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March 10, 2010


Jennifer Hayslip

What a beautiful and celebratory post Karla! I ADORE the cartoon painting of the boys and soon to be wee one. I cant help but smile over it's serious cuteness! Andrea is going to LOVE it!!! ;) XOXO,Jenn


Oh what fun we had!!! I got all the pictures I had taken up on my blog also. Thank you again for the beautiful watercolor of Bethany. I bet Andrea will treasure hers too! I can't wait for Twinkles shower next and I'm jealous she's having those babies before me :)


oh my goodness karla, your artwork always amazes me!! such talent! andrea will love it~!
oh, and I have a love/hate relationship with russell, does look like his hat!!
xoxo, Tiffany


Hi Karla! Oh, you make me smile, you are so fun! Andrea is going to love your illustration, you are such a talent!!
Have a great day pally!

Sherry Williams

Karla...the little painting is adorable! Soooo sweet!(I love mine,too!lol) I am sure Andrea is going to love it.
Also, all the things you made for the other girls are precious, as well. I can't get over your talented self!!!

Bunny Rose Cottage

KARLA!!!! WOW!!! Those paintings are soooo beautiful! I cannot think of a more heartfelt and perfect gift for these sweet mommies! I love that you all are doing the baby shower for Andrea, she is so sweet and I am so excited for her to be having a little girl!
The party turned out beautiful and you all look so adorable!!! Everything looks just perfect!!
Love ya,

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

What beautiful illustrations for both babies!


Karla, What fun you have been having and babies everywhere. If they all live in Kansas is it in the water??? Creating new life is so wonderful! As a former L&D nurse, you can never grow tired of watching babies come into this world. Congrats to all the soon to be moms.
Love all your painting and adore the little baby buggy.


PS Love the pictures of you and Beth! They are too funny! You two look adorable!


How delightful! What a fun shower!


This all looks fabulous! What a wonderful party!

Michele Askeroth

This is one baby shower, that looks like truly a dream setting. You have so many creative and amazing little touches. I know you are busy with the tag books, but when you have the time check out the Easter decorations I have made up on askmichelespecialpaperprojects.blogspot.com I think you would enjoy seeing them.

Thespoena McLaughlin

What a wonderful thing to do. An online baby shower! How great! And all those wonderful little things, I just love that little "Charles"! Have a happy day!

Suz Reaney

I just love that painting. I am sure Andrea will treasure it!
This is such a sweet and generous thing to do and I am loving going from blog to blog and seeing the handmade presents.


How fun! Surprise parties seem harder and harder to host.

Hope the baby showers were a delightful success. Extra congratulations to Andrea, Shawn, Holly, and Twinkle. Good luck with the craft day to celebrate Twinkle's upcoming pups!


What a dear friend you are...I know the girls are treasuring your love and talent! Thank you for sharing with all of us...sending warmest wishes your way!


LiLi M.

Karla your paintings are too cute, as ever! I should have had that photo of you as a March Hare sooner, I could have used it in the tag swap hehehehe! Great party over at your place! The tags are on their way, fingers crossed they will be with you next week!

holly abston

Karla, your illustrations are amazing! The elfs of Mario & Sam with baby Singarella look JUST like those boys! Your talents are endless.


Karla, we all LOVED that little painting of the Singarella kids! You really captured Sam and Mario! You're amazing!


That little baby carriage is the cutest, sweetest little thing!


You are sooo talented; They will love their wonderful gifts!
I love the baby carriage, it is adorable! You all look so
festive at your tea party. We were talking about doing that, too! Wow, puppies, too...quite the celebration!
Thanks for sharing with us, all the great pics!

loir oles

Karla....very clever to paint all of Andrea's kids. I love it!


what a wonderful idea! I've been enjoying seeing all the baby goodness today! I just LOVE the paintings! So sweet of you to focus on the siblings...and what their new little lives will be like with the new additions! I love the "pinching the toes" shot of Andreas little boy! The painting of shawns daughter is just so sweet as well! I'm sure she'll have that baby in her arms as much as her mama lets her!

Amy Powers

What a touching, sweet personal gift! I love it. And I love all the pictures of your celebration. Fun!


Hello Karla; I so love to stop by and see what you have been doing,,,, I just adore your drawings,, they are so cute,,, they are going love them... you have been Blessed with a amazing talent.... love the photos too, what a adorable bunny you make.....


Jenny Fowler

Oh I just love love love babies! I am ready for another one... well almost. :) In true Karla Fashion your blog is looking lovely. I keep seeing the most beautiful Alice tags for your swap around town. It is going to be an awesome swap. I'm feeling a little sorry for myself that I didn't join in this time. :( I've been looking over your boutique recently hoping to find a pink pack of millinery flowers but to no avail. They are hard to find right now and I don't have an F. Market nearby. I guess that could be me f-bombing on your blog. Oops, you know what I mean. :)


Those peat pot pretties are adorable! Love the scrapbook pages, what wonderful places to keep precious memories....So many babies on the way! What a wonderful spring is in store for you!

Natasha Burns

Yikes how perfect!!! Andrea's boys look exactly like they do in photos!!! Love that idea of them holding their baby sister, seriously adorable!
Gosh I've been under a rock and had no idea Shawn was having a bubba, I will have to go see her blog :)
Holly's carriage is gorgeous, I bet she will love it! xo

Alison Gibbs

What beautiful baby shower gifts
You must just about be all baby showered out!!


It's all so gorgeously gorgeous! Fabulous. :o)


What is in that Kansas water?! (Wink) Twinkle looks so adorable on Beth's lap - she is eyeballing those rabbit ears! You look great yourself, Karla - you are back to good health, and I'm glad! The showers were just wonderful - lucky ladies and kids, too, to get those personal portraits from you! You always go the extra mile!

Niesz Vintage Home

Oh my! Everything is so, so cute!
I just love the pretty vintage wrapping paper.
And the Alice themed party is fantastic! the "Drink Me" signs are priceless. :-)

You have such an expert eye for detail!


Andrea S

Thank you so much Karla!
Your painting is amazing! I can't get over how it looks so much like my boys. George and I keep looking at it and chuckling, and Mario thinks it's the coolest thing in the world that someone painted him! It's seriously adorable, and it will look so sweet in the nursery.
Thank you for being a part of this shower. It was such a surprise to me, and I'll always cherish these sweet handmade gifts.
xo andrea


Oh my gosh Karla what a wonderful gift you created for Andrea - so touching, I'm sure she loves it! You girls all made the most amazing things, she's one lucky girl to have such great friends!

Angela C

Wow Karla you amaze me! I've missed a couple days of your blog and come back to all the lovely pretties you've been making and showers you've been part of.
I was out looking at antiques today and so wish to be part of a swap someday soon! It sounds so fun!


I like your painting.
You are so talented.
I've not been to see
your blog for a bit.
(I was busy doing my
resume and job hunting.)
I am sooo amazed at all
the pretty items that you
and others have made.
Sounds like you all had a
fun time at the shower.

Vicki Chrisman

What fun!!! I swear..one day.. I'm coming for a visit with you fun girls!


Your tea party shower came out just lovely...looks like a fun time was had by all. And your paintings of the little ones holding their new babies are too precious for words...what a treasure for the families!

Some computer issues last week kept me from commenting, so forgive me for commenting on a few at once today. :)


How absolutely wonderful!

kirsty vittetoe

Hi Karla, I love the crown ring, but it seem like the smallest you have is a US size 5? My right size is US size 4 (still a little lose), do you by any chance have one in size 4?

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