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May 27, 2010



Karla, what a sweet post!!! i loved seeing the babies playing in your garden, i bet they love being out there...i can almost see their little noses working overtime to smell every little interesting scent that floats by on the breeze...i esp love the picture of the little one peeking over the railroad tie...so cute...i am just in love with the charlotte in the gold frame, she is a beauty!!!


What a fun post Karla! I always look forward to seeing your lovely projects (thanks for the link to Green Paper) and I loved seeing more of your wonderful garden! Of course...I can't wait to see those puppies, too! I am enjoying being outdoors with my pups, too!


Your yard and garden sound like a wonderful place to spend summer days. I hope you thoroughly enjoy all the hard work of years past.


You find the best setting for photographing those puppies!

Rochelle Gaukel

Your puppies are lucky to have such a grand yard to play in! They are getting so adorable...and fluffy....and CUTE!! It's like being a mom all over again isn't it?!
Have a wonderful spring day

Brenda Kula

Oh Karla, you must frame or use these photos in something special! The pups are just so cute. I think Hobby Lobby has unfinished birdhouses on sale this week, if I'm not mistaken. Maybe I better scoot on over there and grab a couple. I'm in love with your birdhouses!


you know, reading this post I have come to the conclusion that you are totally dotty about doggies! ;o)


Those are the mini-birdhouses, right? I didn't realize the Charlottes were so tiny! But they're almost as big as those pups -- which are cuter in every photo!

Jenny S

Oh my gosh! That picture of the little guy with the white on his face!!! I could just eat him up with a spoon! I wish I lived closer to play with puppies with you guys and smell their puppy breath!! MY FAVORITE!!


Yes, you're absolutely right! A garden is improved by puppies peeking over fallen logs and in the peonies! Your little books are just lovely!

Julie H

I absolutely am in love with those pups! I really like the photo of the pup peering over the log. How cute!!!

Suzanne Duda

I loved your puppy pictures before, but now that I've met (and snuggled and loved)your puppies, I love these pictures even more! Sooo cute...thanks for sharing! xo


Hello Karla...lovely post & great pix...Ilove the antique button..HOW did you get the pic in there???is that like what the girl in tarnished & tatterd does with those sweet little pix of children?..Lorraine


The puppies look so darling in the garden. Enjoying every minute and curious about everything. Adorable!

Kerryanne English

There could be no more perfect garden then this one with its Sugarwinged fairy and dorkie puppies a plenty. And by the way Karla, I happen to think that a homey garden made with love is better than any manicured garden any day!!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Karla, just one word to describe this post. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!
Every picture, every pup, every plant, INCREDIBLE!!!!!


These puppies are so beautiful. We are all going to miss them.


Hi Karla,
I keep looking at the puppy photos and each one is a
favorite!!!!!!!!! Adorable!!! Just Adorable!!!!
I wish I could hold them and give them ton's of kisses.


First of all, loved the videos, thank you for sharing those sweet balls of fur love, and your photography is so wonderful, you should sell your sweet pictures. Good job!! And I can't wait to see your lovely beauties in Somerset Life, loooove that magazine, I used to buy it all the time before I started blogging. Now I go through all the old issues and run onto a page of someone I "know" from blogging. It is so fun.


Your killing me Karla, there has never been sweeter puppies xoxoxo Clarice


Love all of the photos of the pups. Just too cute!

Wishing you a wonderful and safe weekend.


Happy Memorial Weekend my friend…Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria
Love those Yorkies...


It must be so much fun to play with the puppies. There's nothing like babies - of any kind. Love your birdhouse!


Dee Ann Head

Hi Karla,
I just loved the puppy videos and can't wait to show my granddaughter! You take such great pictures and I look forward to seeing them whenever I visit your blog - are you absolutely positive you can't keep them all? I'm sure I speak for alot of people when I say we're going to miss seeing their sweet faces. :)


Karla I love the randomness of your garden, is just lovely! But the puppies, oh the puppies, they are adorable! I want one!!! A supermodel one like their Mummy! Rachaelxo

Suz Reaney

I cannot stand it...those puppies are sooo cute and the pictures you have taken of them really capture their spirit. And your art...wow! I know we will see these in Somerset Life! I also love the naturalness of how you live...it really comes through.


Hi Karla,
I just viewed the videos of the puppies!
Soooooooooo adorable! Thank you for the videos! : )

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Your garden is gorgeous, Karla. I love your easy-going attitude. Those puppies sure look adorable traipsing around your yard.


oh my! thanks so much for sharing the pictures of your puppies. they remind me so much of my Maggie when she was a baby dog. even tho she is half beagle and silky she has the markings like your puppies except she has beagle ears, tail and voice!


I am going to add one of the Charoletts I bought from you to a bracelet that I am going to make. I took an etched & engraved class by Diane Cook & NOW I'm ready to make some of the things that have been swirling in my mind! Enjoy those sweet babies! Great photos. Hugs Charlene


Oh my gosh, they are so cute! Love your new creations too.

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