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March 17, 2010


De Cherie

Oh my goodness. Blogging can be dangerous to one health? Who would have thought. hahahaha. I do hope that you are healed up very quickly. Much love to you this week, Cherie


You are too funny. I laughed out loud at the "i knew i would have been dead" comment. Thanks for the good laugh and I hope you feel better soon!


I hope you feel better soon! Take care, plenty of rest!


I am so sorry! Super lousy!
I was Loving that pendant, and thinking about looking around for a shard when I realized it was a giveaway! Well,I figure, why not? I might just as well, tell you how wonderful it is, and give it a whirl! Thank you for thoe opportunity!
Feel all better soon!
It would be such a shame to miss out on blogging in the Springtime. :)


I hope you feel better soon.

Laraine Atherton

Please take it easy and get well soon. ( If not for antibotices we would all be in bad shape. ) I have been on them since Christmas and feel like I am slowly climbing out of a long dark 45 degree tunnel. Visiting your blog every day has uplifted my spirit and Sugarwings has made me smile with joy.
God bless you


Well, first of all, I hope you feel much better and very soon. Sounds miserable to me.

I got my GORGEOUS tag book this morning -- I was so glad my postman has a new schedule -- I got the mail before I left for work! Oh, Karla! I love it; the cover, the drink-me, all the tags (not one of mine, either!) It's so darned beautiful I almost can't stand it. Of course I brought it to work and showed everyone. And then I said, "You've got to see this woman's stairs!" and showed them your blog!

Thanks SO much for hosting this -- and my! Getting them out under the extra circumstances -- that's above-and-beyond! You rock! (But then, we knew that!)

LiLi M.

Hope you take a rest Karla. I do believe that it is not your heart, but I guess that your body doesn't want to tell you to continue this way. Just relax for a couple of days, but that might be not easy as I think relaxing for you is doing things. Well just promiss me that you won't do any things that hurt, ok? Just take care!


Top of the Morning to you...so sorry your (dreaded lurgie) has turned into the (lingering lurgie)..I would be thinking you need a bit of warm weather..British Columbia is beautiful in the summer...I have lots of room at my house!!!! take care of you self..I cant afford flowers this week!!!!Lorraine


oh, wow - am LOVING that pendant! I so envy you artists who can do the soldering thing! I tried a couple of pieces of glass and forget it - took me 2 hours and a LOT of cuss words - and I threw it away - pitiful - guess I'll stick to sewing and gluing :-)

Hope your pleurisy and tendinitis heal up quick - I totally sympathize with the "getting old sucks" vibe - as Bette Davis said "it's not for sissies" -

Wanda in NH

Suzie Button

I know what you mean by pains from repetitive movements, as I am now almost 48 and I caption television for my job and am on a stenography machine pounding away 6 hours a day and I get pains even in my neck that feel like my aorta is getting ready to burst, but I know that it's due to the overuse of my hands which strain my arms, then my shoulder blades and work into knots in my neck, thus a feeling like you're going to have a heart attack! You're right the pain does last longer as you age! I love your pictures, can I ask what software do you use? Thanks too for the giveaway! It's so beautiful! Suzie


Karla, you win the prize for the cutest st paddy's day pic...that is adorable!!! sorry you are hurting girl, you need to slow down a little bit when you are crafting...i notice i get sore now too if i am sitting for a long time working on a project...mine is my back though...your pups look so cute in their shamrock kerchiefs...i love the pendant that you made!!!

Suz Reaney

I had a funny feeling that this would be a lot...especially after the Frozen Charlotte Flu! I have the Only-Once-In-Your-Adult-Lifetime-DPT fever and chills. Yup, I actually let them give me that dumb tetanus shot and I have the "feveraches" (daughter's childhood term) all night. Blah!

The truly bright spot in the day was the tag book! Such talent. I was just thrilled with it!

The pendant is beautiful. You can put my name in anytime!



NOT good! You need to rest and get well before Spring really gets going, then you will get to enjoy it more.
I get Tendonitis in my elbows off and on but I wear an elbow strap that eases the pain until it settles down. I also have carpel tunnel in my hands from years of taking blood pressures BUT I refuse to give up my dreams of crafting and sewing. Just need to pace myself.
Love the pictures of the dorkies. They are soooo sweet. but you know I love shaggy puppies no matter their age.
Just to make you feel better...I just became a card carrying
old F-rt! I got my medicare card last week Talk about a bummer..... Get better soon!!


Sorry you are not feeling very well. Hope the couple of days rest help you along. LOVE your March giveaway - I would love a chance to win.

