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May 24, 2010


Julie Hayes

Looks like a fun time was had by all!


Oh ho! That last photo was just toooo adorable!! Your weekend was amazing. So much fun to have friends who are passionate about the same things!

Janice Rehmeyer

I am so glad Twinkles is ok. And!!! you are keeping a puppy. That makes me smile. They are all so cute, so you will have a job thinking which one you want to keep.

I just love reading your blog each day.


O wow! What a fun day!! Thanks for sharing it all with us!
Glad you're keeping one of the pups...look forward to watching the little sweetie grow up! ;-)


Karla, They are sooooooooooooooooooo dorable!! Looks like you guys had a blast. Love all your goodies you all made, nothing better than getting down and dirty to help with the fun and relaxation.!! I'm envious!!!!
Can't wait to hear the puppy names.


Karla~ what a great weekend...friends, dogs, art...the LOST finale! I would have loved it all! The pup in that dress is the cutest ever!


could those pups be any cuter?


Rochelle Gaukel

Looks like it was a fun craft get together and those pups.....they are so cute! I can't wait until lola's brood get bigger! They still haven't opened their eyes....


Mornng Karla..those pups are adorable..so glad you are keeping one....your crafting weekend looks like a hoot,Canada is so far away!!!I would love to attend just one..OH WELL...have a good day...Lorraine...ps..maybe I`ll win a giveaway one day ..that would make it better

Suzanne Duda

Hi Karla!
I had SOOO much fun this weekend! Everything was perfect and you are an amazing hostess. Thank you for your hospitality and for always inspiring me...being in your home and studio was like stepping into a dream! Every nook and cranny was filled with magic (and glitter)! I miss you and those delicious puppies! Come to Atlanta soon!
xo suzanne

Andrea Villarreal

Thank goodness she is ok! And your keeping a puppy wow!! I wouldn't be able to chose. Love the little bird house:) And I thought your comment about dressing up for crafting was hilarious. Just wait til Les Sirenes sister you'll laugh out loud!! I'll be the one wearing jeans;)


Karla, I have caught up with your latests posts and must say I'm so happy Twinks is okay! Adore all the photos, especially with Sugarwings caretaking the pups! I don't envy the choices you'll have to make...all the babes are just so sweet! Looks like you and your friends had a wonderful, laid back and creative time. ~ Angela


Oh my....that looks like sooo much fun!

And, those pups....how darn cute! What is a DORKIE, by the way? So many designer pups these days..

Warm blessings,

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

That looked like such for with the girls !!
And it reminded me that I have several tiny wooden birdhouses I could be playing with myself!
So glad Twinks is better, those pups are sooo damn cute!
Dont blame you for wanting to keep one or two or three... LOL!
Take care


Oh I'm so glad I don't have to pack a prom dress for my trip to KS! I can craft in crappy pants & a tank. I cannot imagine the goodies ya'll played with, between you & Beth. Primo hoarders of all time. I love the birdhouses, & the pups. The baby doll dress is too cute! Lisa


What great fun! Love that baby in her dress! (I mean the puppy, not Sugarwings! And I dress like you when I craft! So there! Cabinet card books are great -- I've been wondering what to do with mine! Another project for "someday."


Hi Karla,
Cute, cute, cute........puppy photos!!!!!!!!!! I was
so hoping that you would decide to keep a pup or two
of Twink's!! I know it would be hard for me to decide....
as they are all so adorable, but I am partial to the
parti and the little one too. : ) I, however, probably
would change my mind a million times if I were right
there with them. I am so glad that Twinkle is doing ok.
It truly must be hard for her right now.
I do like your idea of casual dress crafting. I think
some of my most inspiring crafting moments were in PJ's,
during the evening.


