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April 16, 2010



OH! What a deal on those costumes!! Cool!
Love the bathroom..yeah, I get inspired too, to make changes, but it NEVER involves painting--I admire your ambition!!
And, as always, darling photos of your little fairy-grand-daughter!
P.S. your giveaway package should be arriving any day, now!! :-)


Is that PartiPup snuggled up under Twink"s arm? She does look like a good momma. It is funny that you said you see white/grey rooms and changed something accordingly...my house is chock-full of color, reds, peaches, blues, yellows, candy pinks (not all together) (usually) but everytime I see a spread on your kitchen and the room where you put the book pages on the wall I nearly salivate. And yet I know that I need the color around me. Isn't it funny and strange? I truly wish I understood the psychology behind it. Probably something very simple. Deep thoughts...


Karla your lady bug grammy comment had me rolling in laughter! I was having fun imagining!

I love your bathrooms new look. The metal trellis and the sink table is such a wonderful look- you always know just what to do with a room - truly inspiring!

bee blessed


Karla, I can not get over how often you paint and re-paint. You are about the most ambitious gal I've every run into. {I am shaking my head :^)}
You are a hoot !
Hugs, ♥♥♥


Caught up again! Whew, you've had an eventful month. What a blessing that the internet allows even those of us MIA to catch up again. Hope you are having a delightful spring! * hugs *

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

That picture of Twinks shows contentment !!
Love the bathroom,the porcelain in mine is ........ aqua....(eww) ..... and I did the walls yellow,at least yellow is my fav color and dosen't hurt my eyes.
Love the costume, ... the idea of yours had me smiling !
Have a great weekend


I just love your bathroom makeover, that table with the sink in it is to die for. I want to do that!!! Cute, cute pics of Sugarwings and Twinkle is sooo sweet. Such a sweet momma. Thanks for sharing the babies with us.



yay for the little momma!
I love the look in the bathroom and yes, I definatly get inspired by other blogs. This one included..;p


Hello Karla..blog surfing is very inspiring,,especially yours!!!Your puppies are gorgeous,,well Twinks puppies...Ihad been travelling home to British Columbia,& just saw them today..It`s good to be home with all my goodies to do some redoing..I love coming home with my STUFF..lots of flea markets & thrift store shopping in Cali..was a great 5 months take care..Lorraine

Elaine L.

Awww, Twinkles is such a good mommy. How many litters has she had?

I love your bathroom! I can't believe how easy you find it to paint.



I'm always being inspired by blogs, and yours is high on my list of inspiratino.

Being hassled by a little girl, so I have to be quick. But I wanted to say what lovely photos :O) xx


Love the puppies! and the hat is adorable...love the guest bath...it's all so pretty :)....


Oh, how special is this post! Sugarwings, puppies, parties, decorating, and hilarity!!!! I laughed at the ladybug comment so hard! I read it to mymom and she laughed too. a great start to a weekend. Please enter me in the contest too

Freda Butler

Miss Bumble Bee has to be the happiest and most loved little girl around. Her life is simply a fairy tale when she is with her Grandma.

That baby in the hat is so adorable. Who does she belong to?



Janice Rehmeyer

Hi Karla,

Your home is so pretty. How cleaver of you with your bathroom.
Twinkles puppy's are adorable.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Hi Karla! Twinkle sounds like the sweetest dog ever! What lucky puppies to have her for a mommy :)
I love the bathroom redo!! It is so elegant and soothing. I really like the gray.
The tea party sounds so perfect!! I would have loved to see it. I love the fairy house too, it is prettier every time I see it!


That first pic of Twinks is soooo dad-gum cute! Are you gonna let her keep one of her babies?!?

Karla, my heart just does a happy dance every time I see that gorgeous Eastlake style table that you repurposed into a vanity sink!! Love the entire new look of your bathroom. I just re-did our upstairs bath, too! Practically no cost involved for me either, except I splurged $19.99 for the new shower curtain!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents


we painted our front room a grey color too! puppies look adorable!


I'm new to your blog... oh my gosh. Too many wonderful pictures, ideas, giveaways (I love your shard necklaces), running through the woods dressed like butterflies! I'll be back for more...

Julie Ann

LOL- just wings and antennae, huh? :) If your hubby reads your blog, you may have just given him an idea... LOL :)

Your bathroom looks gorgeous redone!!! I just love the tin ceiling piece and the metal vines on the walls! And how smart of you to speckle the floor!

Twinkle looks like such a satisfied mommy :) I'm sure you are enjoying every moment! Sugarwings is such a sweet little bee- what a great find!

Kelley Harris

I have enjoyed your site. You are a great decorator and have unique ideas. I love the remodeled bathroom.

Twinkle is adorable and seems very happy to be a new mommy. Yorkies are wonderful pets.



I love your new bathroom!
You had me cracking up with your ladybug comment!!! LOL!
Cute pics of the darling grandfairy and twinks!
hugs! karen....


Karla, the picture of Twinkle and her new baby is just
precious!!! What a wonderful photo, along with all of
your photos of sweet Sugarwings, the party and your
chic bathroom! I like the face on the tree!! : )
You made a very special and fun play area for Sugarwings.
I would want to play there too!!
P.S. Just a question, I have a similar spot on my maple
tree, (no face though) do you know what causes it?