Rochelle Gaukel

R*E*S*T* up and take care of yourself!! Get in some good reading and most importantly put your feet up and RELAX! You have been working way too hard and now your body is letting you know...btw, pooches look adorable in their finery!

Linda @Desires of the Heart.

Wow Karla, it sounds like you are overdoing it a bit. Take good care of yourself, we all need you for sunshine on these endless cloudy days. Aren't you just sick of this gloom? The pleurisy is really painful, I've had it before with pneumonia and it is awful, so heed what they told you about rest. As for your tendinitis, I'm sure all the girls who participated in the swap have a lot of patience to let you do it as you can. You are soooo busy. I don't know how you do it all. Blessings, Linda


Oh no Karla that is scary! Take care of yourself. I got my tag book and it's adorable thanks for putting together such a great book. I can't wait to see who got mine! :) The puppies are so cute, they sure age well like their momma :) Hugs to you and take care of yourself!!


Wowsers!!! I LOVE it. Be awesome to wear with my writer's gala dress. ;)

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Karla, I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling bad again :( This breaks my heart!! I feel so bad for you. It is bad enough that you had that awful flu and now this :( You would think people would start feeling better as spring approaches! I am sending lots of hugs and prayers your way sweet friend.
Bookie, I love you!! I am sending you and sweet Sparkle Hugs too!! Bookie is just so cute, I love him!!
You are much strong than I am Karla, to finish the tag books and get them in the mail while feeling sick!! I know that will make everyone love them even more.
You will have to let me know how Alic In Wonderland is! I want to see it but havent been able to get away to see it yet. I hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend!!
Thank you again for adding the sweet bunny ears to my Charlotte doll. I love it so much :)
Big Hugs,

Bunny Rose Cottage

I forgot to tell you, the pendant you made is soooo beautiful! You are amazing! Everything you make is always so perfect.
Sugarwings is a doll in her St. Patricks day picture too!!


I'm happy that I found your wonderful site! Soo sorry to hear that you're down. I know all about getting older! Beautiful giveaway! Blessings!


So sorry you are in pain, I do hope the meds help and you will recover soon....I always enjoy visiting your blog,I love seeing the pictures of Sugarwings and the doggies too...they are so cute in their St. patty's atire..
Really love the gorgeous pendant for the giveaway too..

Jen R sanctuary art

Karla, my favorite line in that whole thing is "I figured If it were an emergency, I'd already be dead." If those aren't the words of a trooper and...a true artist to finish what you were doing FIRST.. before going to the ER. I hope you are feeling better soon :)

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love your Irish photos today!!!
I do hope you feel better soon, not fun feeling ill.
Happy St Paddy Day !!


Hey Karla... When I hit 50 few yrs ago,, it all started going down hill.... I have never before in my life had so many things wrong with me.....lol I hope you are feeling better dear friend.... you work to hard sometimes...... will be keeping you in my Prayers,,, so rest and read you book.... have a good night....


Cindy Is Crafty

I have heard of artists suffering for their craft, but this is a bit much! Feel better, please!


oh no! I'm so sorry this is happening! You took on a LOT with those tag books! I get a really painful elbow too, from working with my mouse at work. I'm steps away from a dr. that will give me a big needle right in the elbow...but NO THANK YOU. The advil will help a LOT (anti inflammatory)
I know just how you feel though....in the mornings my husband and I are creeping around all stooped over repeatedly saying "wow...I'm STIFF this morning!" pretty soon our conversations will constantly revolve around our health! LOL!
Take care of yourself!

Suzie Q

Hey mom, SLOW DOWN. I've had tons of fun looking at pics of Alice stuff, but I remember all too clearly your elbow problems, which led to you going stir crazy not able to do your fun stuff for a very long time. AQlso, your poor family worrying that you're having a heart attack while you decide to make a postal run first. Were you wearing paint-covered sweats at the hospital? Just lie down and rest with some movies and porker mommies for a few days. I'm sure Sparkle and Bookie would love to keep you company. Poor Bookie, he's an ancient little thing. I miss those dogs, give them hugs from me, and seriously, get some rest. Eventually I'll get back there to visit but it probably won't be for quite some time, so you have to keep well for when I finally show up on your doorstep for craft time. Hope you feel better soon.


Oh you poor thing...take care of yourself..yes what we do to make sure our DH goes to the dr's...May the wind of good health gently blow your way...

diane from vintage-tickled-pink

feel better and please enter me for the beautiful necklace. love it thanks diane- vintage-tickled-pink
please visit my new blog hoping to get 50 plus followers thanks


Yes you need to pay attention to all of us when we say to take it easy! Rest is always best!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Karla!! Oh my goodness! Get some rest. I've had tendinitis too many times. Ouch!! Go see Alice in Wonderland. It's so fun.