I just got back from being out of town & read your Post about TWINKS! Oh thank GOD she is OK! I can imagine your hestics during all of that. Cute photos of the pups but, the one in the dress wins hands down as the cutest thing ever seen. I have got to get started on my swaps for Sierens. Have you done yours? YIKES it is sneaking up on me so fast. Your get together with the girls looked like so much fun! HUGS! Charlene


Sweet Karla! You can definitely keep 2 puppies. 5 is the limit. When I was looking to buy this house a couple of years ago, I called the city and said, "How many dogs am I allowed to keep, as long as I am (Of Course!) taking care of them properly?" The girl paused for a few moments and said "Well, I guess you can have as many as you want,there's no rule." Needless to say, this is the house we bought. But everyone knows that while 5 dogs is about right, 6 would just be silly. Your Friend, Bobbi

Kerryanne English

Pearl the Bichon looks like my Gypsy [smile]. Yes, yes, the Charlotte most definitely needs fairy wings - that will just finish her off. So glad too you have decided to keep one of Twinks puppies... that means more photos for us.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Karla, i am so happy that you are keeping a puppy... i think you should keep the little spotted guy...unless Sugarwings cries, then you have to keep Dorothy of course...i loved all the pictures of the puppies today...

Beth Leintz

Thanks for a great get-together- not just every host would provide great food, great company, crafting supplies, wonderful weather & PUPPIES.

I think you should do watercolors of the puppies in their finery- I'm thinking greeting cards- they are just too cute.


Karla, Your puppy is so tiny and precious! Im happy you are keeping at least one, and relieved to know Twinkle is doing much much better. What a scare!
You ladies look like you had a ball! Comfy, casual, and laid back. :) I can imagine the giggles and chatter that came from inside those 4 walls. ;) Thanks for sharing! XO,Jenn

charmaine deadman

Karla, your puppies are just so cute! I wouldn't be able to pick which one to keep! I'm glad you have decided to keep one though. :)
Take care!

Maija Lepore

I'm all for families with lots of pets!! I have 3 dogs and 2 cats!! Enjoy your new brood!!!
your craft weekend looks so wonderful- I love down and dirty as much as I love the dress up!!!

Julie Ann

That dress is just perfect on tiny girl!! I'm a bit behind on reading, but I am glad to hear that Twinks is ok. What a nightmare that must have been, having to take her to the animal hospital! I don't know if I would have had the strength to get there by myself! But how wonderful that you're going to keep a puppy! It's funny- I would pick the smallest one! Trying to think of why that might be... but I actually think it was watching Charlotte's Web!! Wilbur was the little runt and oh-so-cute! lol :) Your birdhouse is beautiful!! If you put wings on the Charlotte, I guess it would be her house :) Your craft day looks so relaxing and inspiring- what wonderful time spent!


aww those itty bitty wille puppy wuppies! sooo sooo cute.


I am happy you and Sugarwings that you are keeping a puppy this time!!! Love the bird house, yes, Charlotte needs some wings ;-D What a wonderful gathering of talent and friends!


Oh my gosh, you are killing me with that photo. What a sweetie pie, I am so glad Twinkles is okay xoxox Clarice

Brenda Kula

I don't know that I could give up even one of those pups. So I don't think I'd make a good foster mom! It looks like it was crazy fun with you girls.


I can see I missed a bunch of your posts recently!
Your crafting day was fabulous Karla! I will make it there one day.....and you might find me in your studio in my paint splattered PJ's......is that acceptable?

OH I'm so happy you are keeping a pup! Is it Ozzy?!
I was visiting my mom Saturday and took the little yorkie that lives there for a long walk/run he reminded me of a tiny little toy! He's adorable too and made me think of your sweet pups all day....wishing I was THERE!

Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl

oh hell, I wish I could have been there!!!!
Miss you girls!!
xoxo, TIffany


......i've been soooo slacking on my blog surfing....but i've actually posted TWICE this week on mine!!! SO MUCH FUN...your birdie house is just the most delightful thing i've seen!!!! yes on the wings....i'm working on some birdie houses to hang in my dining room...to go with my white garden theme....(can't be a garden without bird houses can we..lol)

big hugz

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