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June 28, 2010


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh Karla...your box is gorgeous!!! I love all of the foof girl ~ and what a wonderful idea to turn the frozen Charlottes into mermaids with paper clay. Lisa is going to LOVE anything from the hat whisperer!!! Have a great week sweetie ~ hugs and love, Dawn


Karla...you really went all out for this one...it is beautiful for real....I love it



Karla, You are So Creative with such an Elegant Touch.... Love the Jeweled Crown Bling..... Very Sweet Mermaids

Julia - Vintage with Laces

Hi Karla, Your box looks like an under the sea wonderland. It's very charming!

Paula Clare

Oh Karla! What a gorgeous exercise in overdoing it! I LOVE IT! I am beyond jealous of your beautiful junk jewels and tiny frozen friends! This is the "look" I love...totally over embellished, over glittered, over the top! If you make any more or have any thought of putting it in your boutique, DO let me know! Oh! And enter me for one of your amazing peat pots too!

Jodie (everything vintage)

FOOFY FABULOUS as usual!!!!
Love it girl :)


BEAUTIFUL shadow box Karla.

I also love your journal for Somerset and will be eagerly waiting for it to come out.

Karla, out of interest when do you start making your Christmas stuff eg. cards and decorations. I suppose it's because it's freezing cold here now that I suddenly have the urge to do some of that stuff!!!

Madison Mitchell

Karla, I love, love, love your very fru fru mermaid shadow box.


Karla dear Sister Ho,
Your box is too COOL! I have to go take me sad little box off now that I've seen everyone elses! I love the detail & the great tutorial that you included with the pics! It means lot to me that you played along with my game, now where's that friend of yours? Out taking advantage of an old lady huh? Hoarding again.
So Twinkle is bringing me a hat?! Send Sugarwings too, the kids can play with them but you might not get them back on second thought. As for my addy, you don't have it from my mountains of orders from your shoppe? LOL, I'll email it. Lisa


You create such unique items with beautiful old pieces. I envy your talent. Have fun with your DH in California. Love the picture of Rosebud - she such a cutie. She is going to be a "natural" whenever a camera is pointed in her direction. LOL

I hope you are feeling better. I know about chiggers - when I was little, I use to paint them with clear fingernail polish to try and stop the itching/kill the chigger.



Wowwzaaa girl, your box is amazing !! I love the topper and a shadowbox is a great idea !


Karla- That is absolutely gorgeous! It's total mermaid-y eye candy. :)


LUCKY LISA!!!! She will LOVE her new hat! Wish you could have been at Paper Cowgirls! I took lots of photos of Lisa's class(I was her assistant for the class) & the class kits she made were OVER THE TOP WONDERFUL!

I Love your little soap box. And can't wait to see you in just 2 weeks!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK are you ready? I'm not! Haven't done my mermaid jeans, or my bottle for the bottle swap or my teacher gifts... Yikes I better get busy. HUGS!


Hi Karla,
Your soap box project was simply beautiful. I examined every photo making out all of the wonderful details.


This is my first time to your blog! Your work is beautiful!


Love your wonderful projects!! (and the adorable puppy too)

Cheryl Stoneham

I can only hope and dream that you have MY NAME for the treasures of the sea box swap! Your creation is absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to playing in about 3 more weeks. Continued healing thoughts and prayers for your family!


Love your soap box and all the little details.. thank you for sharing all of your ideas..fabulous!


In true Karla-style, your piece is tremendously creative and decked out to the nines! Absolutely TOO FUN how you gave the Charlotte's a mermaid tail. No such thing as too much glitz...! I checked out your link to those resorts and if you're going to Hotel Del I'm sneaking in your suitcase. Actually, if you're going to any of those destinations I'll hide in your suitcase! My hubs used to have an annual conference at Hotel Del and I always tagged along using frequent flyer miles. Have a wonderful time on your trip! Xo, Sue


Your soap box with the glittered charlotte mermaids is so beautiful! You have inspired me to make one of my baby charlottes into a mermaid. Thanks for sharing.