Oh Karla! First of all thank God you are OK! Secondly - you are one dedicated task-oriented gal. I already thought you were pretty amazing by doing all the work with the tag swap but going to the post office before the ER? So funny but if I was your family you'd get a scolding. Haha - even though - if I was on the receiving end of a beautiful tag book I'd appreciate you more than ever. I'm now envious of all the great crafty ladies that participated. I hope to jump in on a next swap someday soon! Get better! You need an apprentice, stat :)


Karla, thanks for a beautiful tag book! It arrived yesterday and the tags you chose look so pretty together...and the cover and the little bottle are really sweet;)
Do take care of yourself and feel better soon...hugs!

Loh Lee Fun

Love your necklace & can't believe you are actually giving it away. Wish me luck!

Deanna Huggard

Oh, the pendant is so beautiful. How I would enjoy wearing it. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!! I hope you feel better soon. I have been home sick myself, but am going to try to get back into life today!!! Thanks for making me smile!!!

Blessings and Hugs, Deanna


Feel better, Karla! You've certainly worked hard lately - take some time off and enjoy.



Get well Karla! Pleurisy is very painful, I had it when I was a teenager and still remember it (not that my teenage years were a long ways away, I am veeeerrry young) Do everything the doctors tell you!
And that necklace! It is beautiful!
hugs! karen....

Debbie Beracha

Karla, so sorry !! Feel better. My grandma had pleurisy long ago, I remember how painful. I have had wrist tendinitis, also painful. I have pages of wrist exercises that helped. If you need them, tell me I will send them. Mine still took weeks to clear. I am glad Bookie and Sparkle have each other. My dog has a matching St. Pat's scarf, he went to groomer yesterday. Feel better !!!!!!!!! Necklace is so pretty !!! Debbie.


Happy after St. Patrick's Day to you, too! This made me laugh. I am just like that. A friend and I were just discussing this yesterday. How we don't go to the doctor/hospital soon enough because we think, "Oh, it's nothing." Pleurisy is awful! AND painful! Tendinitis, I've never had but I know it too is painful. Stay home and rest, girlie. Don't worry about answering posts. Take care, Kathy

Kitty ~ Reflections From The Stone Nest

Well, I've missed your last few posts. I LOVE the pictures from your photo shoot of your beautiful home! The wallpaper you used on that one wall, what is it, book pages or sheet music. Either way, stunning! And the burlap idea is beautiful. Such texture. Everything looks just perfect. I did get my Alice book in the mail and want to thank you, it is so so cute! I love each and every tag. I think I got one of your sister's, too! Love it! Hope you feel better soon. This 50 something thing is for the birds, at times! Sugar Wings looks like she has a wonderful time in the woods. Nothing better for a child.... Grandson and I just may do the same thing on Saturday. :)

Blessings to you, dear friend,

Andrea Villarreal

Your too funny Karla. What a trooper:) I do hope you feel better soon. The flu is just the worst I still only feel about 70% and it's been a week!
I did get my tag book. LOVE it!! I am so glad I did this. The little bottle so cute! Love everybody's take on the tags. All of mine are beautiful:)
Also my little charlotte fairy came....
Let's just say yippee!!


Oh Karla, I am sorry to hear you had so much pain! I can relate. I injured myself, 6 months ago, doing an exercise
dvd. My back muscles were so swollen, I became tilted...

You are one tough cookie, went to the PO before the ER. I am glad you went to be checked, even though I think you did it for hubby, set an example. It is best to be safe, though I know you knew what it was!

Please take it easy and relax! Do something just for you!

I love all the green glory, very cute!

Hugs, get well soon!

Lolly Busey

Sending you lots of healing energy...I have had pleurisy and it does hurt...the only thing that helped was rest, rest, and more rest....then when you think you can't rest anymore...rest.
Well wishes to you,


You are so funny, Karla! I, too, am over 50 (how can that be??) and I often get pains here and there and have thought, oh my, could this be a heart attack? But then I continue about my day and just like you said, I didn't wind up dying so I guess it was nothing! Thanks for the giggle today. I'm impressed with all that you accomplish. You are a good time manager. Feel better!!

linda boren

I have had pleurisy before, and I know how bad it hurts. It causes pain just to breathe. I hope you recover quickly, and you deserve to take some time off. I received my tag book yesterday, and I love it. You are so creative to do all that you do. Enjoy Alice in Wonderland when you see it. I want to see it also. Thanks again for the tag book. And also for the pack of wallpaper pages.

Julie Campbell

Good morning, Karla! So glad I found your lovely blog today--sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you're feeling back to normal soon...

