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April 12, 2010



Karla, all our thoughts are with Twinkle this morning.
Hugs ♥♥♥

Teresa McFayden

Oh dear Karla! I am praying for the furry little family. You must be exhausted. Keep us posted!


Oh my Karla! I bet you are exhausted! I can't wait to hear about Twinkle. She is such a sweet pooch and such a good mama. She had a good teacher!! Anxious to hear about the new little additions, and of course about Twinkle. Keep us posted!!

Paula Clare

Thinking of and praying for both you and your dear doggie...Please let us know how she is as soon as you hear something! I am on pins and needles awaiting word!

Karen DeCapite

Good morning. I'll be praying all is well for little Twinkle and her pups! And you will get to whisper in their ears soon enough. Very fun!
Keep us posted. LOVE the little furniture . . .


Ohhhh, I will be waiting to hear how Tinks and the babies are doing..Will be praying that all goes well for them and for you too....

The Fairy Trail is so pretty, I know Sugarwings is so excited about it....you are such a good Fairy GodMother to her.....



My thoughts are with you - Keep us posted and I can't wait to see the new pups!

Marietta Hoschak

Hope all is going well. Thoughts are with you.

Sheila R

Oh, I hope everything is going well. Will be waiting to hear that she and her pups are doing well.


Karla: I hope that everything goes well for Twinks and her babies. My thoughts are with you and her.

Ashley Schott

I hope Twinkle is ok! You must be so tired and worried. I'm sure she and her pups will be just fine:) Can't wait to see them.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Poor Twinkle :( I feel so bad for her :( She is so sweet and I know you must feel so bad as this is taking so long. I pray those sweeties come soon!
I LOVE the new furniture for the fairy house! What a perfect spot!
I hope everything goes well and you are able to rest soon! All of you :)
Love and hugs,


Please tell us, when you know how Twinkle and the pups are doing! I hope you hear good news and then get some zzzzzz's!
Take Care~


Karla, I am praying for your babies and can not wait to see the pictures oof them. No wonder she was so chubby with all those babies


Fingers crossed for a speedy, safe delivery!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Aww sweet little thing ! I hope and pray it all goes well for Twinks and her babies.
Get some rest before they come home
Take care


Take care Twinkle...I love the fairy bower it is so sweet...


That nurturing instinct continues...my 29 almost 30 daughter is grown/married/Mother to 3/working on her Masters and I still worry about her. Then my 15 almost 16 year old is always in my heart and on my mind. But my 2 pups...well they are here and a constant source of joy well sometimes there are issues...but we love 'em all don't we?

Don't you just love a GREAT VET? Ours loves our dogs like his own...so wonderful!

Prayers, blessings and congratulations on your newest babies and little Momma! I know you are so proud!



Praying for Twinks and her family. No wonder she was about to burst with that many puppies. What a brave girl. Luckily this isn't her first litter she's a pro. Will keep you all in our prayers.


Oh so happy to hear good news!

Julie Hayes

Congratulations on the puppies and Twinks becoming a new mommy! Hugs to you and your adorable momma dog!

Cami @ Creating Myself

Poor Twinks...hope a c-section isn't required! I'll keep Twinkle & the pups in my thoughts today Karla...glad you've been able to gets ome rest!

Vicki Chrisman

Oh... SO glad things are going better! Congrats! Poor Twinkles I'm sure she is pooped. Hope you get some rest this afternoon!


Hi Karla,
I hope by the time you read this that Twinkle has
had all of her sweet babies and that all is well.
Please don't worry, you will be able to whisper all
your love to Twinks sweet pups just as you have with
her other babies. I know it is not the same as delivering
them yourself but, she is safe with the Vet during her
time of need. Sending Prayers and Hugs to you all and
I hope you are able to rest a bit.
Many Hugs,


Oh, you poor thing! Both of you! You're both going to need a good night's sleep when this is over.
I'm glad to hear that everything is okay so far.
Enjoy your nap!


Oh I hope Twinks will be done soon and mama and the new puppies are all safe and well! I'm so glad you were able to see them and that so far no c-sec! I'll say a little prayer for all!

Joanne Kennedy

Poor doggie! Please don't make her have any more puppies. There are so many unwanted dogs out there. Lots of purebreads and everything that get killed because there are to many dogs having puppies.

I know you love to help and see the puppies being born. I know you have buyers for your pups but please please please think about the dogs out there that are being killed. You could refer people to rescue places to get their dogs rather then having your dog making them for them to purchase.

Every puppy you place means another puppy gets killed because they didn't find a home.

Please think about this. I know you are a major dog lover and take great care of your dogs so please think about those dogs that don't have that and are locked up waiting to die.

I am not saying this to anger you just to open up your eyes. It breaks my heart to hear about dogs being forced to mate when there are so many unwanted dogs out there.

I hope your dog and all her puppies are ok and healthy.



