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April 02, 2010


Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Happy Easter Karla !


You make some pretty soldered jewelry. How did your granddaughter get the knick name "sugar wings"?


What lovely gifts!

I hope you didn't get blown around too bad today. I think Lee' Summit was just South of all that crazy wind so we didn't get any. However I did drive up into Independence and saw a lot of damage. Yikes!

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!



I love that shard charm almost as much as the handpainted one I swapped with you years ago! I would love to win that! Have a lovely Easter!


Happy Easter; It was such a fun swap! I showed my daughter,
Angela, the pic of Sugar Wings opening the Alice book she
sent her. She loved it! "Awww, she's so cute" were the words, out of her mouth!


Oh, and I wanted to add, Cute presentation of goodies!
Who wouldn't love to purchase those; very thoughtful of you
to list ingredients. I just recently started having food
allergies(soy) it is in everything! I bet they oooh and
ahhh, when you n' Sugarwings, arrive at the bake sale!


Love the rose chard just beautiful. Everything you shared with us is just beautiful.

Happy Easter


Gifts are good at any age. And aren't we all a sugar wings to someone? Hope you & that sweet angel have a wonderful Easter. Those little buggers just make life better don't they? Can you imagaine being Lisa in a long car ride with 3 four year olds??????????? YIKES! I'm "too young" for that these days. Happy Easter! Charlene


Hi, Sweet Karla! What pretty pics you've shared today! I adore that beautiful necklace!! Has Twinkles "dominoed" yet? That is what my daddy always called it!! LOL

Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

Happy PS!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


you are lucky. But then you are a nice lady, so I'm not surprised people want to send you things. :O)

the giveaway winners are lucky too!

Have a gorgeous Easter. Hope you get to do the E.egg hunt. xx


Wow! Now those are some pretty fancy bake sale goodies!!!

Much better than a zip-lock bag or aluminum foil......

And the treats don't look half bad either! ;-)


Karla Congrats to your winners :) Especially to my dear friend Dawn :) Your gifts that you received and that you gave out to your winners are just lovely! I I hope you have a wonderful Easter :) Besos, Rose

Sheila R

The necklace is gorgeous. What a great idea about collecting old plates.

Have a wonderful Easter.

Janice Watts

Karla, I have two of your china necklaces, and get compliments every time I wear one... I love the idea of using old plates for bake sales... great way to clean out the china hutch too!

Andrea Villarreal

Oh my gosh!!! I won!!! I am sooo excited I have never won anything before! Hurray and thanks so much:)


WHERE ARE THE PUPPIES??? I am starting to worry. But is it really time, or does she just look ready to pop? I wish I could do something useful instead of worrying helplessly from halfway across the country. Anyway, on a non-Twinks related thought, I wanted to tell you that we got inspired some months back and put a $5 chandy from Habitat For Humanity (foofed, of course) on my daughter's apartment grade dining room fan/light fixture. It turned out remarkably well, and now I see in your pic that the manufacturers are doing it. Yours is really a masterpiece, though, I immediately went to the site but, alas...no 1/2 price deal now! Your Friend, Bobbi

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