I love everything I've seen here as I've scrolled through some of your posts--so much beauty! Your pendant is gorgeous as well--how generous you are to give something like that away!

I'll be back often to see what you're creating...hope you get some rest today and feel SO much better!


Karla, I really do hope you get to feeling better soon! That pendant is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Cami @ Creating Myself

I'l be 50 on my next birthday so I feel your pain. Well, not really. I only made 6 tags where you made dozens & dozens but I can sympathize w/ you. ;o)

I received my tag book yesterday Karla & it was better than Christmas (minus the grands). You did such a great job of compiling it...it looks fabulous! I know how hard thsi swap must have been on you & I can't thank you enough. Bet you're glad it's over, huh? Or will be as soon as you receive the latecomers. You were really too sweet to do this but I sure appreciate it!

Cami @ Creating Myself

Good groef! Forgot to tell you to slow down, take care of yourself & get better soon!

Mary Green

"I figured that if it was an emergency, I'd already have been dead"

You made me laugh out loud - I hope you're feeling much better very soon!


I'm so sorry you are poorly again, and that Charlotte is to blame!!! Hope you are feeling much better soon.

Only women think that 'I'm not dead, so it's ok' and go about their business!

lots of love to you, take care of yourself and be better soon. xx


I have to watch Kyle really closly since he had walking pneumonia it can go bad really quick for even a little sniffle! I am so sorry you are down with this now! PLEASE take care of yourself and let me know how Alice is!!! I have not had the chance yet!


Oh, poor you! I hope you feel much better very soon Karla. So sorry about the tendinitis!



Karla!!! OHG girl! Only You would finish the books, take them to the PO, decorate Sugar-wings to look like a leprechaun & probably redecorate a room before going to the ER. You can't get sick because where would we be without our daily dose of KC?? Get your fairy winged booty in bed & get well. BTW, got my tags today & went insane! Love them all & thank you for the labels, can't believe you remembered. Lisa


Hugs from Spain, I hope you feel better now :)



Oh Karla, I'm so sorry to hear this but I have to say I love your sense of humor (Frozen Charlotte Flu! Tag Book Tendinitis!!) No kidding -- half as many books could cause tendinitis! I know when my wrists are hurting it can travel up my arms, too, if I don't rest. Then, even holding a book open will hurt. So, rest up!! And enjoy resting up!!


Oh Karla

So sorry that you flue turned for the worse. We have to take care of ourselves, because who will take care of our families if were not around. I drove myself to the ER with chest pains and heard about it big time! It was costocontridutis, so like you I knew it wasn't a heart attack.

Feel better soon my friend and thanks so much for hosting this great swap. I had a blast!



Hope your feeling better soon, cause it's no fun this yuck thats out there. Your Dorkies are sooo cute! I would love to be included in the giveaway, thanks for the chance. Pearl


i got my beautiful tag book in my mailbox upon
arriving home after my own ER visit...what a treat the tags were!
you did a great job putting them together, karla
thanks so much for all the work. marian

Michele Askeroth

Karla, I received the tag book today, and wow, I love it! that was one of the funnest things I have got in the mail in a long time. And the little extra you put into it is wonderful. I saw the pile on your table, and anyone would have tendonitis after such an undertaking, and we all reeped the rewards, while you are needing much rest now. Take care and maybe no more tag books for a while. It sure was fun! Thanks so much. PS. that sweet little green shamrock fairy is sure cute! Michele

Arlene Duggan

Karla, Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I love the necklace! Take care of yourself. Arlene


Oh, what a price to pay for such a wonderful idea! Bless you for doing this swap, Karla, and I pray for a speedy recovery. I received my tags and just blogged about them if you'd like to check it out.
Thanks so much for all your hard work. It was a joy to participate in!
LOVE that necklace! ;-)

Rachel Knoblich

What a beautiful necklace! Take care of yourself and get some rest now!

Jenna Kellso

That is so gorgeous!

Irma's Rose Cottage

Hope you get to feeling better.

Irma :)


I am happy to have found your blog. The tag books look great. Hope you soon feel better. The necklace is lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

Miss Peach

Oh Karla the pendant is so enchanting! I hope you feel better soon...happy first day of spring to you in your cottage from another Karla who lives in a cozy cottage too!


So sorry to hear about your craft-induced injury. I once had an aching shoulder from a scrapbooking retreat!! Art is definitely not for sissies! Hope you get all of the rest you need with lots of movies and books. Kris

Deena Warner

That necklace is JUST AWESOME
I totally love it.
I hope I can find a place to sign
up for the monthly giveaway

I came over to see about the book
swap I saw on Lili's blog


How absolutely gorgeous! Your necklace is soooo pretty!
Thank you so much for a chance.

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