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March 22, 2010



Such delightful things in your Etsy shop. I love coming by here for the pretty pictures and the inspiration. I will let you know when I get my book.



So glad to hear that you feeling better! I got my tags over the weekend and they are fantastic, I love them ALL! I need to get them photographed and posted. I am off to check out your listings of goodies!


Oh Robins! that is one of the things I miss the most in the Spring. We used to get them once in a while when they would migrate through Arizona on the way back home but I've never seen one here in Texas.
Glad to hear that you are finally on the mend. Looks like you've been busy trying to catch up. Thetea towels are so cute. I have some embroidered ones that my grandmother made for me, those ae such great heirlooms!
Hope Spring gets sprung there soon.....

krys kirkpatrick

Lovely things abound. I stumbled into your blog, what a special place.

Kerryanne English

So glad to hear that you are on the mend Karla. Nothing like a bit of crafting and busy hands to put the spark back in your life.
Take care,

elizabeth S

yes it is the end of a scapular and it is a real word love the pictures of fairy wings at the fariy world my computer hasd been out of action and looks like i will have to get a new website as a spam is killing my computer but love your blog. will let you know when I have changed.

Alison Gibbs

Hope you are feeling much better - I think there comes a time in our lives when we do have to start looking after our own health instead of looking after everyone else! We mums tend to put ourselves at the end of the 'care' line!!


So glad you are feeling better Karla! I know you were itching to get in the studio and play....and I agree...no fun listing things in the shop......but you've found some really nice things to put in there! I can see why you want to stop and play instead of listing them!


Hooray! You are better. I am so, so glad. I adore that birdy pillow and those girly towels. Great stuff. And, the last picture on your post was perfect. The lighting and layout...I don't know...it's just beautiful. And it's NOT because my little gifty was in there. ;o) It really is the light coming through that lace. Such a pretty picture.

Tra-la! Kathy


Your post's are always so inspiring...after 12" of snow we have ton's of mud everywhere. I'm so ready for a clean car. Until then I'll make a mud-pie ... as I did in my youth... and send healing thoughts to you!

Ruth Graham

Just love the towels, Great Detail!

Have a Great Day Everyone..... Ruth

Karen Young

Hi Karla, I'm so glad you are starting to feel better. I know how hard it is to rest and not do the things you would like to be doing, but you are right about the consequences.

Take care of yourself

Hugs Karen


So glad you are up and about again! I'm off to check out the new listings!

LiLi M.

Love all your goodies and yes scapular is right of course, we even used that word for the holy Mary devotional medals I did a post about the other day. What a relief that the tags are there, I had some vision of a few german shepherd dogs chewing the small bottles. But I guess the mail just got a feeling that I was getting angry! Great to hear that you're feeling better!


So glad you are back in the saddle! There is good and bad to enforced "halting" but enough is enough!

Ashley Schott

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I love all the new wonderful things! So pretty.


I love it all! Cute how you did the little picture in the crocheted shade pull thing. I'm glad to hear your feeling half way normal again. I think the Lawrence Antique Mall is putting out a missing persons report on you! Lisa

Mitzi Curi

What is it about listing things on Etsy that is so tedious? I always dread it. You certainly have been prolific with your boutique and Etsy listings. I love dreaming about what I would do with the various materials, even though I have piles of goodies waiting to be used right in front of me.


I love your vignette, especially the lily of the valley flowers! They are my birth month flower; Lately I try to put something May related on my work. The tea cups are gorgeous! Spring Time in Paris theme, got to love it~


Those towels are to die for! I'm afraid to go look in your shops because I just know they'll be gone already! ;) I'm so glad you're feeling better and that you know when to rest and when to list!

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