Your soapbox is beautiful!!! That was a brilliant idea to make the charlottes into mermaids! You are going to have so much fun at Kims event, It is right down the road from me but too much $$$ right now. Everyone says she puts on wonderful workshops! hugs! karen....

Sea Witch

You had me at boxful of mermaids. How lovely is this project. When I stop doing the 8-5 gig, I will go back to creating 3 dimensional art again. Right now, all I can give time to is my beadwork, my spinning and knitting and then my antiquing. HAHAHA...there truly is never enough time in the day. Sea witch

Thespoena McLaughlin

So wonderful! I love what you did with the soap box challenge. What a lovely mermaid. So happy to have visited you today. Hugs.


Your mermaid box is amazing! The colors are so perfectly the sea ~ it makes me think of the foaming blue green water and sunlight reflecting off of mermaid fins.

I love your altered book and the peat pot is adorable.

I'm so glad to have "met" you and your lovely blog! I'll be back to visit again.


Wish I'd had time to join this challenge -- never got my soap in time! But lovely! And what a great trip you have to look forward to!


The mermaid box is such a beautiful, totally magical piece, I wish I could see it in person, up real close, and run my fingers lightly over the different textures. Utterly fabulous.

Ruth Graham

Thanks for sharing Karla. So very pretty, as always!

Gorgeous colors and jewels!

Laraine Atherton

So glad you are feeling better. I am going to buy some frontline for my babies the first week of next month. I love your mermaids. I have a small collection of fish tank mermaids and will post some pictures on my blog. I don't know, but when you glitter and foof it looks great...when I do it....not so much.


Karla, you did the most amazing creation,
love all the bling and glitter, the mermaid is a fantastic idea, and all is so overwhelming and magical, you are a master.
Hugs, Dorthe


ACK!! Love the crown!!! Everything is so feminine and just beautiful!! AND Frozen Charlotte as a mermaid, just to cool!


your box full of mermaids is gorgeous Karla...i really love how you made their tails, SO cute!!!

Suz Reaney

You are one talented and lucky woman, Karla. Luxury resort, Kim's art weekend, articles in Somerset and making an adorable mermaid scene out of a soapbox. I do love Lisa, too, and I will get to one of Kim's weekends some day. I just LOVE the frozen charlotte with the mermaid tail...and I would give my very eyeteeth for the charlotte in the peat pot!!!

Kris Pare

Karla, your box is stunning! I love the theme. But I have to admit the pup caught my attention so sweet-I just want to mush. Oh, and the peat pot is so beautiful too! Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it!

Donna Liljegren

Hi Karla:
I love how you completely transformed our little soap boxes. I especially like the ocean theme. It's beautiful. Good luck with your next doctor visit. (Sweet puppy, too!)


I am mad in love that mermaid box!!! I love how you got creative with those little frozen dolls, adorable. Have fun at your art/spa weekend!


How gorgeous is this??? I love the mermaid theme... just beautiful~

janet bernasconi

Love all your mermaid pretties and your doggy is so adorable! ;)

Janet's Creative Pillows

Debby Harreittha

Hi Karla, wow your mermaid box is gorgeous. I love it, so creative. Thanks for sharing. Love your sweet puppy!!!!

Rebecca Ersfeld

Hi Karla
I love the thought of the shadow box, you were so clever! It is amazing and so creative! Beautiful.
Many Blessings


Your work is beautiful!! Love your little soap box and love the altered book too!! That sweet puppy is adorable!! Have a fun time on your trip.

Freda Butler

How perfect to use the Charlotte dolls for the mermaids. Ilike her crown also. This is just perfect and will probably win if there is a prize attached. How could it not

Will be hoping all goes well with the new baby. A nice getaway for you and hubby will be good and will take your mind off problems and worries at least for awhile. Hve a great time.




WOW I love anything with frozen Charlottes, so this really caught my eye. Your box is stunning and your little Mermaid is just amazing!

Thanks for a chance at the fabulous give-away too.

Have a great time away!


Patty in Kansas

Karla, Your Frozen Charlottes are adorable. Only you would think to turn one into a Mermaid! Sending a little prayer for your newest member of your family...hope all is well for Mother and Baby. Patty in Kansas


Oh MY! That is spectacular, I absolutely am IN LOVE with your box! It's so beautiful and unique!



