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April 23, 2010


LuLu Kellogg

Dearest Karla~

I am so glad everything went well but sorry you are a wee bit under the weather. I received my peat pot and can't wait to create this. I loved the way you packaged everything. I felt like I was getting a very special gift!

Continue to get well!


Rochelle Gaukel

I am in L*O*V*E* with that journal....such pretty images, papers and stuff! And, I'm glad to hear everything went "A OKAY" at the dr's and that you are on the road to recovery - you deserve to put your feet up and just watch videos. I'm thinking that may be the same for me today too - not because I am sick - but because poor Lola is so uncomfortable in her "motherly" way that all she wants to do is cuddle. The countdown is on - 1.5 more weeks and we'll have pups too! It turned out our other yorkie Minnie is not preggo, so we'll just have one batch this time around.
I enjoy seeing the pictures of your growing pups and can't wait to be a mother (2nd to Lola) to a brood of cuties! It will be hard to pass them on to other families.....
Take care today, put your feet up, pop some popcorn and just relax.....
Happy movie time!


Karla, Sometimes you feel worse when it starts to heal. With tonsils it is usually the 7 th day when the scabs start to come off. You might call your Doc just to be sure that it is not a setback.
Otherwise relax but I don't advise popcorn for a sore throat. (sorry, Rochelle)
Your book is lovely. Feel better soon.

Andrea Villarreal

I hope you feel better soon! And you are 100% right you are not a DAY CARE you are a gramma:) Have a restful weekend.


Speedy recovery! Hopefully you will be feeling better again real soon.


Karla..what a delightful book...hope you are feeling better..take care...too bad so many of sugerwings kisses have some snotfest in them LOL..


Hope the weekend brings you more comfort! Sore throats are not fun but did it fix the snoring?


cosmetic surgery~~to get your snorer snipped?? That's crazy. Yikes...guess there will be snoring over here for quite awhile then.

so glad you didn't have any problems aside from the usual healing. It always seems to be worse the second day, at least that is what I've always heard.

The art journal is gor-ge-ous. You certainly have a gift for creating something beautiful out of this and that. I admire that and it gives me inspiration to try, try and try again. I've got a long ways to go!

hug a pup and take it easy today...have a nice weekend.

Karen Young

Karla, what a beautiful book. I'm so glad you are starting to mend. Take care of your cold and little Sugarwings too.

Hugs Karen


Happy friday Karla...OMG..your book is stunning...I have just got home a few days ago from Calif,I keep every copy of my Romantic homes & cottagie, deco, magazines,it is raining here in B.C...so I browsed through some old copies,& there you where..Iknow that kitchen!!!it`s Karla`s..before Zero dollars decorating!!!it looked great then too...take care of your self.have a nice weekend....I should have bought some of you walpaper when I was in Calif..oh well..we are back there again in Nov. Lorraine

Cami @ Creating Myself

I applaud you for sticking to Sugarwings' parents' rules! (most of the time *grins*) And who'd have thought that having your snorer snipped would be cosmetic? *rolls eyes*

Your journal is just gorgeous...all that beauty in one place is stunning!

Get some rest & enjoy some down-time...you're one of teh busiest women I know. I don't see how Sugarwing's germs are able to catch you! LOL When you get to feeling better, stop by & read the post I did on you today...about how long I've been an admirer!

Mrs. Kwitty

Sorry you are not in the pink...make sure to get enough rest, I think we tend to think we are fine after surgeries and don't listen to the docs about resting. Your resting and movies sounds like a good idea. Your book is so beautiful, I love the way you put things together with what seems like wild abandon, so lovely!
Smiles, Karen

Wendy Wirth

Such a beautiful book.


Let us know if your dangle operation helped, I will sign up my husband for one!!!!!!

Your book is just gorgeous. Sorry you're not feeling very good.



"I have a theory that if you spend any money on an appliance, other appliances get jealous and demand that you spend some on them too. I never have just one break, its always in twos or threes." That is the truth!

"It wasn't anything on my list to get done, but it is something that I really enjoyed working on and was a wonderful distraction. Sometimes, you just need to MAKE something, for the joy of making it." And that is another truth. We all need just-because projects from time to time. Yours turned out beautifully.

Paula Clare

Hi Karla,
I love, LOVE the art journal...oh, won't you part with it for someone who would love it and hug it and give it a good home? WINK WINK???

Hope you recover soon...

