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April 04, 2010


Ruth Graham

Awwww.... It's so hard to see sour little GrandBabies sick. Hope she is feeling better soon.


I loved your fairy trail and all the magic you made for your
special granddaughter. Sorry, to hear she is sick; Glad she is on meds to help her fight the infection. So, hard to see
them sick, no matter when it is! You did good, trying to
create a little magic and provide the comfort that was needed! Hope the magic continues and Twinkle has her pups.
You all must be sooo tired; hope you are feeling better, too!


Adorable photos...hope she is feeling herself again soon!


Awww, I am so sorry that Sugarwings is not feeling well! Give her a snuggle, at least this is not a "poison kiss" type of icky!!


oh the fairy house will be so much fun! You will have to take a picnic lunch and go there often. How fun for her! She is so adorable....and I'm so sorry she was feeling so awful! Good thing you got her to the ER......I'm sure she is feeling a whole lot better by now!
I'm sure Twinks will go into labor with all that nesting! I hope it all goes smoothly!

Jacqueline Roy

Love the photo of Sugarwings kissing the Frog Prince. Too bad she was sick for Easter but lucky for them they could be with you and your husband. Gosh, that fairy trail looks like so much fun! Good luck with the puppies, if they come tonight. Jacqueline


What a lovely day... even though it is rough that Sugarwings was sick... I hope your puppy has her little babies tonight!! I know you are exhausted, but what magic you made for a little girl's memory... It will stay in her soul forever!!! Priceless....

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love the photos !!
I hope Sugarwings feels better soon !
Can't wait for puppy pics too!
Get some rest girl!


From one Grammy to another...YOU are the very best! What a great thing you have done today for your precious Sugarwings....my goodness what in the world would you have created with time to plan? You are a creative genious.

Just goes to prove, you can never really have too much glitter, eh?!

Praying for your sweet Sugarwings, I am sure she will be hopping down that bunny trail before you know it!...Thank you for sharing the smiles :)


oh poor Sugarwings. I hope the antibiotics work quickly and she's over the infection. Poor little scrap.

Love her bunny trail. I had to do a small egg hunt in the house, our weather was too unpredictable to take it outside.
Love all the glitter! My mum likes to use those sparkly confetti shapes. every time I open a card from her a glut of tiny shapes fall out! Grr! And up the sides of my front garden path, I still have lots of little stars, flowers an champagne glass shapes nestling amongst the grass and thyme. She scattered them there last year for my birthday, which is at the start of October, and they're STILL there! ACtually, that could be an idea for sugarwings' outdoor room. Cheaper than glitter and hangs around FOREVER!

have a lovely Monday xx

Sheila R

I hope Sugarwings is up hopping soon. What a wonderful Easter treat to get to be with her, even tho so was sick. Your love for her shows in all you do.

Julie Ann

Beautiful photographs, Karla!! I'm so sorry babygirl and mommy are sick! I will keep them in my prayers... What a beautiful play house you all created- it does look magical!


Good Morning Karla

So sorry to hear that Little Sugarwings wasn't feeling well. You are A number one Grandparents - what a fun day and one that makes for wonderful memories.

Enjoy your week and all of you lovely gifts. Love those valences!



Oh...such a bummer that she was ill, but it looks like you gave her a bright spot in the day!

Laraine Atherton

I will keep your sweet family in my prayers.

Suz Reaney

You are wonderful grandparents and you make me want to be a grandmother so much! She will remember this forever, Karla. Sure hope she is feeling better now and that Twinks has given birth! They will be adorable puppies, I am sure!


Poor sweetie -- I know she'll be better now, those UTIs clear up quickly with meds. I'm so glad you all had such a nice Easter, despite everything! Happy memories.


I suspect her fever would have gone up even if she'd stayed in, so I'm glad she got to walk on the fairy trail -- make being sick a little bit better!

Thespoena McLaughlin

Awww, poor little thing, hope she feels better fast. The beautiful princess kissing the frog was the cutest! And how did you get my cat?! LOL


That surely is an Easter to remember. And your fairy granddaughter looks so adorable even if she is sick. I hope she will be better soon.


oh, I hpoe little SW is better soon! That picture of her kissing the frog is priceless!
xoxo, Tiffany

Freda Butler

I am so sorry that SugarWings had to get sick on Easter. God job you took her to the ER. Probably by the time you read this she will be back to running around. They get sick fast and recover just about as fast.

glad you guys are getting such good weather. Our kids in Chicago are having the same.




You are such a good grammie to your little Sugar Wings, bless her heart. I remember my daughter getting those a lot when she was little and the Dr. said she was not to have kool-aid any more because the acid in it was causing her to have urinary tract infections. Didn't have many after that. What a wonderful fairy-land for Easter. I would love that myself. Such a special memory, sorry she was so sick. Can't wait to see your puppies. I want a Yorkie, they are so sweet.


Jennifer Hayslip

Sweet photos of Sugarwings Karla! Im so sorry to hear she was so sick! Thank heavens you took her to the E.R. Im sure with Grandma TLC she was nursed back to health. :) XOXO,Jenn


I've mentioned before to you that a visit to your home as a child has to be divine magic! Once again you confirmed this. God blessed your friends and family with you with a forever twinkle in your eyes and sparkle in your heart! Hope the littlest fairy gets wells soon! Love to you, Lori

Elaine L.

That little girl is so blessed to have the greatest grandparents. So many kids have to grow up fast, these days, and don't really have a childhood.



awww the pic of her kissing the frog!!! so gorgeous...but bless her little heart...i hope shes better soon x

Mitzi Curi

What a magical Easter for Sugarwings. I feel so sorry for the poor little gal.....from a magical fairy trail to the ER is not a good transition. Hope she feels like herself again soon.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh my goodness, poor little Sugarwings :( UTI's are just awful! Poor baby :( How unfair to be so sick on Easter :( But it sounds like you made it so beautiful for her and her mommy Karla! I cant think of a better way to spend Easter than on the Fairy Berry Trail!! The fairy house you made is AWESOME!!!! I want one :) I cannot wait to see pics of it this summer! You are the best grandma and grandpa :):)

The picture of Sugarwings kissing the frog just melts my heart!! She is such a doll!
Love ya sweet friend,


Awwww, such sweet pictures. I hope she is feeling much better now!

Cami @ Creating Myself

What a sweet post Karla...no pun intended. Your Fairy Berry trail just keeps getting more & more magical...I wish you'd knock it off, you're making us other grandparents look bad. ;o) Your Easter was really, really special...glad Sugarwings is feeling better!

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