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March 28, 2010



Hi Karla! Congrats on the Somerset Life feature; I will have to look for it!
I joined your Google Friend Connect! :)


Beautiful! And I have loved every item I have ever gotten from you!

hope | paper relics

I meant to sign up right away after our emails - and came back tonight to do so - and boy it filled up fast :)


Hi Karla, I'm sorry you've had "behind the scenes drama" lately- that is certainly no fun......
I tried to sign up to be your friend! Of course I'm your friend, but to make it official.....and the link is broken :( this is what is says in the little box
We're sorry...

This gadget is configured incorrectly. Webmaster hint: Please ensure that "Friend Connect Settings - Home URL" matches the URL of this site.

oh well...you know i would if i could!

I saw the magazine last night at Barnes and Nobel...I thumbed thru it and admired those test tubes...I should have KNOWN they were YOU! Beautiful! I decided against the magazine and bought a book instead...but might have to go back and get it!


I guess the deer like your plants! :) I signed up to be your friend of course! I'll go ahead and say I'll be greedy those little peat pots are adorable, Bethany has "ours" on her dresser :) See you Tuesday!


ok it worked!


Hi Karla, Since you begged {!} I signed up on your google link. I do have you in my google reader as I always enjoy your postings. I will agree after buying several items from your boutique that your presentation is wonderful. My favorites were the pages from a book with little bird etchings. Sigh. It was like receiving free goodies!

Congrats on the Somerset article! It is always fun and feels so personal to see articles on people I love to follow in blogland. Thanks for all the smiles, inspiration, and the wonderful sense of humor you spread through the land! xo sue


I'm trying, really TRYING to be your friend. But your friend -bar won't let me! I'll keep trying. I loved all of your pretties in the mag this time. All of them, awesome! Your not the only one who can bribe. I heard a little rumor that a certain 'renegade gang of Gypsy hoarders' from Lawrence might be planning a certain 'road trip'??? I have hats,buttons, doodads, flowers, I'll dress up like a fairy, whatever it takes. And think of the garage sales on the way. Oh wait, one more bride. Canton is that weekend too. Lisa


Okay, now I'll have to make a trip to Barnes and Noble for that magazine! I love to see our friends from Sb in print too! Love you!

Miss Rhea

I am already a Karla winner AND a follower, happy to do so publicly now !! :)


Karla amor, I hope you are feeling better! I just got my issue of Somerset Life on Sat...and I have yet to have a moment to sit down and look through it...but soon...I can't wait :) And I beg to differ but when I received my package from you a bit back...I thought it was just lovely! I loved everything about it :) Thank you! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Besos, Rose

ps..when you get a moment, please visit my lil blog and tell me what you think of it's pretty new dress :)


congrats on your magazine features Karla...they both are beautiful!!!

Mitzi Curi

Congratulations on being included in the Somerset publications. I can't wait to read the articles and look at the inspiring images. I have been a satisfied buyer of your wallpaper which indeed was packaged with care, and was a pleasure to open!


So exciting about your friends being featured in the magazine! An exciting about the button vials too!


I tried to sign up but your sidebar is not correctly configured! I would love to be your friend when the sidebar will let me!



I am your google friend! I wanna win! Sorry you have had such a rough week, I know how that can be! I will think good thoughts for you! hugs! karen....

Jane Palmer

Hi, Karla!
Haven't been able to get comments posted recently, so trying again! I do hope your troubles are behind and you can spend your time watching Spring unfold!

LOVE my "Alice" tag book!!! Must post on the Flick'r site. You were so ahead of things with Alice - popping up all over now :) You always do such great swaps!

Always enjoy your blog and so happy to be your Google friend!
Jane - Jacksonville

Jane Palmer

It worked this time -- yay!! Forgot to say, the Somerset Life looks very beautiful.

Jane - Jacksonville


I can't figure out the difference between Google Friend and following people's blogs. So I guess I'm both a friend and a follower!



Hi Karla!
The deer is there because she knows the grass (and apparently the shrubs) are greener on the other side of the fence. Or in this case...this side of the fence.
What a pretty thing to see while looking out your window.
I get to look out at crows....really big black crows....like something from a horror movie. Those birds are huge! Oh well what's a city girl to do? LOL!
I am going to check out the google friend. I can't remember if I already signed up or not and if I haven't I will.
As always Karla,thanks for sharing.
Have a good week.
PS..I hope the stuff behind the scenes gets cleared up for you real soon.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, you always have the most beautiful and inspiring posts! I want to get that magazine sooo badly!! You are so talented, I love those button vials!! So vintage romantic. I am so excited also for all the lovely bloggers featured in this magazine, there is so much talent out here, it is amazing! Of course I am your friend :):) How could anyone not be! That deer is gorgeous. I adore them so much. I hope you have a beautiful week!!
Congratulations on the wonderful article!!


If someone didn't adore anything coming from you they would be stark, raving mad!


