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June 21, 2010



Thanks for sharing your "finds." They were neat. Button is such a cute name for the boy puppy. I am so glad you shared Twinkle, Button, and Rosebud. I can't get enough pictures of those cute fur babies.

Sugarwings is lucky to have not only Dad, but Grandma and Grandpa to go with to the movies.



TOOOOOOOO Cute!!! I just love those puppy pictures! Sounds like you had a great week-end! Love all your creations, too.
Give all the pups a kiss from me.!


I smile every time I see pictures of your puppies (and mama) and Miss Sugarwings!

Julie H

Very cute!

Now there's an idea. When I saw the picture of the broken necklace beads I thought about the one's I have stored away. They belonged to my grandma, and somehow got broken, probably due to age. Anyway, I think I may have to locate them and make some scissor fobs with some of the beads.

Jodie (everything vintage)

What an awesome play date with Beth...you lucky girls!
I'm off to visit your studio in a second. I've already put on my jammies and comfy slippers as I see that I'll be in there for a while. Don't worry about me though, I'll turn off the lights and lock the door on my way out. Better yet, I bet I'll be making you coffee in the morning as I'm sure I'll still be there :)

Paula Clare

Hi Karla,
Your little sweet puppies are the highlight of my day! And I sobbed too at the end of the film...memories of sending MY boy off to college...and running across his velveteen rabbit while turning his room into a craft room...yep. Tears a plenty were shed...I'm such a sap!

Your new found creations are gorgeous...going to your shop now!


I sure do love seeing all the sweet dogs, Karla! Adorable!


Oh that very last picture!!! Adorable!!


Whew, you've had another busy month, Karla. Glad your Creative Cottage Girls Weekend went well. It is also happy to hear all of Twinkles puppies are settled, including your own Agnes Rosebud. Confused on one, though: Did a puppy end up with Joan; or is there a different MIL that I'm forgetting?

It was so fun to see the pictures and videos, thank you for sharing them all!


PS Just saw Toy Story 3 myself tonight. Good movie, and great fun to see with family!

There is a YouTube video that talked about creating the escape scenes, and now I want to watch The Great Escape again too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIs3k4iKFjM&feature=pyv&ad=5067041754&kw=toy%20story%203


What fun! How sweet that "kids" will get to have playdates. Love that book, you made, too. I always love your stuff! As for Toy Story 3? Went and saw it last night. Thank goodness they had funny stuff over the credits. I had to sit still and gather myself together. As they say, "I laughed, I cried..."



That bench is wonderful! I love those pups! Their little faces would melt anyone's heart! I am really enjoying the studio tours too! Still love yours soooooo much! karen....

Cindy Is Crafty

That little face is so cute I want to chew that puppy up!

Debra Ganas

Even my husband wanted to see the cute puppy pictures. they are so adorable.
Always a treat to look at your beautiful surroundings, karla.


So glad Button is settling in and that you get visits! And fun new work!


OOOOOHHHH! How wonderful -- a fuzz ball reunion! I can't wait to see Toy Story 3 now! I'm a huge Pixar fan, too.


Karla, I'm having some serious bench envy! What a great find!

Freda Butler

The thought of those two pups having arranged playdates made me laugh.



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