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April 13, 2010



Oh my goodness, Twinkle and her little puppies are so adorable! The second pic, of Twinkle on her own is just gorgeous, what a little beauty!

Julie B.

Oh how darling! How many pups did sweet Twinkle pop out? She's a good mama!


So cute!


Aww twinkle is so precious with her new babies. C:

Vicki Chrisman

Oh holy moly.. that last photo of Twinkles is ADORABLE!! The pups look so so cute!
Love all your peat moss cups and the gorgeous table!

Sheila R

So glad that Twinkles and the pups are doing well! What a great little mama!


Oh, what a beautiful mommy! She's doing great. How SWEET! Your peat pots are a delight!

LiLi M.

Congrats to all of you! Now it will be impossible to see too many photos of the puppies! Have fun!


Oh, I love the pots with the frozen Charlotte's. Can I buy one of the kits? Let me know how / when / where. Thanks!
(Beautiful babies - I would love one of those too, but hubby would object.)


Lovelovelove the frozen charlotte peat pots. Will be lookin out for them in your shop.

Twinkle and her pups is such a sweet sight to see. So glad everything turned out OK. How many did she wind up having? Sweetsweetsweet. Can't stand it.

Rochelle Gaukel

They are so adorable and I am so glad that they are ALL doing great! You are right in the fact that Twinkle is such a pretty girl - L*O*V*E* those yorkies!!


Can never be to many photos - how many pups did she have?


Congratulations on Ms. T's delivery! What a relief! And love the peat pots! You are an inspiration, as always!

Beth Leintz

That little Twinks is such a good Mommy. I can't wait to see those little puppies.


Love those lil Frozen Charlotte peat pots! Twinkle is so adorable and so are those precious pups. I'm glad to hear everything turned out ok as I had read just last week about another blogger losing her sweet pet during the birthing process ~ and all her pups were stillborn. Have fun at your party today and eat a cupcake for me.

Angelic Accents

Bunny Rose Cottage

Congratulations Twinkle!! Your babies are soooo precious!! i could just kiss them all :) What a beautiful mommy you are :)
Karla, I LOVE the peat pots with the touches of pink! So pretty!!
Have a wonderful time today!!
Love ya,


Karla: The puppies are so cute, and I can't wait to see more pictures of them. I love the pic of just Twinks.
The peat pots are delightful.


Congratulations on your work going to Somerset Life!!! How exciting!!! Twink looks sleepy! So glad they are all healthy!


Oh! So adorable!

Paula Clare

Oh Karla! What a relief to know Twinkles and her babies are okay! She is a beautiful little dog...as are her adorable babies! AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...there is NOTHING cuter than mamas and their puppies!

I love the peat pots...where can I get one of the kits...or how can I win one (since I'm already a follower?) I await your instruction! Congrats and hugs to all!


Just called husband in to look at the pups, he couldn't believe the photo of her so round the other day. What a good mama! Yes, let them rest, isn't SIX a lot of puppies for a little dog? I only ever had big dogs with pups (16 german shepherd pups, all healthy, was the biggest). I LOVE PUPPIES! Your Friend, Bobbi (and we will never tire of their photos!)


I've been so anxious for you to post and let us know the outcome. Twinks is so adorable and I love her maternal protectiveness. You can never show too many pictures. Can't wait to see!

The Cupcake and Tea Party looks like such fun! Must go check out your shop. Those peat pots are adorable!!


Congratulations, Karla. Twinkle and puppies are adorable. I'm so happy that all are healthy and that the delivery ended up going smoothly.



Oh my goodness that is just too sweet! How many pups did she end up having? No baby yet here, looks like I'll probably end up being induced a week after my due date. Maybe another craft day squeeze in? :)That is if you have time looks like your hands may be a bit full!!!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Congratulations !!

Julie Hayes

I am so happy for you and Twinks that everyone is home safe and snug! Your cupcakes look oh so yummy!!

Again, Congrats on the new puppies...

Julie Ann

Oooh- your little peat pots are so cute in their vintage wallpaper dresses! :) And oh my gosh- Twinkle's puppies are ADORABLE!!!!! What a beautiful moment you captured :)


*SQUEAL* OH MY!!! those babies are just precious Karla...Twinks is a beautiful mama...your party looks very festive and fun!!!

Freda Butler

It made me feel so sad to think she was trying to hide them under the house. No matter how good you are to her that maternal instinct just kicked in and she was worried for their safety. That is so sweet. She probably does need just quiet time.

Glad it is over for both of you.




Ooooooooh the babies are sooooo sweet. I'm in love!! Puppies are so wonderful. Twinkle did good!!!

