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March 04, 2010


Sea Witch

Love a double positive...good goodies. Hair looks great. Now what you mean by the flu. I felt like I had my legs (or mermaid tail) knocked out from under me. Still not back to my run amuck self but getting there. Hope you get healthy soon, sugarwings needs your vivacious love. Sea Witch

Suz Reaney

What wonderful tags and gifts! I just finished mine this afternoon and I will refrain from comparing (because they all look so darn cute!!!) but it is hard not to...

Hmmm...I had a wonderful time doing mine and that is what counts. However, I will never use Mylar again! Even though the enormous page of it was $1 at Art Scraps (the greatest store in the Twin Cities)

I hope I will get it off tomorrow....I am going to go searching through my mail for your address!

I hope you can continue to take good,good care of yourself. Relax, do something sedentary, don't clean up too much...ok? ok?

Andrea - Faded Plains

Wow...you received so many beautiful tags...I'm so sorry to hear your still not feeling like yourself...sending you lots of well wishes to get better soon ;o)


GOLLY GEE! How talented are these people!! I'm blown away with them all!I look forward to seeing more!


Oh, so glad you went and had your hair done! That always perks me up. Look at all those beautiful tags! (80 swappers! Wow!) 'So wonderful to see all the goodies you're getting! I agree with the winning comment - just love coming to the Cottage to visit!



I am so sorry that you have been so ill! I hope you are up and around fully recovered very soon. How sweet that little packages of love are arriving at your door step just when you need good cheer the most. I finished my tags today and will get them in the mail in the morning. Feel better!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!

So many lovelies!
I hope you feel much better lickety-split. ;)


The tags are so different, love that! I hope you're getting better are you taking some probiotics? Looking forward to tues. how nice of vicki to send all of those goodies that will be so fun. I just got teresa collins chic baby boy line I ordered it so I plan on using some of that on tues too. :)
I need a bit of a touchup also so don't peek at my greys next week :)


I am absolutely stunned how gorgeous the tags are everybody send in. I am so sorry I stumbled upon this to late to partcipate, but hopefully next time :) How wonderful you got these lovely goodies just when you needed them! Hope you feel good soon again!

Andrea Villarreal

I got my tags done today!! Hurray!! They will go out in the mail tomorrow. But.....looking at all these wonderful submissions I am bit awe struck. I hope they will work well in people's books. I should have maybe went with more of a pastel pallet. See I am over thinking which is why I don't do swaps:) I'm off to figure out Flicker!

Susan Freeman

All of the tags are beautiful! So many creative people!

Susan and Bentley

lisa mcilvain

The tags look amazing, like I knew they would. I'm almost done, I"m fed-exing them to you. I feel not worthy of this swap after seeing all of those crazy cool tags. OHHH the pressure>lol Lisa
PS Yes, when I roll into KC to wheel & deal with 'deb' your friend?? You can be my interpreter. I will most defiantly find time to raid your house & find out where your hoarding those hats. I might even come across some wallpaper too.

Nerissa Alford

What beautiful tags & gifties. I'll have to go take a look at the flickr pool. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I had no idea you were ill. Take care of yourself!


Wow, gorgeous tags and gifts, so fun! Happy you went and had your hair done, it really does perk you up!
Take it Easy today, so you don't have a set back!

Lisa, I feel the same way, not worthy, what was I thinking...


Oh wow! Aren't they gorgeous and such sweet gifts for you too. I'm sure they will help to cheer you up a little and I hope you soon feel fighting fit again (so that you can send out the Alice returns!!!).

My tags were sent off you last Monday (1st March) so hopefully should be with you soon.

Get well soon Karla,

Barbara :)


So excited to see all the wonderful fun tags and can't wait to see which will be in my booklet! Love the flickr site, too! My stuff's up!


Oh, seeing those beautiful tags is making it actually HURT that i didn't join! LOL! They are gorgeous!!!


WOW, those tags are really awesome! I'm constantly amazed at all the talent in Blogland. Please take care ~ hope you are feeling much better now!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Oh it's so much fun to see what everyone's "take" was with the Alice tags. Love seeing them. I will add pictures to Flickr. Thanks for being such a lovely host, Karla. You really do go the extra mile for all of your events. So glad to hear you are feeling better. I hear that flu is really something!


Rose Brier Studio

Karla, these look wonderful! I would love to have participated, I have been a big Alice in Wonderland fan since I was a kid! Serves me right for dropping off the face of the blogosphere.
Sorry you were feeling poorly. Glad to hear you are feeling better.


Ohhh, the Alice tags look great. Hope you are feeling better and good look with the shoot!!

Jenny Fowler

Oooo, your Alice tag swap looks amazing! I bet it was fun!

Sharon Chapman

These tags are fantastic. I just found your blog and wish I could have joined in but alass "I'm late ...I'm late. But ihave now subscribed to your feed! Thanks to Karen H Cox for leading me here.

Christine Piazza

OMG! I just found your blog and your tags are absolutely amazing. I love your fun style and will be following to see lots more of your art creations.

karen cox

Thank you for showing my tags. I love all of the tags that you have shown, I can't wait to see the books. Amazing how many different ways people can create Alice. I love your hair.


What amazing creativity. As you can judge a person by their friends, I'd say you are among the elite!

Hope all the luck vibes from your family, friends, and fans helped for your photo shoot!

Shari Bradley

Such lovely tags! And what a great idea! I'm curious as to where the wonderful vintage-looking photos were found!


What beauty! I hope my tags have arrived to you safely. If I email my photos to you, could you post to flickr? I don't have an acct and yahoo has messed up my access.

Frenchy chick

Love all those tags, what lovely and talented crafters!!!
Gros bisous

Stephanie O.

How fun to see these tags...Mine went out priority today so they should be to you very soon. I'll get the photo on flickr asap...

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