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March 31, 2010



Oh, my GORGEOUS!!! Those shadowboxes are amazing!!! So pretty!

loir oles

I am so glad you liked the silver bella article and I excited to see you there again. Oh, ya and do a little shopping.


Karla, your pictures are ginormous...did you do something different to get them so big? i am on a different laptop than the one i usually use, maybe that is why...pics do look bigger on this one...i am totally dying over those shadowboxes...they are all totally gorgeous...i love the shape of them, what pretty little things they are...Vicki was so sweet to share with all of you...what a spectacular craft day!!!

Amy P

Love all the tags! They look so pretty just sitting in a pile there! And I'm glad to hear someone else is less productive with a little one around, I usually craft after bedtime because my daughter LOVES to help me and her creations tend to take over the time and supplies ;)


How beautiful!!!

Bunny Rose Cottage

KARLA, every time I come here, I get dizzy with gorgeousness, lol! You make the prettiest things and I always get so happy when I see you have a new post! I love everything.That jelly bean dispenser is so pretty too! And lasagna?? YUMMERS! On of my favorite foods. I am glad you had so much fun with friend, You are all amazing!
Love and hugs,


I LOVE VICKI! She sent me a few of the new die cuts to play with too. She & I always get together for dinner when she comes to town for the Scrapbook Convention in June. She is sooooooooooo talented & such a SWEET person. Looks like your group had a ball with this project & dinner sounded yummy until you got the the jelly beans (yuck that is just not my bag! Now M&M's wouldn't be safe anywhere near me) I love the name Sugar Wings. How adorable! And for the thought on too many tags? Can there be too many? Have a wonderful day. Charlene

Jacqueline Roy

I love looking at your blog and I always look forward to new posts. Sugarwings is adorable and lucky to have you as a grandmother. I love your little path with hidden treasures in the woods. Jackie from Quebec, Canada


The shadowboxes are gorgeous and I want to get in on winning one for sure....I envy you getting to craft and have fun with friends....I have lived here in Fl for little over 5 years now and still do not have any crafting friends.....I guess since I don't get out much except by myself, I just don't get to meet crafty people....oh well, that is why I love following your blog and others. I can ohhhh and awwww over all of your projects.....lol..


Sounds like such a fun day -- days, really! And boy, were you all productive! Everything is just beautiful, Karla!


Wow what pretty tags and I love those shadow boxes Vickie sent! They turned out so sweet!!

I am having a giveaway at my place- would love for you to come sign up!!

bee blessed


Google connect must be something different then what I thought I had joined your blog on- it came up that I was not part of it so- now I am! Is is better or how is it different then the follower list? I am so dumb about some of this stuff!

Wish I lived closer so I could join in on those wonderful crafting days you have!

bee blessed

De Cherie

It must be so nice to live close to your blogger friends. All of my favorites are far away. I love the tags you made. I do want to thank you for all the inspiration you bring to us each week. You are much admired. Blessings, Cherie


Karla I love your giveaways! Please put my name in the drawing and I will cross my fingers and toes. Thanks!

LiLi M.

The tags and the shadow boxes are just gorgeous! I catching up on everybody's post now that I closed my 'collections project' so I'll move fast forward, have a nice day!

Karen DeCapite

Very fun! I love the tags - one just is never enough! They all look so pretty!
HAGD! Karen



The shard necklace is so beautiful. I'm so glad that the glitch in google connect was fixed and now I can follow your wonderful blog.Have a wonderful evening.


Karla amor, what beautiful treasures you all made, I bet lunch was delish! I asked Beth what a cuttle bug was..never heard of it :) I love the beautiful tags you made with it though :) You always do the prettiest giveaways :) Have a great week! Besos, Rose

I just found out Beth is coming to So Cal with you too :) You'll be in my old neighborhood, about 20 min from me...so close :)

Beth Leintz

The more I look at all the shadow box frames, the more I like them. This group project turned out as nice as the last one (Shawn's baby book).


Isn't it great to get together with friends for a day of complete enjoyment ! ! ! !



How I wish I had crafty friends like yours! Always looks like you have such a good time! Vicki was wonderful to share her stash and I would love to try to make a shadowbox as pretty as your pictures! Count me in!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Those tags are gorgeous. So detailed, too.

Julie Hayes

The shadow boxes are beautiful! What a neat way to make use of newsprint!!

I also love the tags!!

Thanks for sharing.


