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May 28, 2010



Loved the video. So many beautiful memories to cherish. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family.


Hello Karla...charming little video...fat little pups...have a happy weekend with your family..we had ours in Canada last week...take care Lorraine


Karla, how fun to actually get to hear you and Sugarwings!! Such a sweet video! Enjoy your new phone!


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


I loved the video, it was so precious to see and hear Sugarwings and the puppies are so cute....you are creating such precious memories for her...


What a wonderful video! The little puppies running to Sugarwings was just too adorable~ thanks for sharing!


That was the cutest video! I also looked at her other video on there and what great memories to have. Have a fun weekend also!

LiLi M.

Hi Karla, I'm back in blogland after an extended break. That clip is ubercute! Ah to hear Sugarwings and watch those puppies...even better than photos, which are always gorgeous too. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


Lol,lol,that was so cute ! I love when you call Twinkles and all her puppies run with her. Sugarwings has to be one of the luckiest little grand daunghters around with a creative gramma like you. Such wonderful memories Carla!

Julie H

Love the video! Thanks for sharing!! :D


Happy Memorial day weekend with you. I am sure with all those puppies, it will be fun but crazy xoxox Clarice

Kelly Valdez

Hi Karla,
I love that little fairy land you've made for your grand-daughter. I'm thinking of making one for my youngest, under a tall pine that we have! I just love the idea of a magical place for children!

Also, I love that you have all these women to gather, chat, and work on making beautiful things...I would love to be able to do that too, but my friends are not that...um...creative. I'm sure there are other women in my area, I just can't figure out where they are! It would be nice to have an idea of where your "members" are from and maybe some of them can connect in their areas...I would love to find someone in the Denver area. Anyway, I thought if some of your members were comfortable, you could have a list where people could find others in their area to connect. : )

Kelly Valdez

Bobbi Mouzon

I was wondering where the other two pups were, too! How many did you decide to keep? Your Friend, Bobbi


Sugarwings is so lucky to have a wonderful Nanny like you!! The video is so cute, love the fairy house. You did such a good job creating a lovely getaway for her to play in and for you to enjoy her. The puppies are really growing. Happy Memorial weekend.



What a cute video!! Sugarwings and the puppies are all adorable!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sheila R

What a wonderful place youhave created!!! How precious that Sugar wings just love those puppies.... it shows in the kiss!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.


Hi Karla,
Happy Memorial Day weekend! I love that video of
Sugarwings and Twinkle and puppies. It is always
fun to see them and Thank you for sharing them with us.
Her little dress is so cute too.


oh, Karla...that was the sweetest little video...Sugarwings is such a cutie...and i was happy to see Twinkle running at full speed, she is obviously all better now...and those darling puppies racing after their mommy, it was all just too cute...is the multi colored pup gone to a new home? i didn't see him...i was hoping you were keeping that guy...i loved the very end of the video where the puppy is getting fairy kisses:)


That is a wonderful, magical memory for you and for Sugarwings.


Watching Sugarwings and the puppies just melts my heart - they are so precious and absolutely adorable.


Hi Karla! Your blog caught my eye because my niece is Karla too! I also love the name of the blog you have here and I hope you will come join me. I know the long weekend is here but I would love to have you come visit. I am still working on my postcard exchange and I have three different giveaways. One ends on May 31st so scoot over please!

That puppy video is too cute! My daughter just lost her favorite pet of 14 years so this really made me smile! Things happen for a reason and I found your blog here! What a wonderful treat!



Suz Reaney

That is so adorable, Karla!!


How sweet; I want a fairy house and some puppies! It was
fun to hear your voices and see the action~


Oh my goodness, so much cuteness in that video!
Thanks for sharing! :-)


Mitzi Curi

Your last post of peonies and puppies was so adorable, but the video takes the cake! I loved watching those little pups follow their mama....absolutely precious! And Sugarwings in her Cinderella dress, in the fairy house....so cute! If I ever need to smile, I'm going to watch your video clip!

Janice Rehmeyer

Hi Karla,
Hope you had a fun weekend. Just checking in to see what you did over the weekend and how the puppy's are doing. Have you decided which puppy you are keeping????
Cannot believe it is June 1. Where does the time go?????
Did i read that Sugarwings is going to have a new brother or sister???? Wow how exciting.


lol...so i'm over here by the computer ooooing and ahhhing over the fairy house and puppies and i had to call my hubby over...to see too...and all he notices is one of the puppies takin a pooooo....MEN....

do we have baby news yet??? as in gender?


first i just LOVED her little dress! I didn't even read that it was a yardsale find until after the video!
That part where the pups rounded the corner....OH MY GOD! So adorable! They are chubby little things!
Her woodland Fairy House is just so pretty!
I understood immediately when she said "they come back" and I thought you were kinda IGNORING HER! Now it's sad when she was asking you about the other two......I'm glad you are keeping one!

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