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May 25, 2010



Yeah!!! I am so happy I won!!!!!
The pups are super duper adorable!!!!

Suz Reaney

I can't stand it...those dogs are cuter all the time, Karla. That will be fun to have Teresa have a mascot!


fabulous names!I am so glad you get to keep a pup or two :o)



I WANT DOG TAGS!!! Remember I bought the puppy love tag booklet from you a couple of years back, ostensibly for my daughter's Valentine? Yes, I still have it, too pretty to let it go. But I would have commented 14 times on every post to get some more of them!!! Seriously, what nice gifts...you have such a generous heart. Love the puppy names. Please keep PartiPup,aka Oz, AND one of the girls. I want to watch them grow up! (Easy for me to say, I am not the pooper scooper, right?). Best wishes for Twinks, she is doing well, I trust? What a wonderful little momma! Your Friend, Bobbi


Karla, i was on the phone with my sister yesterday...and i had her click over to your blog to see the puppies now that they have gotten a little big bigger...she fell in love with all of them...i think i told you she has a yorkie named Benny...he is a sweetie...i love all of the puppy names...and i am just dying over the little tulle confection that Glinda is modeling, that is so cute!!!


Hello from germany,

I have aquestion to these pretty lovely puppies. Is Zeke a Biewer? Because he has white markings. How cute he is!!!!!

I have two Biewer Yorkies, you can see them on my blog. They are so beautiful and funny and we love both deeply.

best greetings from germany,


Oh, those are just great puppy names! I don't think I will ever tire of seeing your precious little pups!

Jessica Canham

Adorable! I don't know how you're going to decide which one to keep!


Hi Karla,
Sweet, sweet puppies and names! The puppy tags are
adorable!!!!!! I love the Dorothy shoe. Will you be
selling any puppy tags? I would love one.
I always enjoy seeing your pups! How is Twinkle doing?


Well, it seems being gone for a few days put me behind in your happenings. I love the names that you chose, and I'm sure Sugarwings is thrilled.

Looks like you had a blast with the girls crafting! The bird houses are great.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Adorable names, congrats to the winners! Glad Twinkles is better now. Gosh, that must have been so scary. Bella and her new family look so happy!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


I think you picked the perfect names for the pups. Fits them to a T. They are sooooo cute and snuggly.



Love the names for the puppies...they are so adorable!! Love little Ozzie with the white fur on his face and legs.

Vicki Chrisman

Oh.. between the cuties and the pretties .. ahhhhh.
So fun that Theresa got one of the pups!


Those puppies are getting even more adorable!! The tags are simply gorgeous!


I just can't STAND it! They are soooooo adorable! Their little expressions are just the best! I think I like Ozzie the best...and such a cute name too! He's the one your sister is taking right? Oh I want one....but I need another dog like I need another hole in my head!


OH, the names are perfect! Little Glinda in her sweet dress...too adorable! Love the tags!

Deborah Woodrow

OMG Karla ! Wow ! I'm so happy I won one of the Tags !
I'm looking forward to recieving it .
Oh Yes, the names are so perfect ! Glad you choose the Wizard of Oz Theme, its one of my favorite movies of all time ! Yes, "Toto" was my choice, glad that name was picked.
Adorable, is not the word for those lovely pups !
Thanks !
Deborah Woodrow


Oh your puppies are sooo precoius!!~~~and I love the props!!

I was just re-reading some of the articles in Somerset and saw your lovely test tubes!!Very pretty and creative:)
I am tickled to have a project in the same spring issue too!

Congrats to your winners of the enchanting tags you made~~~

Kay Ellen

Elaine L.

Those puppy photos are the best! So sweet and I love the names.



Ahhhhhh Oz names. How marvelous! Say! Where did you get the tiny little ruby slipper? I'm assuming it's a doll shoe but the shape is perfect. - Have a lovely Wednesday. - Kathy

Zita - Mlle Magpie

The names are perfect for those much too adorable puppies. How will you ever part with most of them?!! I guess you take comfort knowing that they will be well-loved and taken care of in their new homes, like Teresa's. p.s. could there be a cuter mascot for Silver Bella?!!

Tiffany ~ The Fancy Farmgirl

oh my gosh, zeke is the cutest!!! I had such a ahard time giving up our pups, I am so glad yours all get such great homes....and I love the play on words...land of ahhhs....
you crack me up!
xoxo, Tiffany


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SUCH FUN!!!! They got too big tooo fast...did you not lean on them a bit to keep them little? (david does that to the kids.. doesn't work...but he keeps trying!!!)


Hee Hee!!! Hellowww sweet brother and sister puppies...miss you....woof.

Love, Lilly Bella


I am so glad Twinkle is fine! What a scary ordeal! I have had a sinus infection and haven't checked your blog so had to read a few days back to see what happen. Glad she is fine and love the puppy names.
the bird houses you all made a great!!

Ashley Schott

I don't think there is anything cuter on earth than a puppy dressed as Dorthy, which I have never seen until now by the way. So thank you for that:)
I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to come check it out:)
Happy Wednesday!


Karla, These puppies have been such a delight. I can't tell you all the grins, sighs, smiles, and even laughter they have added to my world. The dress-up sessions are BEYOND precious. Seriously, those dressed puppy photos need to be made into greeting cards!! Thank you for all the time you've taken in sharing these. xo Sue


Wonderful names, looks like magic happened; All the fur and
glitter; How fab!


Hi Karla; Sugarwings did an amazing job in finding perfect names for them,,,, I love the photos you took of them... so adorable.... and the test tube's with buttons,,,,, love them... and the dog tags,,,, to to cute have a great week,



Could it be that Karla's next tag swap is "The Wizard of Oz?" GREAT names!

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