I love the box, Karla~ what a sweet little mermaid...and the altered book is wonderful...


Karla amor, I think your mermaid box came out absolutely gorgeous! I have such a fascination with all things from the sea...I owe it to the love of my dad and all the time we spent there and all the stories he told me about the sea when I was growing up :) Lisa will love the hat, we all love your hat whispering skills...I think you are a legend where that is concerned :) Lovely puppy btw...I hope that you are feeling much better and will be feeling back to yourself long before you come to Cali..right now the weather is gorgeous & HOT :) Besos, Rose


Just gorgeous! I love the Chrlotee mermaids. I sent some press kits to Kim's event- hope they are well received. Have fun!

Julie Ann

Such a gorgeous box, Karla!! Those mermaids are so creative! I hope that you are ivy-free soon so that you can enjoy your trip to sunny CA! Prayers are being sent up for you and your family. *Hugs*

Autumn Clark

These are all beautiful, Karla, especially the altered book. Can't wait to see more! So glad that the inspiration hit.
Autumn Clark

cheryl liberty

I have never replied to a blog before so here goes-i ruly enjoy yours and find your creativity inspiring. Love the peat pot with the frozen charlotte- i want some :) poison ivy is the scourge of the earth. Get a shot before you go to calif and get rid of that nasty stuff!!! cheryl


Fabulous box! I love mermaids and all the romantic bling and trims, it is a wonderful piece.


morning Karla...sweet sweet...they look like they took forever to make...I love where I like....but I wish it was closer to Kansas...want to do all those classes...Lorraine

Amy Bauer

OOOOH... your creation is a sparkling jewel from the sea! It's truly lovely Karla! I'm a So Cal Gal... maybe I'll sign up today for the flea market tour part of Les Sirens. If so, I look forward to meeting you! I'm a big hiker and have been regularly plagued by poison oak, so I can empathize! Hope baby & mommy are doing well! - Amy Bauer


Hi Karla, I love the mermaid box!! It is very, very
pretty and unique. Agnes Rosebud is soooooooo cute
in the vintage hat. What a sweet picture!! I hope
your poison ivy rash is getting better. What do you
use for it??
Your get-away trip sounds wonderful and I'm sure you are
looking forward to it. : )
Love.........that sweet frozen Charlotte peat pot! It's
magical and always makes me smile when I see it. I REALLY
like her fairie dress.
Many Hugs,

Cami @ Creating Myself

Oh Karla...I've been covered up w/ Paper Cowgirl (oh how I wish you had come!) so I'm just now learning of your scary, scary news. I'll keep your family in my prayers!

Your box is beautiful...have fun on your trip! Wish I was going!

Vicki Chrisman

Beautiful creations as always from you Karla!


And I wish you'd come, too. Next year, for sure! :-)


Karen Valentine

Karla your box is fabulous!! My goodness there is so much detail! It's really very cool!

Debra Disney-Dior

Oh Karla, I would LOVE to win ANYTHING you created -- even just a lone flitter of glitter would be most welcomed. I'm ALWAYS in awe of your creations -- always.

Paula Laurens

Karla, your imagination is a treasure chest of creativity! I love your teensy mermaid! All of your creations are jewels ... the crown is stunning ... all depict a beautiful, romantic, and fairytale story! You inspire me to get get out my box of treasures and put my own imagination to work!

Wishing you a beautiful and blissful 4th!

jeanine mayden

beth named her puppy the same thing i named my yorkie boy- button - he is 20 months old now. and he is cute as a button. we named him that because he has a nose like a button. we have to correct people all the time because they want to call him buttons. no just button.

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla, your mermaid shadowbox turned out stunning!!! So pretty!! I cant believe you got the dates mixed up! Please tell me your airline ticket is for the right weekend! LOL!!!
Look forward to seeing you soon! Your pups are sooo sweet! Makes me want one more to add to my girls. ;) XO,Jenn


Mermaid frozen charlottes?? How clever is THAT! You are one talented lady!

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