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May 17, 2010



Those puppies are just too cute! How about the name Coco (or you can spell it Koko). I'm so jealous (but not of the mopping up pee part!)


Since we just lost our beloved dog, I'd love to pass his name along for a boy. Argos. It was the name of Ulysses' dog who recognized him when he returned from his odyssey. And, for a girl, I suggest Artmesia because I love the fact that she was such a strong woman who overcame a lot of adversity to become a renowned artist. I admit they are unusual names but they look like unusual puppies. Love them!



Well , I think your little girl should be called "Alice" ... like Alice In Wonderland. Then I think you should call your biggest boy "Java" like coffee. It's also my boy pup's name and fun to use. Then the middle boy could be "Cappy" ....like "Cappucino". And for your smallest boy ....I would call him "Chip" as in chocolate chip.

:o) Sue

Cathy Kizerian

These puppies melt my heart! They're just so darn cute!! For the girl, my suggestion would be Emmie/Emma (like Dorothy's Aunty Em in Wizard of Oz). The biggest boy looks like a Buster to me, and then there are Benny (next biggest boy) and Dexter (the runt). What fun!! I'm sure you'll have a great time picking out the names. Can't wait to read the other suggestions and see the names you pick!! Hugs, Cathy

robin foster

the puppies are soooo adorable! My grandaughter helped me come up with some names because she is so good at picking names. We think: Puppy #1: Digger
puppy #2: Scooter
puppy #3; Lucy or Winnie
puppy #4: Scamp

Suzanne Duda

I can't wait to see you this weekend and snuggle those puppies in person! xo suzanne


I like the name Tori for the girl or even Glinda(the good witch) since you already have Dorothy!
Zeke would be cute for one if the boys as that is the name of one of the farmhands from the Wizard of Oz.
Note- I love the Wizard of Oz!!!
Good luck and the pics are absoletuly adorable!!!

Julie Hayes

#1 Brownie, but Buster is a good one too
#2 Benji
#3 Lucy or Mrs. Beasley. She looks like a Mrs. Beasley and appears to have a similar personality to my beloved Mrs. Beasley that passed away last summer (just over a year old) unexpectedly.
#4 George. He looks like a George to me.


#1 Teddy, cuddly like a little Teddy bear
#2 Jake
#3 Alice
#4 Buster(Brown who lived in a shoe, okay hat, for now)lol
They are all so sweet!!!

Impressive puppies using litter~


I think the little girl should be Lucy. I just love that name. She looks like a Lucy.

Boys - #1 Bix (I knew a little boy - now all grown up - named Bix)

#2 - Henry

#3 - Riley (My dog is named Riley and I'm rather partial to the name!)



#1 Buster (I promise I picked it before I read the others')
#2 Squirt
#3 Sweetums
#4 Peek-a-boo
#5 Tag


So cute! How about Chewy, Sleepy, Hungwy and Thirsty? Or if you want the names more dignified, Sylvester, Alistair, Arabella and George? Or if you want absurd.... I could go on and on. I love naming animals! Patsy from HeARTworks


oooh, you have lots of contenders already Karla...i can't think of any names cute enough for these sweeties...i do like Bonnie's name for one of the boys...

Freda Butler

How about Toto to go along with dorothy. After all they are Kansas boys. Also adorable.



Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Ohh how I would love to take one home, any would do just fine !!

#1 boy~ Charlie Cinnamon
#2 boy~ Sugar Nugget
#3 girl~ Cordillia
#4 boy ~ Finigan

Michele Seraphim

LOVE the new babies! Ahhhhhh I love puppies! Just gave my boys a spring time bath this weekend. Now they are snuggleishous!

Now for names:

1. The bigger boy: I like "Reese" - he looks like a peanut butter cup!

2.The smaller Boy: he looks a bit mischievous to me... what about "Hatter" also from Alice in Wonderland... lots of fans here I see. I am no exception!

3. The middle girl: This one is just for me. If I had a little girl I would name her "Story". I am sure that she will have given the new owner many stories to tell in her adventures to come!

4. The runt... small is nice just like a sweet "Cupcake"! She looks like a cupcake with her chocolate and vanilla frosting! So sweet!

Thats my shot at some names for these lovely babies! Congratulations on them! So gorgeous!

Michele Seraphim

Oh the last one is a little boy... hummm cupcake seems a little feminine so lets go with "Charlie" like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... small but full of good spirit and good luck. Besides he looks like candy doesn't he!


I'm new to your blof so I missed what kind of pups they are. However, I reckon I can still come up with names... The middle sized girl should be Sassy, I think. The runt, Tiger, he needs a big name. Julia, Cassie, Alcazar for the boy...


Bigger boy- Gandalf
Smaller boy- Antonio
girl-Lucy Lu ,or Tinkerbell
Baby- Smidgen

Those puppies are adorable.

kelli hansen

We have a pup named Oliver and it makes me chuckle every time I say it. The tri colored one would be Tripalee and call him Tripp. We have a Maizee and another is Kiersha (like K-ear-sha). Kaelie is also fun.