Paula Clare


Hello Sweet Karla! You probably should have taken it easy after the procedure, none of us want to admit we need to be "down" for a bit. We just want to tough it out and keep going. But at least you are resting tonight...and I think that you are doing a great thing, trying to uphod the kids' wishes for SugarWings' rules. You are a great Grandmother, she is so fortunate to have you. Only one complaint today...where is PartiPup??? We aren't bored with them, honest!!! Your Friend, Bobbi


Hi Karla

Glad to hear that your surgery went well. Hopefully your not getting sick again. You art is so inspiring. I just love the journal.

Enjoy your weekend!


Beautiful book, Karla. I hope you and sugarwings will be feeling better this weekend.


Hope you feel better; I hope the surgery worked, so life can get back to normal! The book is beautiful! You sound like a great grammie, but with special rules, at times when appropriate!

Rest up, Drink plenty of fluids and email me in the morning


Hope you are feeling better SOON, Karla...and Sugarwings, too (I've heard kids average 12 colds a year, so with my three grandchildren that makes 36... and I believe it)! Your book is absolutely charming...


Hope you will feel better soon Karla.... and sweet sugarwings... your Journal is so pretty,,,love all the great papers and vintage photos.... have a restful weekend.


Alison Gibbs

Will be interested in hearing if you stop snoring as my husband is a terrible snorer and I find it hard to sleep.
I know how you feel with Sugarwings and her snot-fest, I always seem to be getting 2 1/2 yo Rileys colds that he picks up in his 3 days at child care.

Zita-Mlle Magpie

So glad you're recovering alright from your surgery - hopefully it did the trick, Karla. In the meantime, your art therapy project is SO beautiful. I adore your art journal/book!


It was especially nice to come and get lost in your posts this morning. I've gotten behind in my blog reads and yours is always a great place to start. Love your journal and the pups and the bathroom re-do and the fairy-berry trail.....And I'm glad your snip went well:)
Ahh, poison kisses---I got some of those from Cole this week---result: stomach bug, blech, what a week!
Your appliance theory is hilarious and so true--sounds like you've had a week too!
Have a nice weekend. xo


Dear Karla, from 12,000 miles away. Maybe if you get to read this on Saturday, you will be feeling one day better already. I'm a grammy too and sometimes we just have to break the rules! My girls aren't really allowed TV/dvd's so when I'm in France with them, we do all sorts of those naughty/fun things together! Your journal is WOW, wish I was a US girl and had the opportunity of doing a 'Karla class'. Would you ever do an 'on-line class'? Best wishes to both you and Sugarwings (how gorgeous).


do you know, I love to visit you not only because you always have something beautiful to show (how gorgeous is that book?!) but you are so honest. I know I snore because I often wake myself up (I also wake myself up laughing in my sleep!), and know I sound like a warthog or something. But I probably wouldn't write about it. You just say it like it is, and I really love that.

I hope you are feeling better now. Rotten luck to pick up some germs so soon after surgery.

Love the 'blogging' word verification! sometimes they are hilarious, the things they almost say.

have a good, and restful Sunday xx


Your book is to die for - so beautiful. You always inspire me with your ability to use the good stuff!


The procedure sounds painful and $500 up front sounds even more painful! I hope you're better by now and out in the garden enjoying the sunshine after all those storms!

Happy week.


Hi Karla,
I hope you are feeling better and that Sugarwings is getting over the "snot fest", ha. Your journal is gorgeous and the puppies are precious! I laughed out loud from your last post abt. Sugarwings and the googly eyes...that is so funny! Oh and my boys call the thing in the throat..their hang me down, haha...I can't wait tell them I know someone who had their "hang me down" shortened, hahahahahaheeee
love ya,

Caitlin Joy

First of all Karla, I sooo appreciate that you are willing to go along with me and Adam's rules for Leandra AND that you are always so willing to help us out by caring for her. I AM SO BLESSED <3 Also, I want to say that when she is with her Grammy, a certain amount of spoiling should be expected and acceptable. You are so good to her and she loves you so much. The other day she told me, you and my Grammy make everything better. Especially now that she doesn't have her Nannie, she needs your Grammy love and spoiling even more!! And anyways, how could you spoil our sweet Sugarwings, she is always so polite and grateful thanks to her village!

Love you
Sugarwings Hippie Mama AKA Caitlin Joy


What a beautiful book! Love all the images, they tell their own story - which I am sure you already knew!! lol. I am hoping by now you are feeling much better.


Love,Love, LOVE that journal! Ohmygosh, it is so beautiful and FUN!!
Hope you're feeling better, as well as Sugarwings. You are wonderful grandma!!


I LOVE it when I get meaningful verification words, but that's too much!

Hope by now you are feeling much improved -- the book is very nice; glad you could finish it up!

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