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April 27, 2010


LuLu Kellogg

The floor is so beautiful. You have the most exquisite taste. What a beautiful job you did.

I love all the wee Charlottes and the pouch you made out of the flocked wallpaper is beautiful.

Wishing you a wonderful evening,


Hello Sweet Karla! PartiPup is growing so fast! I think he would be my favorite, too! Love the floor, always admire your painting skills! Your Friend, Bobbi


Found your from Creative Daily. I love that bathroom!!! So beautiful! I am gonna "stalk" you too! :)

Have a great day!

Cami @ Creating Myself

He is too cute Karla! He'd be my favorite also.

Your bathroom floor looks great. You amaze me w/ all you accomplish! It would take me a month to think about the job, another month in putting it off ;o) & then another month to complete it. LOL

Julie Hayes

The floor is incredibly beautiful! You do such great work!!

The pup is just too adorable. I can see why Sugarwings wants to spend so much time with him.

Jacqueline Roy

Hi Karla! I love the puppies, they are so cute! No wonder Sugarwings wants to keep cuddling them. I also love the bathroom, especially the sink and the flower border on the floor. Wish I had more time and energy to do such creative things! Sigh! Someday...

Freda Butler

Hi Karla

I love the picture of Twinkles. She is so sweet.

I think I have figured out why your husband travels so much. If he stayed put he would be known as the man of many colors.
Stand still too long and a new coat of paint would be added.



ps - has the snoring been helped with the little operation?


I love your floral painted floor. It is truly beautiful and unique!

Rochelle Gaukel

Loving the updates on the puppies! Also am "to die for" in love with what you did on your bathroom floor! So gorgeous!!


Karla, your bathroom looks gorgeous...i love what you did with the floor...and i am so loving the wall color...your multi colored baby is SO beautiful...i was telling my mom and sister about him...and i just sent them a link to this post so they could see him for themselves...what a cutie!!!


Oh what a great post! Doggies tiny and small... gorgeous painted floors, pretty sewing, sweet Charlottes, posies.. Gee... It's all just lovely! Thanks for sharing. I especially liked seeing the adrorable wee one. What a cutie.


Oh he would so be my favorite with his Beagle coloring! I do love your little packets. Somerset sure does love you! (Well, we all do.) That purple millinery flower is to die for!


Karla amor, the puppies are adorable! I can see why sugar wings wants to hold them all the time :) I love what you did the floor, it looks so pretty! I am crushing on all your vintage flowers...I just want to visit your hat garden one day :) Have a beautiful week! Besos, Rose


well, if that's not just the cutest thing!


Hi Karla...love ..love those puppies..it must be hard to part with them!!!Your bathroom is gorgeous..damn ,you are so inspiring..not that I could do it as good as you..I hope you can send that necklace to Canada..it has my name on it....take care Lorraine

diane wallenius

one more picture and i want one. they couldn't be any sweeter, i love them. and your new bathroom make over looks great so different you can't stop looking at the pics. great job!! diane


How in the world do you get anything done with both Sugarwings AND the new puppies. I'd just spend ALL mine time cuddling ALL of them!! Love your new bathroom floor ~ it is divine! Cute pouch with fancy tag ~ you always do up your items so prettily, as I can attest to personally. Love the flocked wallpaper tote. Those Frozen Charlottes are so sweet!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Carolyn Hilliard

Woman....is there anything you can't do? You are amazing. I was feeling sorry for myself because I worked today and then came home to paint another wall in my bedroom makeovers. I come to my happy place(blogland)and there you are with more great projects. The bathroom floor turned out so cute. I love that you just jump in a do something without fear.
Tired but inspired,


Karla, the bathroom looks great and I do love the extra touch by adding the flowers, very nice. I sure wish I could see it in person! Hugs to and your Puppies. Diane


Oh Karla...that puppy is just too cute! I'm afraid I'd have to keep him!! Your floor and the wallpaper pouch both just turned out great!


That picture of Twinkle is the cutest yet!! The bathroom looks so neat. I love that you couldn't leave the plain floor alone, you put your 'touch' on it! Now it looks like you. I have been busy opening my very own blog shop & my triplets graduated from pre-K, I was wondering....did your snore surgery work?? Are you keeping the pups up at night anymore? Love the pouches too! Lisa

Susan Freeman

Twinkle is so cute and so sweet and such a very good mother! What a doll she is. I love what you did with your bathroom floor!!

Susan and Bentley


Those puppies really look too cute! How you can let them go after a few weeks beats me.
And your floor looks amazing! Wow you are one talented cookie and it seems to me that you either have more hours in a day than I do or you have superwoman speed and energy. You never ceize to amaze me with all the things you get done in a day.