Dear God, Karla, you must have been beside yourself. And while it is the best (only) place for them in that state, it kills me to have to leave an animal in trouble there and just go home. They should let us stay, like you can with children! (But as a nurse, I know that families mostly just get in the way, despite best intentions.) And you are exhausted. Well, she will be so tired and busy with nursing, the time will go quickly for her there...keep us posted. Thank God they are okay. Am going to re-read the post to see how many of each! Are you going to let us help name them? (Yes, I am getting ahead of the situation...my way of expressing great thanks that all is well!) Your Friend, Bobbi


Hope your new grandbaby pups are all here and safe now. Twinkles is important to all who love you plus we love our 4-footed companions. Best to all.

LiLi M.

Go Twinks go! I cannot wait to see the new puppies!

(is that really me writing that?)


Wow 6 puppies for little Twinkles...can't wait to see the photos!

Freda Butler

So glad that Twinkles finally started and it sounds like things are going well now. You will both be exhausted and will probably sleep for a couple of days when she comes home. All she has to do is lay there and let them nurse. You take it easy also.

I can't wait for the pics and to see SugarWings with them. That will be an experience.




Karla, i am so happy when i saw the Twinks is ok...your post title had me worried when i saw it in reader...i hope the last two puppies are delivered by now and mommy is able to rest and catch her breath a little...keep us posted!!! i love the new look on the fairy berry trail...that furniture is darling...some day your little sweetie will realize that you and your hubby have done all of that work for you...and she will know even more than she does now just how special and loved she is:) everyone should have a grandma like you Karla!!!


Oh...your story about Twinkle is bringing tears to my eyes. She sure had a lot of puppies for a little thing. I hope she'll get her strength back and be ok and able to care for her babies.
hugs, Sue

Kerryanne English

It's amazing how we find that extra bit of enery when needed. I hope by now both you and Twinks are resting comfortably.

Wow... 6 puppies, no wonder Twinks belly was so big.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


I'm glad you got some sleep and trusting that twinks and family are doing well. I still remember the birch 'house' my Dad made me just to the left of the sloped driveway as you apporched our homestead. He used mostly the broken branches and just a few smaller birches to make be a few benches between still standing trees, some of the stumps became the kitchen counters as well as tables and chairs and I just loved standing at the 'doorway' looking into my little home away from home, enjoying the moss growing here and there...used to love taking a broom and dustpan and other untensils Mom let me have to play and dream the hours away. Sometimes she would let be take a smaller tablecloth out to play as well.


Cant wait to see the sweet little pups! Hope youre rested up now!


So glad Twinkle is ok and 6 pretty pups....I can hardly wait to see them!!

Cheryl Stoneham

I do hope you got some rest! Glad to hear that Twinks and her new little family are doing well. Can't wait to hear the final # count and see pics of the little darlings!


So glad that they're all O.K. now! I can't wait to see pics of them. :) By the time you read this I hope you are feeling rested up.

JoAnn S

congrats mama!!!!! hugs JoAnn


Oh my goodness!!! What an exciting and also tiring day you have had! So glad to hear that Twinkle didn't have to have a C-section and all the babies are delivered safe and sound! I can't believe she had 6 puppies, she is so tiny herself. I can imagine that sugarwings is excited to see all the new puppies. Love the furniture you got for the Fairy Berry Trail, such a sweet and magical place you (and the fairies) have created for little Sugarwings!!! She's a lucky little fairy to have you!!! I hope you get some rest!


Hooray for Twinkle and her babies!!! Who said a dog's life is easy?!?! Rest up so you'll be able to pamper her when she gets home with the young uns!!

I just posted about a silver wall grouping I just finished, so pop on over to see it when you get a chance.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


My eyes are leaking with relief as I write. Thank God they are all well. Give Twink a kiss from me! Your Friend, Bobbi


I'm so happy to see the update! I thought about you both all day yesterday! I had to check in before I left for work! Glad to hear everyone is doing well!



I am so relieved to hear Twinkle and new babies are doing o.k. I can hardly wait to see those little puppies and watch them grow. Thanks for sharing.



Yippee! No surgery! I am so happy for you! I hope you all recover well...enjoy those sweet babies! karen....


What a relief to know everything is okay. I'm happy for you all Karla. :)


Mitzi Curi

Oh my gosh, I can't believe your little Twinkle had six puppies! I hope they are all healthy. It will be fun to watch their growth during the next 8 weeks or so. Be sure to keep us posted!


Karla, I am so happy Twinks did not need surgery, that is a lot of puppies, I am glad everything turned out well. Get much deserved rest, you and Twinkles. Debbie.


Well, let's just add to the celebration, shall we?
YOU won my giveaway, Karla!!
Please email me with your choice from my etsy, and your mailing address please!!


Oh, I'm so glad that she didn't need surgery! Congratulations on the new puppies!!!


Oh Karla, congratulations! I'm so happy for Twinkle and can't wait to see the baby pictures!

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