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June 15, 2010


silene cayres

lovelyyyyy..your pics,and family ..congratulations:)
hugs from sisi

LiLi M.

Oh no Karla we love to peek into your life and to see what your son and his new wife are up to, hehehe! They sure look happy! I am a romantic person I love to see other people in love and I am still in love too! And of course we never get enough of photos of Sugarwings, she is such a pretty flower girl! If I only want to see art or antiques there are numerous other blogs...there is only one with Sugarwings and the puppies!


What great photos, and I swear, Sugarwings should be a model, that first picture is amazingly magazine worthy!! She is simply a beautiful child. I loved your vacation photos, they are beautiful and so relaxing to see!! Glad you had a great vacation with the pups!! They are so cute with your Sugarwings!!!! Have a great week!!


Beautiful pictures! Love Sugarwings hairdo!! Try spraying the spots with hairspray... that is supposed to be magic in a can!

Patty in Kansas

Hi Karla...I agree with the poster that recommended hairspray...supposedly it removes ink, etc. Your pix are beautiful...glad you had a good time with ALL the babies! Patty in Kansas P.S. When we travel to Pennsylvania to see my Mom, we have decided that Indiana is our favorite state along the way...lots of antiques, rolling countryside, and nice, Midwestern people.


I use "Grandma's Secret Spot Remover" and it works great. I get mine from a local craft supply store, but I have also seen it in fabric stores. I'm sure that it can be purchased on-line too. I love this stuff...it's worked on everything that I had to remove so far.

Maija Lepore

I love looking at your family photos! It makes me feel that I get to know you better!


Dear Karla,
I agree the first picture of Sugarwings is absolutely stunning. She photographs so beautifully! Does your sister live in the Pendelton area? Since I am 68, she sounds like my kind of lady. LOL

Rosebud is the cutest puppy ever! I am thankful I can watch her grow up with all the pictures I know you will be sharing.


Suzanne Duda

Love the family photos!!


Karla, As always, a great post! The puppy's expression in the photo where Sugarwings is holding her in front of the butterfly bush is priceless!

With respect to stubborn stains, I swear by this mixture and I've even used it on colored fabric with no loss of color. Mix equal parts of dishwashing detergent {the kind for handwashing dishes} and hydrogen peroxide. Apply liberally over the stain and let it sit overnight. For really nasty stains I've even let the stain soak in the mixture in a bowl. If it doesn't take it all out the first time, repeat as many times as needed. Google it and you'll find lots of testimonies on how well it works without harming the fabric! Good luck! xo, Sue


Love looking at all the wonderful pix..you son and his friend and Sugarwings look adorable in their white clothes and barefoot, looks like a posed photo-shoot, with them walking along together....So glad it was a good idea to take the puppies and that they did well....
I think the idea above about the peroxide will do the trick, i know it takes out blood from cotton....good luck

Julie H

Your sugarwings is so beautiful! Watch out boys (when she gets older, that is ;D)!! And your family is lovely in white. Midwest summers can be the best things in life (growing up in MI, there was always interesting things happening).

Not sure how to get lipstick out of cotton as I don't wear makeup, so hopefully you will get some answers on that one...


Morning Karla..lovely pix..even in white..it looks real cool with them all the same....nice vacation...Lorraine


I loved visiting the beautiful Indiana countryside. My mother comes from Indiana so it always was said with a hallowed hush in her voice. I think she was homesick for a long time. I loved the photos of Sugarwings and the happy couple. I adore those puppy pics and am sad they are all gone. Hallelujah though for finding good homes and for keeping one! I dunno about the lipstick. It is oil base probably so maybe shampoo. I would do the same. I love white but I always get dirty! My friend? calls me sloppity poppity,

Jenny S

Try eye make up remover. It sounds weird but it has worked for me in the past!! Jenny


Lovely photos, just dreamy.

Freda Butler

Karl I bet your sisters loved SugarWings and the puppies. Just to see her with them mkes your heart melt. I am glad you are keeping one also.