Karla thank you for your visit! I really appreciated it :) I am LOVING the new look of my lil blog, but still getting used to it, I am a creature of habit :) I am so glad that I can visit your blog and SEE it, blogger seems to be down today and I can't really see anything on anyone's blogger blogs...hopefully this will be fixed soon, Hope you have a beautiful day and that your week is great! Besos, Rose

Suz Reaney

What a great honor! You do wonderful things and deserve to be there right with the others. I can't wait to get home and get this issue!!!

Zita-Mlle Magpie

Hi Karla, I'm trying to become your "official" friend, but it won't work for some reason. Aargh - it shouldn't be this hard :)


I love seeing bloggers I follow featured in such a great looking magazine. I can't get the actual magazine here in the UK, but at least I get to see many photos of feature articles on various blogs. Congrats to you on being featured!
The picture of the deer is lovely. I know it must be a somewhat annoying to have your plants ruined, but look what you get in exchange! Such a beautiful creature.


Oh, so many pretty things from you and your friends -- I'll have to pick up that issue!

Kitty ~ Reflections From The Stone Nest

The vials are just lovely, Karla. Congrats on the magazine articles. Well deserved! I see the deer visit you, too. We've enjoyed their "nibbling" most of the winter. Hemlock trees? More like hemlock nubs. I can't deny them, they are just too beautiful!


Freda Butler

It sure makes me smile when I have a parcel from you and I can't wait to open it to see what I bought (or won if I am lucky) and to see the wrapping and all the little tags and goodies you include. That is why I will always buy from people on etsy as compared to a store. They go the extra mile to make them pretty.



ps - I became a friend. I think it showed 75. You will probably end up with 500 or more.


Hi Karla!
Can't wait to get Somerset Life to see everyone's contributions! I'm already your bloggie friend on Google! :)
Well, it looks like we are leaving CA on May 15th for our cross country road trip to NY with my daughter. We still have to map our trip, but plan on driving through your part of the world....Maybe we can meet up for a quick cup of coffee or Lunch...maybe with Carol, too? I'll let you know once I know our itinerary!

Jennifer Hayslip

Congrats Karla on your beautiful Somerset features! Your new forest friend is a cutie. hee! hee! ;) XOXO,Jenn


Hi Karla

I adore the way that you wrap things. The vintage papers, the ribbons and other goodies just make it all come together and are so totally you. I didn't think to wrap my tags in a creative way, but when I saw the way that you sent the books back I thought - duh!

Gentle hugs and prayers coming your way


I would love to be in this drawing, for I love your work. Thanks for the chance.


Oh Jeez! You don't have to bribe me to be your friend! Although please enter me in to win something pretty from you !


ok! Now come over and be my friend! xo Andrea

Elaine L.

Although the button isn't working, I followed the directions that are below the button and I think it worked?


Alison Gibbs

Looking forward to geting my copy of Somerset Life and seeing your article.


I wish Somerset life was available over here. Totally not fair.

I signed up.

It's always so nice to visit here first thing in the morning (if I can), your pretty pictures set me up for the entire day!


Karla I just bought my issue of Somerset and saw your features and was so excited to see people I talk to all the time in the magazine.

I received my teany frozen charlottes yesterday and I was so excited to get them, they were my first, and the way they were presented is just awesome. Thank you so much for making my shopping experience so pretty. Loved the little green crocheted doily and the package wrapper of a book page from a childs book. So creative.


Congrats on the publication, love the vials filled with sweet buttons. Yes, I want to be your friend, I am off to sign up! I hope this week holds lots of sweetness for you and yours!

Sher Miller

Congratulations (again) for being published in Somerset Life! You always have such a beautiful way of presenting your treasures!


Well congratulations to you and your friends for the wonderful showing in Somerset Life!!! I <3 ALL Somerset publications! LOL! Your button viles are fabulous!


Congratulations Karla for being published. I can't wait to get my own copy, so I can see this awesome feature. I would love to be a friend, but I can't get signed up for some reason. Rats...cause I really, really want to win!


Wow, you do such wonderful things...........very inspiring!! Love the peat pots and also the paper covered eggs in the previous post...always fun to see what you do!


hello, i used to say i can't be bribed but, LOL, blogland has changed that! seriously, you make such pretty things and even the packaging sounds lovely so i am glad i found you.

Theresa Hein

Hello Karla! What a great post... I cannot wait to get that issue of S.L. there are always so many good ideas in there. Your vials of buttons are so simple and so lovely, as are the peat pots. I am now a follower and am going to check older posts for more inspiration. Theresa


Hi Karla,
Deer and other animals don't like lavender...you need several plants around the area, you don't want them near.
They don't like the scent.

I can't wait to see Somerset Life, gorgeous spring inspiring ideas or should i say ideers..nah!

I thought of you, yesterday, when I tried to make some
embellished vials. There were a couple that ended up in
Christmas stockings. The content did not want to come out, what an adventure that was. Hot water and a skewer...
a lot of drama, lol.

The tiny touches mean so much, don't they!


Yes!!! I succeded in being your friend this time.
I have been following your blog in other way than this for long,
I love your postings, and would bee so happy to win ,so please count me in.

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