Love your sweet frozen Charlotte peat pots.

Can't wait to see more pics.



Yay!!! So glad Twinkle and her babies are home and all is well!!! Oh, how ADORABLE are those sweet babies and their mommy! Are yorkie puppies always born black? I didn't realize they are such a dark color at birth. Twinkle is such a beautiful dog and such a good mommy! Thanks for sharing pics, I was having a fit to see those puppies, haha! And all those peat pots you created, oh my, they are gorgeous!!!! I'm still so tickled that I won one, you are so sweet to give away such pretty creations!!! After reading this post, I think I'm going to go make some cupcakes, haha! I bet your party was such fun!
Take care and tell Twinkle she did a great job!!!

Angela C

Congrats on the babies & mama Twinks getting thru her hard labor and coming out A-OK! I've never seen baby Yorkies & didn't realize they'd be black. So cute! Did I count 5?
Ohhh I love the fairy peat pot. You're so talented!


PS- I just thought that I probably need to send you my address for winning one of your darling peat pots, for some reason, I can't send an email from here, so I will send you an email with my address through flickr...not very computer savvy and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong or don't have something set up right on my computer, sorry bout that!
Thanks again SO much for this pretty giveaway!!!

Natasha Burns

What a relief about Twinkle! and what a great mommy she makes :) have fun at your party!!!

Susan Freeman

I am so very happy to hear that Twinks and her puppies are well and happy. She's such a good mama and a sweet sweet girl too. Bentley and I are sending you, Twinks and the pups lots of love. We will be checking in with you each day!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley


Twinkie is looking tired but seemed to have a smile on her face. Can't wait to see the babies!

Carolyn Hilliard

Twinkle and the pups are the most adorable thing ever. I never dreamed that's what yorkie pups looked like. I will look forward to more pics.


HOW SWEET!!!!!!!! I love those picture of the puppies & Twinks. Yes, don't stress her out or she will haul them to hide. How many puppies in all?

The peat pots are darling too. Have a wonderful week. HUGS! Charlene


I am so happy, the puppies have arrived. I hope Twinks gets some rest; Did you get some, yet?!

Love the peat pots~


Oh Karla, I am so glad that all went well with Twink's
delivery and the puppies are so sweet!!!! I look forward
to seeing more pics of Mom and pups when all are rested.
I just love the last pic of Twinkle! She is so pretty.



Pretty sure it's not possible to overdo the puppy photos. She is one pretty mama - I was thinking about her today and hoping everything was OK! Keep those photos coming!


Hi Karla... I am so glad it all went well! Twinkles is so beautiful! How awesome to have all those too adorable puppies!


Well, I miss reading your blog for one day and see what happens!

Woo Hoo!


Can't wait to see more pictures, but that last photo is just priceless!


Oh, I am SO happy everything turned out well- she is such a good mama!


Twinkle looks tired and content.......there can't BE too many pics of her and her pups....:D deb from MAINE :D

elizabeth S

congraulations your babys look great and glad she did not have to ahve ac section good luck with your babies


Congrats on the baby Twinks. They are adorable. Those little pots sure are adorable, too. =)


So glad Twinks is home and settling in! Those pups are adorable, it is incredible that such a little body can have so many!
I LOVE the peat pots with the Charlottes! THey are so darn cute! karen..... psst! I'm a follower! hee!hee!

Karen Young

Oh Karla, I just read about poor little Twinks and you. I'm so glad that she is now home with her babies and doing well. What a scarry time for you. We just love our fur babies so much and sometimes feel helpless when things go wrong. I hope you finally managed to get some sleep. I look forward to seeing puppy pictures as they grow.

Hugs Karen

Mitzi Curi

What a blessing that all of the pups and Twinkle are doing well. Isn't that a large litter for a Yorkie? I don't know anything about dog breeding....but I love dogs.

Ashley Schott

I don't think you could ever show enough pics of that sweet little girl and her puppies for me! I'm so glad she's doing well and holy moly she had a lot of pups! Is that a normal amount for a yorkie? I can't wait to see them when they're a little bigger! Yah!


Twinkle is soooo pretty and love seeing the pups. I really like your pretty peat pots with frozen Charlottes!!!


crumbs! I missed the drama! Blame the husband, he has the week off this week so my normal routine is upside down!

I'm so glad the little babies are here :O) Well done Twinks!

Karla, your tea party set up looks fab! Can I come too?! xx

Kerryanne English

So glad that Twinks and her puppies are all safe and well.
We all love puppies Karla so bring on those photos!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Andrea Villarreal

She looks so stinkin' sweet. So glad she is doing well!

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