Good to have you back and enjoy all your posts, family, etc.



Janice Rehmeyer

Oh my gosh Karla, I enjoyed reading about your summer vacation. You left with three puppy's amd came back with one, where are the other two puppy's?????


Karla, I have enjoyed reading your posts and looking and reading every inch. Your family is great, your granddaughter is beautiful and the puppies are precious.
I will be visiting you often, I have just started blogging.

Michelle Ann


You look great, karla. So happy. What lovely pics and a beautiful park!

Elaine L.

Wonderful pictures and I love the photo of sugarwings at the top with the Victorian hairstyle.



Karla: Wonderful post! I feel like I was there and met your beautiful family--pups included. Sugarwings is beautiful. That first photograph is stunning. I can imagine the special time you are having/had with your sisters. I, too, treasure visits with my own. We've been talking about going to that very area!! Hope you continue to have fun and safe travel.


Sheila R

So glad you had a great time on vacation. Just love your pictures!

Jennifer Hayslip

WOW! What a gorgeous photo of you. You look so fresh and pretty! :) Wonderful photos of your family vacation. Your family looks so happy and really enjoyed their time. The park looks sooo peaceful! Miss Sugarwings darling as ever in her dress and flowers in her hair. Every photo of her she just get's bigger and bigger. Glad the puppies were able to tag along. I know you would have missed them much. :) See you REAL soon! Cant wait!!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Lovely vacation photos, Karla. Love all that white you're all wearing - not super practical, but sure is pretty.


I always use washing up liquid on lipstick stains, it tends to lift it out well, then wash as normal. All should be fine. And yes, I get lipstick over me all the time,white is not a colour I should wear (and is the reason I didn't get married in white, I'd have spilt something down the front, so I went for dark red instead!).

Lovely, lovely photos. I feel as if I've been on holiday with you xx

Suz Reaney

You all match!! So pretty. I am sorry about the lipstick. I ran one through a load of wash once. Karla, is Sugarwings only three? She looks like she if five! She is getting more beautiful every day and she looks perfect in white with daisies in her hair...I just love it!

I got a new banner...kind of like getting a new baby. Come and see if you have time!


Awwww, your family is gorgeous, puppies included! :-)

Sher Miller

Glad you had a good time! We looked for you but didn't see ya! ;) Took my grandson to Connor Prairie while we were there and also had an awesome time. Maybe one day we'll run into one another while visiting Indiana!


Such pretty Summer photos!! Puppy looks adorable with you...awwww. Glad to hear you kept one! Lilly is wonderful. Went to the vet today. She weighs 1.9 pounds. Oh goodness that's little!


Love these shots, Karla!
A heartfelt thank you for your sweet wish! I really needed a lifestyle change. Hope it works for me too!
My best,

Amy P

What a nice vacation! Looks like a wonderful time!
I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you want to stop by :)

Brenda Kula

These are beautiful photos, Karla! Please, what did I do wrong? My Yorkies could get taken out every fifteen minutes and they still will pee on my floors. Which is why I had all the carpet taken out!

Cindy Is Crafty

Here are some to try. I know that the hairspray works with ink really well, but have never tried it with lipstick. Good luck!


Vicki Chrisman

Oh Karla.. your family is just adorable!~ ( pups too)


Oh my gosh, I WANT A PUPPY, your photos of the babies and your family are adorable.


Ahhh I love this post!!
I felt like I was coming along the journey with you~~~

What a beautiful family~~

Now I have major puppy love!!

Kay Ellen


Sugarwings hair is so sweet in the pink dress pictures! What a darling style on her!
Love the pic of the happy couple...very romantic!


You'll treasure these photos forever -- and so will they!


as if it were even possible, Sugarwings just keeps growing more precious...such a beautiful family :)


Gosh - that last picture - which is more cute? You or the puppy???? Hmmmm - it is a close call!

Hugs from Diane in Michigan


Your photography is beautiful and Sugarwings is too!

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