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May 14, 2010


Diane ( Crafty Passions)

You little puppy babies are so damn cute!
Who can work with a roomful of those running around!
I would just sit and play!


hmmm I am liking everything light and creamy these days...puppies are so cute..


Karla~ what a stunning room...just beautiful! The frame is gorgeous and goes really well in the room...but I have a feeling if you painted it, you would make it beautiful that way, too!


Tough question on the lamp as it is very beautiful as is... I'm even wondering if after adding the extra crystals if it won't "lighten" it up, visually speaking. Such an appealing/wonderful vignette you've created in your dining room!


We just got a new puppy yesterday and haven't come up with a name yet! So hard to find just the right one but if we don't hurry, she'll get used to just 'puppy'!

As usual, your room is just lovely! Still on the fence about the gluebook class. Talk me into it, please!


That dorkie in the teacup is adorable! Well, aren't they all, tho?!? I love the entire look of your dining room. I would sooo love to see a better full-on pic of that gorgeous gold mirror to the left of your large picture frame! Oh, and I would also love to see the arrangement on the dining room table ~ I enlarged the pic, but not enough for these tired eyes to see it all!!

As for that gorgeous lamp, I think you did great in buying it. I've got a similar cherub based three-arm lamp in my living room. Like you, I ALWAYS paint everything white, but for some reason I waited to paint mine and lived with it for a while, then decided to NOT paint it. I love it gold, as I have darker colors in there, and I got some pearly shades for it and can't even imagine it white now!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Rochelle Gaukel

Hi Karla
Always love looking at your puppy photos...and, lola had her pups yesterday by way of c-section. She was already 68 days and our vet was going to be out of town for 5 days so we opted for it - take a look here to see some operating room photos: http://www.lolasmommy.blogspot.com/2010/05/puppies-are-here.html
they are graphic so if you don't want to see those, scroll down to bottom where they are in their box.


Such pretty pictures.... but you know I go gaga over the pups! Have a great weekend!


Well, I understand your wanting to paint everything white...I am the same way. But, for some reason I think I wouldn't paint the lamp. It is so pretty just the way it is, and it matches your picture frame so well. As far as the puppies go, they are just as cute as a button! I would never get anything done except love on them if I had them. I will be thinking of names for them. Have a nice weekend!



Morning Karla...puppies are soooo sweet..want them all...I love the pic & the lamp...I remake old lamps & recover the shades in vintage fabric..I have great success either way...once I do it ..I`m fine...buy I am a Libra...so the decision is a process for me...have fun with it...Lorraine


I'd live with it! At least for now. Or, put something on it -- whitish -- that might wash away if you really hate that (I have no idea what that is!)But it does look very nice with that frame behind it!

What a cute tea-baby you have! Happy weekend!


Hi Karla, LOVE the PixiePie photo and the adorable
teacup puppy photo. Too, too cute!!!
Hey.....how about Tutu as a name? Yes? No? Maybe? :)

I think your lamp is gorgeous, and it would be just the
way it is or with your painting magic!!

Brenda Kula

Your puppies are so precious! I say leave it. I think if you paint over it, you might regret it later. Just my humble opinion. I wish I lived closer so I could visit you!


Oh they are the cutest little things, I want one! Twink is such a clever girl to make beautiful babies like that! Leave the frame, leave the lamp but changes the shades...

Cathy Kizerian

First of all, I always LOVE looking at your puppy pix and marveling at how quickly they grow and develop. Life is just too fast and too short! If I read your post correctly, you're asking our opinion about painting the picture frame, right? (not the lamp). I'd definitely leave it as is because painting can't be undone. I love whites and creams, too, and our master bedroom is done that way, but I have a vintage mirror whose frame I've left dark. It just belongs that way & doesn't detract from the calm.... Probably I'm too much or a purist, but I think that 50 years from now, when our white/cream/shabby decor is a "past trend", someone will be grateful you left it natural. JMHO. Hugs, Cathy


I think I would leave it like it is for a while then when you get tired of it, paint it white. Best of both worlds.

How much do you charge for your little babies?

Your home is beautiful.



Pixie Pie's glee is priceless! So sweet! Love the dorkie
tea party, tee, hee.
My vote for the lamp, leave it natural, it is gorgeous!
Enjoy those puppies~ Names...will think on that!

Elaine L.

I think you should leave the lamp gold, otherwise it will blend into the sideboard. I actually think your chandelier could use some gold, too.

Looking at that picture, I can imagine touches of gold on the walls around the room to balance it out, along with a touch of gold on the ceiling. You do have a lot of white in the room. The gold with the white and gray makes the room elegant, especially with the fabric on the chairs.

I love that room.



Bugzy! Sam, Ruby , i could think of lots of names. I love puppies and yours are heart stealing.


Ohhhhh my goodness ~ Your puppy is as precious as life can get !! ~


Hi Karla,

I so like the lovely ladies basket area...just wonderful! The lamp is very nice and I would just live with it for a few weeks and then you should have your answer!

Sheila R

To paint or not to... BIG QUESTION as I think it would be beautiful either way....

Love seeing the puppy pics... so cute!


Your home is so pretty. I grew up with nothing painted ever... and now I love the fresh white look. I'm loving that lamp the way it is, or maybe you could rub on a bit of highlight with that acrylic paint. I think it would later come off (maybe--- don't quote me on that) with a little oil or peanut butter... It would highlight the lamp. The other comment that mentioned the crystals would lighten it is also a good point. I have ultimate faith that whichever you choose, I'll just think it is "da-bomb" because I love your taste. Such adorable puppies and of course, Sugarwings... What a fun blog to follow!

Suz Reaney

Sophie, Harvey, Ralph, Crystal Moonbeams...

Anita @ The Pink Funny Farm

Those puppies are just yummie!!! As for the paint, I too am in the exact same situation! So make sure you post what you end up doing. I "received"...not purchased, an E-normous lamp and it is the same....to paint or not to paint???

Karla Nathan


Oh, puppy love! I think the lamp needs to be painted!

Deborah Woodrow

Karla, leave the lamps AND ESPECIALLY THE FRAME "As Is" it brings a nice Old Contrast to everything else !
What if you added some beautiful old trims, beigy-stained ones, and old beads, especially the old chippy pearls, AND, some of those beautiful small flowers, with the velvet leaves, to the Lamp ?! The green velvet leaves will bring out the browns, and the greens in the painting. Cute idea, huh ?
And as for the frame, too much, beige, white, and cream, it will get lost in the colors, this way, it just stands out REGALLY, on its own !
You're right, its perfect as it is ! You know you can ALWAYS paint it later...but if you paint it, then regret it, you'll damage it further, by trying to restore it back to the original finish !
Besides, someone night see it, on your blog, and offer you a BUNDLE for it ! :) Always thinking ahead ! :)
And, don't forget the theme in Antiques Roadshow...they say leave it alone, and in the orignal Patina...
Love the pics of Sugarwings with the pups...adorable !


Good luck naming Bella and the other precious puppies.

Yay for spring cleaning! Good luck getting everything in order for the Creative Cottage Getaway. It is so cute that your house is reflecting your love of the Twinkle's fur.

Randy Nathan

Wow Sister;
The pupies are beautiful and the garden is magnificent! Working on some new photos of our fairy gardens. We have Bluberries right now as well as grapes on the grapvines. We are regularly glittering the gardens for the butterflies and the fairies!
We are looking at female Bichon puppies, and still renovating the master bath- which has proven to be a major project! Hope to talk to you soon. Send everyone our love and kiss Sugarwings and the puppies!! Love ya sis!
your baby Bro!

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