The puppies are adorable! And love what you did with the bathroom floor!


I love your painted floor!
And those puppies! Be still my heart!


We love the tri-colored puppy!! Are you going to keep him? If you don't, we would be VERY interested!!!! Hannah has fallen in love and hasn't even seen him :)
Miss you all,


That puppy is super cute! I don't know how you give them up after this!!! I love the wallpaper pouch and your bathroom floor looks wonderful!


Karla: Little Partipup is so darn cute! Love the wallpaper pouch. I always look forward to the things that I buy from you because they are always wrapped so nicely. When I ordered the peat pot kit it was wrapped in the prettiest toile wallpaper. I think it will make a great pouch. I am off on a quilting retreat for four days, so it is time to pack up ALL my supplies.


We have a 1921 arts and crafts house. The floors in the bedrooms need to either be carpeted or refinished. I'm liking what you did. Presently, those floors are pretty well stripped of any finish. I'm wondering if they have to be well sanded, slightly sanded or not sanded before being painted. I've become a "follower" to learn more as I really like what you do.

Cute, cute puppy!



Love the puppies and the floor!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

The floor is so pretty !
Wish I had enough nerve to do that too!
The puppy baby is so cute ! Twinks looks well too !
Wish I didn't live so far I would take one off your hands !


The pansy pendant is beautiful on that statue! Love the puppy pix -- and your floor is terrific!


What fun to cuddle with a grandbaby and puppers! Love the gorgeous bathroom floor and your lovely pouch!


Love, love, love how the floor turned out!


Karla, love the new floor.
Hugs & ♥♥♥s,
Gerry [shaking my head - that Karla and her paint brush!]


Karla,,.... Twinkle and her baby.......oh my!! Too, too cute!!!! I just love how you captured her and the sweet
little Parti!!! Your bathroom floor is great and I
love the necklace. Pansies are one of my favorite flowers.
Hugs to all,


I love to watch the changes you make to your cottage and always like the techniques you share. And of course the adorable Dorkys are always special.


Well, I'm certainly thrilled that you left me a comment, as that allowed me to discover your beautiful blog in return! Such gorgeous photos, I'll surely be poking around here for a bit. :-)

Thanks so much for weighing in on my farmhouse situation, if we do take the plunge, I'll have to pick your brain about the perils of farmhouse ownership!



Just had to post to let you know that I'm now a customer, too! I ordered your sweet little ballerina cake toppers. Can't wait!



Your floor came out gorgeous...love it! And I love the way Twinkle's hair frames her face in a little heart...so cute!


Your floor is super!!.and the wallpaper pouch is a really neat idea.

Kerryanne English

Your boundless energy always amazes me Karla.
Another perfect decorating job. Glad to see you have your studio buddy back - even if it is just for brief moments.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


I love the flower border you painted on your floor... beautiful!
And thank you for the nice comment you left over on my blog!

Zita-Mlle Magpie

Karla, the floor in your bathroom is gorgeous! I love how you sewed up that vintage wallpaper pouch - perfect packaging indeed. p.s. forgot to thank you for the gorgeous aqua rose hankie - I adore it

Ele  Erickson

Just look at all those charlottes! It's been awhile since I stopped by, so am enjoying playing catch up.


Hi Karla,
got caught up on your blog-you have such great ideas!! The floor is gorgeous. The flower border just makes it perfect. And the floral wallpaper pouch is enough to make me go take sewing lessons!!!
Brenna and I enjoyed looking at Mamma Sugarwings and her babies-adorable!!! Lots of oohs and aahs over here!


Yay for happy puppies!

The floor in your bathroom is a beautiful accent. It really ties it together.

Now, how have YOU been? Are you feeling better? I know that a lot of activity doesn't always equate to being fully recovered.


Hi Karla... Your floor is so gorgeous!!
I was looking thru a magazine the other day ogling a kitchen & it just looked familiar to me, then I saw your name! Wow!! You always amaze me!


You've been busy! Hat Whisperer strikes again and I'm glad you've got Sugerwings to cuddle with.


Such a beautiful paint job you have done here! The whole bathroom is just dreamy. Love the pansy necklace you've created! And those pups...just divine and precious. Glad your momma pup is spending more time with you since the babes are getting bigger! ~ Angela

Shellagh Selee

I LOVE your bathroom redo!!! wow it looks awesome ~ the floor looks fantastic too! I have been wanting to put a sink into a table/dresser too.....everything looks beautiful~


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