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March 27, 2010


Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! I am so sorry you have had such a bad week :( You have had enough going on lately!! But I am glad you had some fun time with friends! I would love to have been there. I love the eggs that both of you created! So pretty. Your craft room is amazing. I love all the details of decor you used! I could look at the pictures all day! I love that old french door, that is amazing! I love the plates hanging from ribbon too. The statue and shelf look so gorgeous after your redo! I love that statue so much!
I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and a fun weekend! I actually am following your blog through my follower but I will sign up here too!
Love and hugs,


Hi Karla,
Your studio is beautiful so shabby chic:)

Cami @ Creating Myself

Your studio is amazing Karla! And I am just thrilled that you are using the little china "bowl" (what in the heck would call it?) I sent. I don't know why I feel such a sense of pride in seeing it in your studio but I sure do. I'm finally posting about my Alice tag book swap today. Swing by & see it when you get a chance.


Hi Karla

You made quite a transformation and quick clean up. I love how the server looks with all of your supplies. I've been following you through google reader, but just signed up to be your friend.

Enjoy your weekend, it's pretty chilly here in PA!



Oh Karla~ I am happy to be your "friend"! I just signed up!!
I hear ya on the 'behind the scenes' stuff going on~it always takes the wind outta my sails and I don't feel like blogging. I admire your ability to not let that stop you! I check your blog every day! It's always so lovely and inspiring! And ohmygosh! how I covet your studio!! Mine's a shed in the backyard and stuffed to the brim. I could NEVER have a craft party in there!!
Anyway, hope thing's turn around for you..


I want to come to your house and craft, very pretty room. I like the eggs I'm going to do that with my 2 granddaughter, Thank you for the idea.


Hey, Karla, I've been following you for a number of months [via ?rss feed? or subscription?]
and really look forward to what's happening in each of your posts.
Now I am your 10th Google Friend. I know these will number in many, many Google Friends.


Karla amor, so sorry you were having such a rough week :( I hope this new week is wonderful for you! What a lovely time you must have had with all your friends getting together, talking and creating. No need to bribe me with your lovely lil peat pots...although I would still happily take it :) I was already following you in my own way, on Blogger, I was able to add you to my list of blogs I follow, and then I added you to my blog roll, I was following you publicly and getting your updates...I was so happy because it was easier then finding you through my favorites list and visiting you, you were now on my blog :) btw...I am speechless, astounded even with your hat garden...I always forget just how massive and amazing it is! Egads...I think I was drooling when I blew up that picture..poor laptop lol btw....can you send me some of your hat finding mojo...just for a day or 2 ;) Besos, Rose

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I'm sorry to hear that you're having a bad week too! I've been hiding in my craft room all week and it could fit in a tiny corner of yours. Hope all is back to normal soon. I told Beth that one of these days I'll get to Kansas and come visit you two. I'm joining your buddies. I tried to put it on my blog last night and I couldn't figure it out.


Karla, you always make me smile. I clicked to be your Google friend, and I hope you'll click to be mine, too.

I think your studio looks fabulous. And, I know your create beautiful things there.

Elaine L.

I love those eggs. Hope you put some in your shop.



You're not shy about offering a bribe and I'm not shy about taking one! I'm all signed up, although I've already been following you on my google reader AND I already consider you a friend ;))
The studio looks great--can't wait to see you all on Tuesday!!


Dear Karla,

I also signed up to be your Google Friend and even though your "bribe" is simply gorgeous....being your "buddy" is prize enough for me!

Lovin' your craft room! You talent is beyond words!

Hope your week gets better...prayers...



And all this time I thought I was your friend! Don't you just love time for good conversation with friends.


Oh my gosh your crafting area is seriously gorgeous!! I so wish I had a place like this!!

Going to become a friend now- though you've been on my google reader -

be blessed


Oh, I am happy to sign up to be your friend....I already had you in my google reader anyway, so I get updates whenever you post...

you studio is amazing...It is so pretty, I love your style...I am so jealous, I only have a tiny little space in a room to create...


Okay, I think I did it right so I can be your friend. (I've been following you in Google Reader forever as you probably know.)

Sally Hackney

Oh Karla, I'm so sorry you had a bad week. I love your craft space, it looks like your create alot of fun there. I already follow your blog in Google reader...count me in. Sally Hackney


Hi Karla..you are so inspireing..no wonder I check your site every day!!I only have 2 weeks left in Desert Hot Springs..then home to B.C...we are planning on painting this year...I`m very lucky ,I too have a large craft room ,Ithink I will paint that too...I need to stop checking every day...it`s making me work...got lots of goodies at HomeGoods the other day ,even though I dont buy NEW stuff very often...have a better week..Lorraine

Susan Reaney

I am so sorry,Karla. I always think of you as a friend who reached out to me when I didn't know many people. That means a lot. Hopefully I can do something like that for you sometime!


I will sign up...i just have to figure out how!

Shellagh Selee

Hi Karla,
I just discovered your fabulous blog!! You are one amazing woman! wow! Loved browsing through all of your projects & crafts ~ definitely coming back often!

If you have a minute come by & see my frenchy bedroom makeover and enter my fabulous Jeanne d' Arc giveaway!



Karla - I'd be happy to be your friend even without a bribe! I LOVE your creative space!


Freda Butler

Karla what fun it would be to visit your studio and spend a craft day with you. I just finished the Alice tag for my daughter from the kit you sent me awhile back. I even found a teeny weeny bottle at the flea market today so now I can add the drink me.

Sorry your week has been so bad. Emotional weeks are worse then sick weeks. Both are bad as you know from your recent flu.

Have a glass of wine and enjoy your friends.