That photo of your pup cuddling with baby is sooo adorable! What fun you must of had playing in the garden complete with costumes! :)

charmaine deadman

Your comment about the naked Grammy lady bug walking in the forest made me laugh so hard.. that's hilarious.. you and i have a very similar sense of humor as I've noticed in many of your posts. *sigh* and I love your china shard necklace.. if I had it I would probably wear it everyday! You are so talented!

LuLu Kellogg

Hi Karla~

I am a new follower and am so glad I came across your Blog. Your bathroom redo is lovely. I love the shade of Dove Gray that you used.

I am off to

LuLu Kellogg


I just found this lovely blog. I adore cottage blogs! My style is a bit more whimsey than shabby but I have a bit of each in my little cottage. Those lovely puppies certainly are adorable and entrancing. My daughter-in-law has a Yorkie and he adores me when I come it is my lap that he begs for. When my hand me down dogs pass to doggy heaven I shall consider a yorkie and those tri-colors are very appealing.
I never thought I would like a grey anything but your bath is superb! I am about to redo mine as the style is tired. I will look into using some ideas from this post.
Bless you as a gramma and a lover of parties!


love no cost (or very little cost) decorating!!! My daughter begged me for the little cabinet i had in the bathroom...(wanted to make a cabinet for her bf to store some stuff in and covered it with comic book pieces...turned out FANTASTIC) Although that left me with out a table or cabinet...then i went to my first rummage of the season...and VOILA!!! wonderful table...that will be perfect!!! just gotta paint it...(waiting for that WARM WEATHER to return so we can go to the yard to do it)

GREAT FINDS!!! (and initially i thought you had done your bathroom in LAVENDER!!! LOL)

Jo Lucero-Loosesparrow

Your posts are beautiful. I love your photos and your humor. I could just see MY own sweet grammy prancing through the neighborhood, naked but for her ladybug wings!


Twinks and the pups are gorgeous! Love what you did to the bathroom...LOVE,LOVE,LOVE, the ceiling tin! And the fairy trail is starting to leaf out, can't wait to see it when the leaves are all in!


Any photos of the lady bug? I'm doing a bath re-do too. Stripping wallpaper and I'm thinking a blueish green kind of the color of sea glass, but I know what you mean about lightening things up.

Look's like the kiddos had a blast.

Enjoy those sweet new puppies!

Kerryanne English

Well... there's a visual, Karla frolicking around the fairy trail with nothing on but a pair of lady bug wings!! [giggle]. The bathroom re-do turned out great.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Twinks must look adorable with her pups :-)

I like what you did to your guest bathroom. I'm loving the dove gray wall pain you used and those hooks by the door.


(someday, I would like to try a picnic by the forest. Sounds enchanting :-) )


What joy~ I love sweet mama dogs! Your grandbee is adorable! I wanted to see you, as a lady bug! Love your
guest bathroom, so pretty!


Sweet puppies, sweet bumble bee, and I loooove the gray bathroom. You always make me want to go paint something! :)


what a charmed life you lead...i LOVE to read about it....and imagine myself with a grandchild some day....I already picked up some CHEAP fairy wings at a yard sale...HA......my hubby looked at me like I was crazy.....I had to explain about the lady with the COOL blog....:D deb :D


YOu have a very interesting and varied site...I like that.. I too...like to vary the themes.

Glad I came to visit.

Please come over to my blog when you have a minute.


Ruth Graham

Karla.... Thanks so much for taking us walks down the Fairy Berry Trail. What a perfectly special place!

Ruth ;)


The new bathroom looks great! I love the tea party pictures...sigh...and Twinkle is such a good mommy!


LOL! Okay....so the naked grammy in the woods with wings thing...kinda hilarious! Just say'n! LOL! Everything looks just lovely!


Karla, your bathroom makeover is gorgeous!!! i love the gray with the white, it looks so soft and pretty...and romantic if you can call a bathroom romantic...LOL...the base your sink is in is stunning, just love it...

Laraine Atherton

I just LOVE what you have done with the bathroom.....I may have to try it myself. Twink is so adorable with her new babies. I just love puppies and shabby chic...that's why I am here almost every day. Give sugarwings a kiss and have a great day!

Cami @ Creating Myself

Your bathroom re-do is fabulous! And the kids look as enchanted w/ the Fairy Berry Trail as I am!

LOVE your "pedestal" sink....it's incredible!


What a beautiful makeover. And I love all the vintage tea party hats.

Mitzi Curi

It's so sweet that Twinkle is such a good mommy. And I love your special Parti colored Yorkie. The pics of your bathroom are wonderful too. I love redecorating a bathroom....it usually produces great results in little time!


I just got my bathroom finished -- well, except for the medicine cabinet and probably repainting the trim, but that's the easy part. So nice to have pretty walls!

Miss C

Your pictures are beautiful, your words... and your thoughts, too.


I want to play with puppies! The necklace is so gorgeous and so is your bathroom! I really enjoy your blog!

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