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April 07, 2010



Karla, that Twinks looks like she is about to pop...what a cute picture of her:) she is so pretty...love the peat pot makeover that you did for Dawn, she is just going to love that!!!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Poor Twinks I know how that feels... LOL !!
Take care


Those pots are faubulous, as are the tags and the little box is so cute!


awww... poor Twinks... I hear ya about the serial painting. I'm a serial layout changer. Almost every room in my house has been re-arranged at least 5 times in less than a year. I


Just love the photo of Twinks with that great watering can and I love your new tags, so pretty!


Such pretties to view! (Including Twinks!) ;-)
Pop over to my blog when you get a chance...I'm having a giveaway!!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh Karla, my peat pot is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you so much sweetie!!!!! I love the soft feathers all around...and the gorgeous old graphics ~ you have such a wonderful touch Karla. That dear pup looks like she is SO ready!!!! Wishing Twinks an easy, quick delivery ~ and I'm so glad that Sugarwings is on the mend, I just hate it when our babies are sick ~ hugs and love, Dawn


Hey Sweet Karla! The expression on Twinks' face speaks volumes, doesn't it?!! Poor little fat baby! At least she will have puppies soon...my Mickie is nearly that round and only has diet and exercise to look forward to! Your Friend, Bobbi

Angela C

I was just checking back to see if Twinks had her pups. I was loving her pinky prego belly pics in the older posts. We had a poodle that had pups (it was a Yorkie bf) that looked like a bunch of Benjis. Funny story .. my familye had NO idea how short of a time span dogs are prego and our sweet poodle had pups at my aunts house - oooops!!!

Angela C

... when she was dog-sitting for us

Susan Freeman

Sweet Twinks! Bentley sends his love.

Susan and Bentley


I'm glad your little fairy is on the mend :o)

Poor Twinks! She looks heartily fed up and no wonder! Lets hope those little rascals pop out soon and quickly.

I love your chairs, but I know what you mean about wondering why you bother in the first place. I get like that every single time I start daubing paint on furniture. Like today! I'm revamping a half moon table, it's been on my list for months but I've been putting it off.Today I decided to go for it. I may run out of paint though, so I'm having to be frugal!

Have a very lovely Thursday xx


Poor Twinks, maybe the pups still will be early! I say
paint the doors green I have green on the outside of my
French doors...green is more versatile. Think green with all
the flowers..it goes with everything. I love Dawn's egg; she will be thrilled! The note paper holder is gorgeous!


HiYa Karla!
Thanks for the Birthday wishes! You are entered in my giveaway!!

Kerryanne English

Oohhhh... poor Twinks, us mothers know how she feels - big and uncomfortable. Hopefully the big day will soon be here.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Love the peat pots -- bought some myself this past weekend but I haven't had time to play with them yet. Maybe this weekend! I'm going to an art retreat next week and would like to take my hostess one!

Wishing Twinks well -- and soon!


Wow Twinkle is really getting big! If I'm adding correctly the babies should be here any minute? It's amazing how big she has gotten so quickly, but I've missed a few weeks...computer in the shop :(
Oh and I did sign up for Hope's class...looks like it's going to be really good...although I've got a bit of catching up to do. :)


The second picture is so great - great composition. As for the makeover you mentioned - that happens to me all the time. I always want to change something but immediately after I do, I regret it. Still, I never learn my lesson from that and think about what else in my house I could transform.


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