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March 25, 2010


Debra Ganas

Bless Twinkels little Dorkie heart. She just looks very uncomfortable.

I know what you mean about work space. Any horizontal surface is dangerous for me. My main work table is THE worst. I bet I will find something from Christmas on the bottom layer when I finaly clean it off. I envy the craft tables in the pages of "Where women create". I just tell myself that they worked days in the studios to get it perfect for the photo.

And I can imagine if Miss Sugarwings scolded you you were guilty. Too funny.

Love all the tags and peat pot posies.


Hi Karla, oh goodness, sweet Twinkle does look like she
is so ready to have her babies. The picture that
you took of her is precious. I just want to cuddle her, even
though she probably doesn't feel comfortable to be cuddled
right now.
Your studio is pretty and I just see a "genius at work"!!
Sugarwings is cute.
I love the pendant......it is so "Spring" and it is
GORGEOUS. What a generous give-away.


I think a messy studio is better than a clean one. For me personally when its messy its easier to find what I am looking for. Once I clean it up and I have to tear it up to find what I am looking for. I have pretty much given up having a pretty space. As far as Lost is - this season is driving me crazy. What answers? Its gotten so bad that my husband refuses to watch it anymore. I am still sticking with it, but at the rate they are going I will be glad its over.


I wanted to add to my above comment that I love all
of your new shop items. I am thrilled that you offered
some "Alice" tags and I am so glad that I was able to
purchase one.


Any idea how many pups Twinks is having? She looks so pitiful! I remember that stage!! hehehe! I am just like you when it comes to the piles! Until they all fall off the desk then I have to clean things up!

Suz Reaney

Greeting from sunny Arizona. Oh, how good it is to get out of the Midwest but it is probably warm there, too. Isn't that the way it goes?


Your treasures are beautiful! Just found your blog today! Love it!

Bunny Rose Cottage

AWWWW just look at sweet Twinkle!! I know how she feels, lol!! She is too darn cute and I cannot wait to see those precious babies!

Karla! You have been creating soooo many gorgeous things lately!! My goodness! I love those peat pots too, the wallpaper is so pretty!! Sugarwings is so cute lecturing grandma, lol! I have gotten some of those lectures myself from my boys, lol! Kids are so funny!!
Love and hugs,


Awww, Twinkie looks so rotund! I'm excited to see the puppies! Did I ever tell you my MIL had a Twinkle just like yours? It was a gift to her from my sweet, thoughtful husband before I ever met him. She's in doggie heaven now.

And, OH! I just have to laugh along with you -- ever since that Hoarders show debuted I've been obsessing about ending up like that!


I know the feeling with the studio, mine has been getting out of hand lately, too- seems like when I have so many projects and things going on at once! Love all the lovely goodies- such a sweet treatment on the peat pots! Your pup looks adorable with her round little tummy...soon!


I chuckle at the studio shot! At least you have an excuse! I was telling someone today that my house looked like I had been ransacked and robbed -- only no one took anything! It was all still there; just topsy turvy!


um...hello? are you telling me that project runway is on right now...grrrrrr...i had NO idea...i hate that they moved off of bravo...now, i don't know when it is on...i really don't watch much tv...so i don't see the commercials or announcements...but i would see those on bravo...because i do watch that channel at times...so mad...your studio is a hot mess Karla...LOL...too cute that Sugarwings was giving you a piece of her mind for using her table...love it!!!


ps: poor Twinks...i remember feeling that way too...it will be over soon and she will have sweet little fur babies to love:)

Stephanie Z.

Your stuff is BEAUTIFUL and your work space is SO awesome and HUGE! Lucky you! Mess or not, it is great!

Keddy Outlaw-Johnson

When our picnic table came into the house because I needed another flat surface in my artspace/study, why did I ever think it was temporary?! A few weeks ago I subdivided a little shelf near my main work table to give myself just another few inches of spaces to stick mat boards for collages and other art supplies on, and it truly made my day. I like things pretty too but when I put all my supplies away in pretty tins and baskets, I can't always find them later on. So I've started putting itsy labels on the containers and that does help. I read your posts via bloglines and always enjoy them. Many thanx!

Rochelle Gaukel

Sweet sweet Twinkles....poor girl. Quick question about pregnant yorkies - how soon did Twinkles "show" and you could tell she was pregnant?? And how much does Twinkles weigh normally. I am trying to figure out if our 2 yorkies are pregnant or not - Minnie is about 7 pounds and Lola is 4.5 pounds and I can't quite tell yet though the way they are acting (always having to be near me) tells me they are. This is new to me - their first litters. We've had other larger dogs that have had pups but not the little yorkies.
Thanks for your time!


Oh my.

Poor, poor Twinks.

I would stay in that bag, too........

Yup. American Idol isn't overly hot this season.

Hopefully it will pick up.



Just wanted to let you know got my Alice tag book and it is gorgeous - thank you so much for the hard work in putting this fun tag swap together.

Your workshop is beautiful.

And even more so with little expecting mother Twink looking so cozy in her little bed.