Oh my those babies are too sweet.


o.k. I haven't read any of the previous comments so if I'm a repeat it is totally by surprise.



Honey Bear


Here are some of the rejects for our new puppy -- Dash, Nibbler, Pip, Lucy. I liked them all but the 3 year old owner chose Biscuit. Go figure!


No wonder you are worried about separation anxiety with these, they are as adorable as when they were newborns. Maybe more so.

Based on Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) and Bella (Beauty and the Beast), going for protagonist names from children's stories.

Girl names: Gretel; Alice (from Adventures in Wonderland, one of your household favorites, I believe); Scheherazade; Heidi; Anastasia

Boy names: Hansel; Nemo; Robin (Hood); Peter (Pan); Athos, Porthos, and Aramis; Mowgli

There, that should get some ideas going, and after reading the comments I know at least some are not repeats. ;-> Speaking of which, I liked the suggestions "George" (many children stories, including "George of the Jungle" and "Curious George"), "Charlie" (Chocolate Factory), and "Gandalf" (Lord of the Rings). Wish I had thought those up on my own, too.

PS The lamp looks even better in white than I had thought it would. Nice choice!


Hi Karla,
The puppies are precious!!!!!

#1 Boy - Beau or Bosco (love his color)

#2 Boy - Jack or Niles

#3 Girl - Chelsea or Tiffany or Tutu

#4 Boy - Patch or Max (Maxie)

They are just so sweet and I like the way the lamp
turned out! It looks great!!!

charmaine deadman

#1- Bloggins
#2- Penn (as in Sean Penn, cause he's being naughty sticking out his tongue.)
#3- Coquette, cause she looks coy and flirty with her eyes.
#4- Rorschach, pronounced "roshak", after the Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach who the inkblot test was named after. Your little guys spotted face reminds me of an inkblot test. :)

Karla, the lamp looks so much better painted!
Cute puppies! Have fun naming the little darlings. :)

Vicki Chrisman



#1 Rufus

#2 Tad (tadpole)

#3 Pearl

#4 Meho


I love these puppies~ my names...just because...
1. Finn
2. Griff
3. Livvie
4. Peanut


#4the little boy- Maxamillion.. i think he should have a strong name to make up for his size.

#3 - Dahlaila - girl cause she is as pretty as a flower
#2 - Samuel_- nice, calm, strong name
#1 - Obama - need i say more.. (sorry republicans... )

Joanne Kennedy

How about
#1 Billy Boy
#2 Tiny Tim or Tommy for Tom Thumb
#3 Little LuLu or Tink
#4 Eddie - he just looks like an Eddie to me


Suz Reaney

1. Harvey
2. Winston
3. Sophie
4. George

I like weird dog names!!!!

Madison Mitchell

These babies are more adorable with every new post!

1. Zues
2. Scamper
3. Precious
4. Tyke

Madison Mitchell

Oops! Typo - puppy 1 should be Zeus

Zita - Mlle Magpie

OK, Karla, I think all the best names have been brought up now, and there are some great ones there. The only name that I think I haven't seen is Theodore, which could be Teddy for short. For some reason I see that littlest last guy as a Theodore (don't you think that name gives him some heft/importance?).

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

How about:

1. Cooper
2. Tucker
3. Heidi
4. Bobby


Oh, there is nothing like sweet puppy faces. So adorable.
Puppy names....hmmm..... How about these:

Roxi (for the little girl)

Julia - Vintage with Laces

Hi Karla, The little ones are too cute and you found some great hats again!

These are my puppy name suggestions:
1. Barnaby, Fergus or Benson
2. Floyd, Clyde or Cyrus
3. Arielle or Cassie
4. Cosmo, Cedric or Bailey

Your lamp turned out great and your wallpaper envelopes are very pretty!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


The photographs are fabulous, my goodness those guys and gals look the sweetest little pups ever! I just want to pick them up and cuddle them. I wanna give them little kisses, so much so, I could get carried away and start kissing the computer screen lol!
Right, here goes -
Large dog - Hector ( it is the name of our big
Rhodesian Ridgeback boy)
Middle one - Oscar
Gorgeous girl - Flossy
Tiny - Pip


Puppy #1 - Ralphie, Puppy #2 - Edgar, Puppy #3 Tuttie, Puppy #4 Franz.


That isn't as easy as it seems. LOL
#1 Cadet
#2 Quaker
#3 Jingles
#4 Misty

Here's hoping.

Suzie Q

Ha ha. Even after reading your post, I commented on the wrong one. That's ok. I don't need to be in the drawing, just wanted to pass on some thoughts. Good luck with everything.


1. Naty
2. Codi
3. Gizmo the party colored pup
4. Shooter

They are all soooooooooo precious!!!


Puppy #1 - Norm
Puppy #2 - Watson
Puppy #3 - Amelie
Puppy #4 - Jeremy

How fun, Karla!

Biljana Pantelic Adzaga

Hi, I m your newest follower.Your blog is wonderful, i will often visit you.Greetings from Croatia (Europe)

Julie B.

