Ashley, he has come round to my way of thinking. Now, if only I could persuade you to come over and do some of your paint effects for me! ;o)

Enjoy your snow!


Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Your little SugarWings is so cute !
We have had our share of snow ,this year not so much maybe only a few feet of it.
Love your pics


Did you ever realize that snow is a four letter word!! It's fun for things like you and Sugarwings to venture into, so glad you two had a great time. You are creating wonderful memories for that child..what a great Grandma you are Karla.
Sure hope Twinks come home "with child!"

Grace P

what beautiful pictures! They look vitage and so sweet...Ofcourse Sugarwings is a living doll so she really makes the pictures...lol TOo cute. I can't wait to see what you do to that cute shed..Grace


Sugarwings is growing so fast, she looks so old in that new coat! What a doll! Love the pictures!


What a fun time you two girls had together and yes perfect way to finish off the day with a good soak in the tub, delightful. Love the new Boutique Delights. Hugs, Diane

LiLi M.

Sugarwings looks great in her pink Calvin Klein coat and Beth did a great job here too! Ooh I do hope you will have puppies soon, I did enjoy your posts about them so much! Enjoy your weekend!


Sugarwings looks like she is having a grand time playing in the snow...i love her coat, she looks like a mini fashion plate:) stay warm and have a wonderful rest of your weekend Karla!!!


I daresay. She is the most beautiful little fairy child! It looks like you had a blast in the 4 letter word - s n o w. And your idea for a playhouse for Sugarwings?! You must!! You simply must! We will all be very patient and wait for you to start on it. Then, there'll be pictures and more pictures, and you can paint the walls and decorate... It sounds like great fun! Please do!!

We had sun today! I'm over the moon/sun with happiness! I truly detest winter. - Kathy

Brenda Kula

You two have so much fun together. That little girl is going to have such precious memories of you playing with her, Karla. And she's growing taller every time I see her! When I was growing up, we had a shed like that that I was drawn to. It had old trunks with photographs. It was where I found the photo of my mother and started asking about her.


How delightful that you had fun in the snow! Hope you enjoy Twinkle's baby yorkies if/when they come. ;->


she looks adorable in that pink coat! WIth the birdhouse in the tree! Love that picture!
I see a super cool playhouse in her future too!
Stay warm and cozy Karla!


You have yourself a sweet little model in her pretty pink coat and Beth scarf! That shed looks like a great project and what a fun place for the 2 of you to frolic about in!!!

Beth Leintz

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Are you making that up?

Leelee looks like a little model- she'd even look cute in camo and an orange vest.


Are you going to make more jewelry? I absolutely love my necklace I got from your etsy store some time ago. We got 14 ins. of snow and you are right....it is hard to say snow and fun in the same sentence.




What a delightful afternoon! The little ones always live each moment to their fullest. You are blessed.



That is a beautiful photograph of Sugarwings, dancing in the snow.


Sugarwings is so Pinkie Cute.. such beautiful photos of her... love all the bubbles and her tiny head in the center.... and all the wonderful pretties in your shop..

Happy Pink Saturday..



Really enjoyed reading your post, and the pictures are stunning.

Angela C

Hi Karla! Wow looks like you're getting the same stuff we are in Omaha. Lonnnng winter!
I finally got my own blog now - can't believe it's been almost 1 yr since we chatted at the Miss Frenchie show!

Susan Freeman

Sugarwings must be the luckiest little girl ever. I think it is wonderful how you share such magical moments with her! I can hardly wait for Twinkle to be a mommy again. I so enjoyed watching all of the last pups early days.

Love to you, Sugarwings and Twinkle,
Susan and Bentley


She is a beautiful child. Those are great pics.


Love that first pic of Sugarwings with the heart frame you added. Also love that she is already into CK!! A great little model, for sure.

BTW, I'm still high on paint fumes after just repainting our upstairs bathroom blue!! Sonata blue from Behr. I love it!!

Happy PS!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


you are such a wonderful and fun grammie! :D someday...I will be, too.....:D i won't rush it.....one is 18....and the other is 23...but NOT married yet.......and just became an RN..........:D have a great day! deb :D


I love all of the photos! The snow, the pink ruffly coat, the tub! Just perfect.

Miss Maddie's

Sugarwings looks so sweet in her pink coat bundled up against the snow.
So perhaps there shall be a belated Valentine's announcement about Yorkie puppies pending... isn't love grand?


As always, your blog is a joy and delight to visit!


How fun on your snow day, wow on the coat and wishing you a fantastic week.

Charmaine Deadman

OMG, Karla, if you do re-paint the bathroom with Robin's egg blue and the gold wash, post it!! That sounds amazing! As for your little shed....that would be so cool to make it a little enchanted place in the woods for Sugarwings. I too love doing stuff like that for my daughter. She has a wonderful tree fort area in our woods that we have to enhance this summer. It has stone stairs and a bridge and so many other neat things.
Take care!



Love love love the pics of SW!!! AND love love love her coat! Rockin' deal karla!
xoxo, Tiffany


What a fun snow day you guys had! I wish my son was home from school today to play in the snow. It's been snowing all day. (We're in Colorado.) I LOVE the things you've been making for your shop, but am almost afraid to click over and see that it's all already sold! I have P&P&Z on my bookshelf, too!

Andrea - Faded Plains

How exciting that your do a feature on romance for your local station...that's so cool.

Kerryanne English

Being in a sub-tropical climate we don't ever get snow here but your photos make it look lovely Karla. Sugarwings looks so pretty in her new coat.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Beautiful photos, Karla -- she's an adorable snow fairy!

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