I read your blog often and I believe you once recieved a rude comment about letting your dog have babies - you are doing a service for people like me.

I am an admittedly neurotic dog owner. My precious dog has developed a seizure disorder. Have spent a lot of money, time, effort and no sleep and am rarely leaving her alone.

Yet, I do not qualify for about 75% of the rescue groups for adopting a dog!

Yes, I do not meet the criteria of Toto (the one with the seizure disorder has not been spayed - which I refuse to do at this point) and all of my dogs were on heartworm prevention but each box was not in their own name (all same weight) for the full past 5 years.

Shelters are good, but sometimes you have to beat the rescuers getting there before you. The SPCA does not have such strict rules and they are quite busy.

Of course I am against the cruel puppy mills, but all the publicity to adopt through a rescue group can leave a lot of people without getting a dog.

We ended up getting our newest little Chihuahua from a friend whose sister's dog had some little pups.

Anyway end of my sleepless ramble and will be watching for when this precious Twinks has her babes.


I love looking at studios that are in use!! Your colour palette comes to the fore; when I'm working on a project, you see deep shades of colour, just the opposite of yours. I agree about work surfaces - the bigger the space, the more stuff you can leave out. I do try to work on only one major project at a time but it isn't always possible. Plus, once I put stuff away or into covered containers, I forget that I have it and it doesn't get used.

I love all the beautiful things you create! And Sugarwings is so sweet to look at!

sherry goodloe

Oooooh to have a studio like yours!

Can't wait to see the puppies *smiles*. I'm sure Twinks will be ready as well.

And if I haven't entered already, please add my name to the growing list of hopefuls for your fab-u-lous giveaway!


AWWWWWW, Twinkle is sooo cute. Hope she has an easy time when the time comes. How sweet.

I just loooooove your studio, I would love to have a big spacious room like that, and it doesn't look bad, it looks creative!!! I ordered some charlottes and can't wait to get them. These will be my first!! Im having a give away.



but such a beautiful 'mess'! I get Told Off by Humbug if I do something wrong! Makes me laugh to see her little angry face all screwed up and her hands on her hips, shouting 'don't you do that EVER again'!!! wonder where she gets it from!?

am being Mum of the year. To give myself some computer time, she's sitting on the bed with the laptop playing cbeebies games (kids tv channel here), so I can surf on the pc! She loves it!

Have a lovely weekend, hope your little doggy gets those puppies out soon, she looks uncomfortable.


Laraine Atherton

Poor little Twinks looks like she is about to pop. Your workspace looks alot like mine...however I usually have a 20lb fat cat asleep in the middle of the table on top of my latest project.
Glad to hear you are feeling better.


Twinks looks ready to have those Twinkies any moment. I don't think you're 'disorganized', you're 'creative'!

You linked up to my post card exchange and I emailed you but never heard back. I know you were very ill. Please send your address or let me know if you have changed your mind about participating. My email is [email protected]

Have a wonder filled day!


Oh, those Peat Pots with the Charlotte Fairies are just fabulous!!!


Poor little Twinks....she looks a bit miserable! Love the pendant. It's a very generous and lovely giveaway!


How exciting! Puppies on the way! I love your little Peat Pot Pretties. so sweet! and I still love seeing pics of your awesome studio!


Hello Karla...I would love to just have one hour to poke around your studio...all those neet looking things..how fun...please let us know when puppies arrive..Lorraine


Good luck to your sweet little pup and to you! Messy or not, your studio is amazing! I saw a quote last year on someone's blog (? can't remember who?) that said "I know I have too much, but I can only create in abundance" - I actually wrote it down and have it posted in my own studio! :) My motto now!

BTW, I feel the same about American Idol this year....for me, my beloved Adam ;) set the bar so high that these folks pale in comparison....although I do like Crystal's vibe. Now that I've rambled on, have a great weekend!



HI Karla.... My goodness her little round tummy,,, she looks so cute... love her sweet face... She is going to have such beautiful puppies... your craft room looks like mine sometimes... you know very talented and creative people are at home in a chaotic area,,, (at least that is what I tell myself)hehe. have a great weekend....



With so much beauty in it, your studio on a bad day still looks so much better than mine on its best day. I love looking at pictures of your studio, it is a dream.

Lavender Dreamer

Your blog is beautiful! Please come by and visit me...and follow if you would like! ♥

Susan Freeman

Sweet, adorable Twinks!! I just love her. She's so cute curled up in that carrier. I am so looking forward to seeing her pups!!

Susan and Bentley


How is Twinkle?

Thanks for the give away....precious.

Mitzi Curi

I can't even look at a bare space without it filling up with craft supplies! When I try to clean up, I get side-tracked, just like you, because I hate to put an unfinished project away. I'll stop cleaning up and try to finish the project. Oh well, such is the life of a creative person, I suppose!


wow - poor baby does look ready to pop! so sweet that she's under your worktable :-).. I am really loving that china shard necklace on your great lady bust too! hmmm... I have one of those, (lady bust, Not necklace), so I think I need to find one of those necklaces! :-)


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