Ok, what is a "cuttlebug" and where do I get one?? :-) I love those tags! and love your stash of old wallpaper too :-)... sure wish I had a crafting buddy to make stuff with - those are the real treasures ..


Elaine L.

Those shadow boxes are amazing! I'm happy you had so much fun.

I, also, wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my recent purchase and how pretty it was wrapped.


Wanda Contreras

Your tags are so beautiful. Thank you for always sharing such beautiful items.

best regards,

Wanda C.

Andrea Villarreal

I wanna win something:) Can't wait for my package. Looked for the new Life mag today and no such luck:(

Paula Clare

Oh how I love EVERYTHING you put your hands to! You are truly a gifted and talented artist...jealous? YES!! Sooooooooooooo many wonderful things...drool, drool...

Paula Clare

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love your pretties sooooo lovely!!
Happy Easter Karla


I would love to live near blogging/crafty friends! How fun...these tags are gorgeous as are Vicki's shadow boxes, that everyone added their spin to.
A lot of potential for greatness, using all these fine bits n' bobs you have!

Tag book is beautiful! Everything is lovely~


Hi Karla, you are so funny with your "bribes" to get new friends, haha! Somehow, I don't think YOU would ever have a problem with not having enough friends!!! Love all the pretties you are offering! Love all the pretty tags you are making, too! I have a question...when you make your tags, do you use any kind of paper or chipboard on the backs to make them sturdier? Thanks ahead of time for any tips! Glad you are having fun in your studio!
Happy Spring (((hugs)))

Karla Nathan

Paula Clare

This is beautiful...such good stuff! I love it ALL!

Vicki Chrisman

Oh.. they are ALL so beautiful!! Thank you so much for creating such gorgeous projects girls! I'm going back for another look! THANKYOU!!!!


Gorgeous goodies as usual. I love looking at all the creative things that you make. I would love to win anyone. Leslie


Thanks for inviting us on your adventures! I love the things you make- they are so pretty!

sharon giordano

Oh my gosh... those tags are just the prettiest I've seen! Everything is so scrumptious... I feel like i'm in an English cottage somewhere. Love all the colors and embellishments, too!


What a fun day of crafting! Love all the eye candy..
ok~So I've signed up as a follower, left comments on other posts, AND leaving a comment here...I think I've got it covered!! ;-)


Craft day was fun! I loved our italian theme too :) Our boxes turned out pretty darn good! Thanks for having us over again, so far no baby yet. :)


Forgot to eat lunch until 4pm???

Oh my.

Cute, cute tags!!!


deliciously scrumptiously fabulous. And I want a slice of lasagne too! :O)

Holley Anderson

Lovely photography and site! I'm so happy that I found it and have several friends that will love it too. Holley

Mitzi Curi

Your snippers and gluers sure churn out some awesome stuff! I'm really intrigued by Beth's Cuttlebug......I actually read about it on her blog and ran right over to Michael's to buy one, but chickened out. Now I'm going to have to re-think that. I'd love to make tags of all different sizes!


WOW! You knocked my little cotton socks right off!! These are amazing and look like such fun to make. I'm going to have to order the kit. I just love these!!!! Have a great day - Kathy


Those little shadowboxes are great! I will have to go peek at her blog...does she sell them? Have a great thursday sweet Karla! karen...

Dee Ann Head

Hi Karla, You never fail to wow and inspire me with your wonderful creations. The tags and shadowboxes are lovely!
Hope you have a blessed Easter!

Jeanne Hill

Your tag book turned out beautifully. Your craft group sounds like a wonderful way to pass the day...

Cami @ Creating Myself

My art group always works on lone projects too but I bet it was fun to do a group thing. I'm gonna suggest that @ our next meet, next week. Your tags are beautiful!


Four giveaways? I don't know if I can handle the excitement!!

Ruth Graham

So nice to be able to have wonderful crafty friends close enough to get together.

Just love the shadowboxes! So beautiful!

Happy Crafting..... Ruth


Karla, What a nice group of friends you have for crafting days. The shadowboxes are so great!


ooooooh, to put those tags in a bowl and every once in awhile sit down and just run your fingers through them...sit a spell and play matchy matchy with them! happy first day of April Karla.


Beautiful fun items, I would love to win! Thanks for the oppurtunity.

Freda Butler

When I opened this post and saw them I fell in love. They are wonderful. Could I ever be this lucky?




Your tags are so delicious!

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