The Big Boy should be Buster as in Buster's Big Boy
2. Atticus (as in Finch)
3. Dill (because he was the Runty friend of...)
4. Scout (in To Kill a Mockingbird)

I love your fur balls; smooch and love on them for me!


Love the lamp! Have to think about the names!


1. Benjamin
2. Latte
3. Twinkle
4. Star


Hmmm, I will have to think abit about the pups' names. I so love how the lamp turned out ~ very pretty, Karla! My Rosie had an abcess on her back that I had to take her to the vet today to have aspirated, and he had two little teacup yorkies there that were just adorable! In a moment of weakness, I ALMOST brought one home.......

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Alison Gibbs

They are too cute!
1 - Max
2 - Charlie
3 - Ruby
4 - Mack

Patty W. in Kansas

Hello....first time visitor to your lovely blog....we had our beloved Yorkie for 18 years! How about for the big boy, "Schnitzel", for the smaller boy, "Alfalfa", for the little girl, "Lily", and for the tiny boy, "Spike"...he needs a BIG name! They are adorable. Patty W. in Kansas


Well, puppy #1 is definitely a "Charlie". That should be obvious. #2 I'm not so sure of. I'm thinking "Scamp" from the Lady and the Tramp sequel.


These are names that I like for the pups.
1. Toby
2. Fred
3. Zoe
4. Calvin

Mitzi Curi

Since we are both antique dealers, I thought you'd appreciate "vintage" names, all based on old comic strip characters:

#1 Skeezix
#2 Sluggo
#3 Penelope
#4 Bosko

Andrea Villarreal

1. Chief
2. Grunt
3. Cheekers after my recovering Sandy Cheeks:)
4. Bernard because he is colored like a St Bernard:)
How's that for random names!!


Hi Karla,
Here are a few more puppy names.
By the way, the lamp looks very pretty painted!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Paula K

What great puppies! Have been giving them some thought, talked it over with Peaches (my toy poodle) & we agree on the following:
1. Whiskey
2. Blue Moon
3. Belle or Agnes(for Grandma D); Abbey, or Olive
4. Midnight

Have fun:)





Foxy for the mixed color because he reminds me of a fox terrier color.



You could give me a puppy for a prize! They are simply the best and adorable!


These are just the cutest puppies! So, they need cute names, of course.
Here are my offerings:
1. Tag
2. Howie
3. Pepper
4. Tobias


Awwwww, I love the name Bubbles for the little spotted sweetie.


Ohhhh and China for the girl : )


For the 3 boys:


For the girl:

They are precious!


Hi Karla, I just thought of another name for the
girl puppy.

Rose, or Fleur.

The puppies are so cute playing in your vintage
hat collection with all of the lovely flowers.



Okay, I've got a theme goin' on here....

1. bigger guy......Bruno
2. smaller guy.....Popeye
3. middle girl.....Olive Oyl
4. little runt.....Sweet Pea

0r, if you are more into Latin Mythology....


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


1/ Beaucefus (bo-see'-fus)
2/ Archie
3/ Tilly
4/ Freckles

A-D-0-R-A-B-L-E!!!! WHAT CAN I SAY...My pups growing up were half doggie half human..so we gave them a doggie name and a human name...Dingbat Marie and Gator James...


How about Milt an' Bradley?


1. boy : BOZO
2. boy : NEBO

1. girl : WHISKEY
2. girl : BONNIE


KC -duh
Lollipop (Lollie)


#1 Thunder
#2 Buster
#3 Cookie
#4 Cooper

Oh they couldn't be any more precious!

Deborah Woodrow

Since you seem to be going with the Oz, theme...I've thought about some names for several days. Here goes:

For the small boy: " Toto"

For the Middle boy: "Linus" after the cowardly Lion...

For the Striped Boy : how about : "Panda" Nothing to do with the Oz movie, he just looked like a Panda Bear to me LOL !
And, for the Middle female : how about " Emma" after Auntie Em, for the Oz movie...

Well those are my choices...
Love those bird houses, glad Twinks is ok now !

Deborah Woodrow

Karla, those names above, from the Oz movie, is from me, Deborah Woodrow...

Sorry it looks so confusing !

small boy ~ : "Toto"
middle boy ~ :" Linus"
Striped Boy ~ : "Panda"

Middle Female ~ : "Emma"

Hope some of these names are helpful ! Love those pups ! :)
Deborah Woodrow

susan edwards

My furboy's name is Mario and it's not used alot. For the baby girl I love Willow cause of the beautiful trees,baby boy with the white on him I would use Twix.I like Walt for the big guy for Walt Disney of course! Oh I just love all of your furbabies but naming them is so much fun.


When our dog had 3 boy puppies we named them, believe it or not....Shadrack, Meshack and Abendego....from the Bible. I guess that means the girl could be Jezebel!!


I would name the little parti pup Hootie Bear, the small boy Ringo, the big boy Hubey Do, and the girl Josephine (Josie). They are all so precious! I'm so relieved that Twinks is going to be ok.

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