Karla, so sorry to hear your had a rough week! I hope this new week will be a better one with much less drama! Your studio looks so tidy! Wish mine did! I got my Alice book and been meaning to tell you how wonderful it is and I'm so happy I got one of your tags!

Furniture Quest

Love the eggs, both paper wrapped and plastic. Thanks for the fun Easter idea!

Irma's Rose Cottage

I'm so happy to be your google friend! I started blogging because you were the first blog I started reading and felt so inspired at all that you do. Love your creative space.

Irma :)


Hi Karla ~ I'm happy to be a new friend of yours - I signed up as a Google follower and I'd be delighted if you'd follow me also...

I'm in awe of and in love with, your fabulous studio! Mercy, it is gorgeous and huge - love it. And I'm astonished at how beautiful your statue makeover is - she now looks so expensive.

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)


Uh Oh! Your google friend box is not on the side bar...You know I would be your friend even if you didn't offer a bribe!! Once you fix it I will add jump right on!!


Gee, I thought I was already a friend...but I am now!

Lavender Dreamer

I'm sorry you've had a rough week, too....hope this next one is better! I'm going to see if I can find a place to follow your blog! Hope you'll visit me, too! Love your blog! ♥


New follower here but have always been a faithful visitor! No wonder you create such wonderful things - you have the best craft room ever! You must wake up every morning and just glory in all of your home's beauty! I'm not too proud to accept a bribe so please count me in!

Jo Lucero

Hi Carla, Dropped by your blog and it is beautiful, as is your craft room. Mine's a mess, but I'm working on it. Blessings on you for you in the future. Keep your chin up!


Your workroom is an amazing place. I'd very happily settle down in there with you and craft for a while.

Julie Ann

Karla- I'm so sorry that you've been having a terrible few days!!! I hope that you had a great time with your friends and that they were able to be the bright spot in your week! I just LOVE how you've used different kinds of wallpaper to cover the beam in your studio!! It looks so gorgeous!!

Mary Isabella

I am wishing you a much better week...m.

Linda @Desires of the Heart.

Hi Karla, Sorry your week was a bummer. There are weeks like that and we all have them. But, you have such a glorius sanctuary in your art studio!! I so envy its size!!I'm sure if I had more room I would just fill it up with great junk also!! Not sure if I could ever really have a room that was really as big as I thought I needed it to be. :-) I received my tiny charlottes and am so thrilled with them!! Thank you also for the cute way you packaged them all, so sweet. Hope to use them in my miniature stuff. I have been working more on my dollhouse lately and want to make the attic my dream art studio. Doesn't that sound fun? Hope this next week brings you much joy and refreshing. At least here in NE Kansas it is supposed to be a lot warmer!! Can't wait. I signed up to be one of your followers, although I already am. Thanks, Linda Desires of the Heart.


I shared your blog site on Boxwood Cottage. Hope you get an extra friend or two! Have a great week!


So sorry to hear you've had a bad week, Karla. We have had one, too. I always love seeing photos of your creative space. I will definitely sign up to be a follower


Zita-Mlle Magpie

Karla, I'm so sorry you had a rough week. That's exactly what friends are for, for making things better :)


Karla, i am sorry you are having drama over there...i hope it all gets sorted out, and things quiet down for you...your studio looks so pretty all cleaned up...it really is a huge workspace that you have, lucky girl...sometimes i forget that when your pics are closer shots...i would love to win one of your peat pots with some yummy millinery...and i would like to say here, that i have read you faithfully for about three years, and have never won one of your giveaways...no pressure though...heavens no...LOL...i am following you...


Karla, I could not believe your stock pile of vintage hats! My friend Lisa (Tarnished & Tattered) & I have a THING for them but, we come no where close to you wonderful stash! Oh how I would love to come & craft with you in that amazing room. Thank you for sharing. Charlene


your studio is amazing...but yes, the more space you have, the more you will spread out. I have such a tiny little spare bedroom that I use...and I've even managed to cover the entire surface of the bed...along with everything else!
Today I told myself I would clean up...but started playing with all the goodies I was finding.....better to use them up now rather than stuff them in a box....I agree with that completely!
I hope the coming week is better for you!

Charmed Life

Karla your studio is FANTABULOUS! LOVE all the pics, thanks for sharing them. Hope this week is a good one for you.


Deborah M. Woodrow

Karla, no matter what you make, or use, everything always turns out so lovely !
You are gifted, and talented beyond words ! Love the precious Deer in the yard.
HAPPY SPRINGTIME ! Hope to see those pups soon !


I had to laugh about filling up an empty table if it was there -- that's just like me (and it goes for purses, too -- which is why I try to carry small, because otherwise, it would be far too heavy!) The shelf looks terrific -- nice to have that extra level. It looks great all the way around.


I would love to be your friend. Please count me in. Love your beautiful and fun projects.


I signed on too. I love your craft room. I would come craft with you anytime. I am just in awe of your blog also!!!

Jeanne Hill

I'm glad to be a follower. I love your blog!

Alison Gibbs

Hi karla hope your week improves.
I am now a follower so you have another friend. I already was your friend, but just not a 'follower'.


Oh, your eggs are wonderful! I signed up to be a friend, even though I already subscribe because you are so amazingly inspiring!!!!

Jackie Mohring

Hi Karla,

I love your studio and I LOL regarding your comment if a space is empty you have to fill it. I believe we are kindred spirits. :)

Be well,

Jenny Fowler

I'll sign up to be your buddy - I don't even need a bribe! :) I follow your on my blogger connect thingy but I will do this too!

oval mirrors

Karla you've got a great studio. I like it very much. I can't to see more of this. Can I'll be your friend because I love your creations.

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