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March 21, 2010


Susan Freeman

I would love to have a couple of days to do nothing and relax and watch great movies. I'm glad you took advantage of the time to rest up. Those pics of Sugarwings at the fairy tale village are just darling! What fun she must have had!

Susan and Bentley


I am so glad you are resting! And you are the most un-sloth like person I have known...you are the energizer bunny, a little rest is good! Pleurisy can come back too and it is sooo painful! hugs and well wishes! karen...

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! I am so glad you are taking it easy and getting some rest :) The fairy tale place looks wonderful!! How neat that they did that and for free! Sugarwings looks so happy :):) Did you like Alice In Wonderland?
Love and hugs,


Karla amor, I am so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well...You definately need to get some rest and relax, let yourself heal, your definately right about that, I still have limited movement in my shoulder all these months later...I am not sure what pluerisy is...but I hope you feel better from that too! You all look like you had a wonderful time! Sugarwings, definately looks in her element :) I also came by to tell you that I have seen a few of the Alice tag books on peoples posts and they look BEAUTIFUL, you all did a beautiful job on them! Again, feel better, don't worry about responding :) Besos, Rose


Morning Karla...good for you ...taking care of yourself...books & good Movies will do us good every time..I once rented 15 movies,hid my car at the neighbors,and lumped up all weekend on my couch..way to go girl..take care...Lorraine


Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Take lots of rest, we will be here when you are up to typing again.

Elaine L.

I'm glad you're resting up.

It's hard for me to imagine your snow, when it's about 72 degrees, here, in SoCal. I shopped for roses,(to plant)in shorts and a sleeveless blouse.


LiLi M.

Great to hear that you are relaxing! I've seen Alice in 3D today, amazing, but somehow I expected even more. Love your photos of Sugarwings, as always, I love how she enjoys everything with every vibe in her body. People use to loose that along the way, hope she doesn't. Take care and keep on mending!


8 inches...oh my word! Happy Spring??? hehehehe!

Suz Reaney

You just keep on taking it easy.We don't want you to lose your blogging arm;-)


Perhaps we should all take a day or two off from our 'normal' routine just to re-vitalize.
Where, oh, where is Spring.


i just read that it even snowed in texas...i guess i am lucky, no snow here for the first of spring...just a wee bit colder than during the week...it sounds like you had a fun time at fairy tale village, what a darling idea!!! rest up those fingers...i hope they are all better soon Karla!!!

Deborah M. Woodrow

Hi Karla: Hey don't apologize for being sick, and slow !
We all have those days ! I've been down, for 3 days with my neck out of whack, acts up on me, every so often, and I just have to wait and let it heal. Sugar Wings, looks like she is having a glorious FUN time !
Get well.
Deborah M. Woodrow


The latest I ever remembering it snowing in KC was April 1st back in 1970. But 8 inches is really a lot of snow. Hopefully it will melt quickly.
Love the pixs of Sugarwings! Any thing Hallmark does is always nice, and free, to boot. Such a deal!
Glad that you are feeling better. Keep up the good work. Plerisy is more painful that serious but it still isn't much fun!
get well soon!!




The pics of sweet Sugarwings are so magical! A perfect little princess indeed!


Sounds like a pleasant week- hope you are feeling better soon!

Freda Butler

Dear Karla

I am glad you took the time to just relax and heal. I saw on the weather channel that Kansas had 8 more inches of snow. Chicago had some also. Not fair after a taste of warmer weather. Take care of yourself and I am still giddy over my book. I keep looking at them and really love them. I do want to get to see Alice but haven't found anyone to go with yet. Hopefully I will.




Even your "resting" sounds busy to me!

I must have passed from sloth-dom into toadstool-like......


Keep "resting".


Hello Karla :)...I too am suffering from some sort of muscle failure in my hand...too much crafting I am supposing. I am nearing the point of exhaustion and will break down and make an appointment soon ~ just don't want to hear that the hand should be resting to heal :)...'tis the curse of the internal artist I suppose.

Love the pictures of Sugarwings in her own wonderful "Wonderland", how perfectly delightful :)

That China pendant is beautiful!

Take care of yourself and rest well:) ~ Bev


No, don't type, you look after yourself and be sensible. Your post title made me laugh! I would love a lazy day or two, trouble is I can't rest even if I have permission!

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I love them. Gorgeous Girl would love to visit such a place. Not today though. A nasty tumble at breakfast has left a nasty bruise on her head. I'm making a fuss of her and hoping we have no more dramas, my nerves can't take anymore today! xx

Charmaine Deadman

I love the pendant you made Karla! It's too bad your body is giving you grief. I hope you mend up soon. I'm glad sugarwings and her daddy got to have some fun together. What a great place! I wish we had a place like that here.
take care of yourself!


Oh, she looks like she is, INDEED, in Princess heaven!!! I am so glad you are giving yourself a genuine chance to recover! Not many of us do that and our bodies need it sometimes! I admire you for that!


Before reading, I looked at all of the pictures and I was just SURE, you had painted all of the murals! They look like your work! Cute pictures of the fairy grand baby!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Jean Eakin

Karla, I am so sorry you have not been feeling your usual energetic self. Rest will revive you soon .Sugarwings is just so adorable and what a wonderful place for children. Take care of yourself.
jean in Virginia


I hope you are feeling better.
What a cute day that you got to spend with her!


I really want to visit the Hallmark center one of these days. I looks like Sugarwings is having such a good time! I'm so glad you're resting your tendinitis. I'm wondering how you liked E. Sawatelle -- I got through 3/4 of the book and then I gave up, unhappily.


Rest, rest, rest...

Your rose quartz pendant is gorgeous - please enter me for this March giveaway.

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

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