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June 07, 2010


charmaine deadman

Karla! That's so sweet! I love the picture of Sugarwings at the water park by the fountain. That would make a perfect fairy picture!

I'm glad you all had a good time. :)



Hi Karla

Thanks for looking at my hat. I love your new ones! It looks like you all had a blast - my Mum keeps telling me that grandkids are the next best thing that'll happen to me. I don't want to rush things, but I'm really looking forward to having a baby to snuggle again.



What a lovely day. Your pictures are just oozing with fun and laughter!

Diana P.

Looks like you had a wonderful time. The hats are wonderful and I love the video of the water dance...too cute!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the sequined top hat Karla!!! Gaaaa!!!!! Awesome! So perfect for Silver Bella!
Happy Birthday to your hubby!!


Karla, Sugarwings' frenzied dance of joy was so cute, i had to watch it twice...she is totally adorable!!! love Love LOVE the top hat, what an absolutely fabulous find!!!


oh, duh...i clicked before i was finished...Happy Birthday to your hubby...i think that is the sweetest thing that he made it a special day for everyone...you really have a winner Karla!!!


What a lovely trip! Thank you for sharing it with us!


What a fun trip!!! And the picture of Sugarwings in the flowered hat is great...it looks professional!

Rochelle Gaukel

Always love those puppy pictures! The one with Sugarwings and the pup is so adorable!


Hi Karla,
Happy Special Birthday to your Husband!! What a great weekend and great pictures. I really like the Sugarwings video and her bathing suit is adorable on her. Love....the
sequin hat with the Victorian scrap. You truly are a
hat whisperer. : ) I'm sure the puppies were glad that
you were home too.
Glad that you were able to get the charm that I told you
about. I've never seen one like it either. It truly
is unique and I hope it is as adorable as it appeared to be.

Joanne Kennedy

Sounds like a perfect day for everyone! Great photos!

Oh two things... one, I got your giveaway and wanted to thank you again. Very cute. I posted about it today on my blog.

Also, how much is your little girl dog? I showed my friend who is looking for a dog just like her and she fell in love. Where do you live? She is in CA.



You came to Omaha! Cool! Looks like you had a lot of fun, too! :)


Sounds wonderful...love the pic of Sugarwings in the hat!!

Elaine L.

Lots of big changes in Sugarwing's life. How is she handling it?

As usual, the pictures of her are so adorable!



Looks like a simply joyous day...I'll bet everyone slept well that night!


Karla, I love to have fun too, that would have been my kind of trip. Does Sugarwings like having more kids around to play with?? That is a change for her, how fun !!!!! Happy Birthday to Rich. Glad everyone had a great time !


What a wonderful day and fabulous pictures!! Your pictures are always fabulous, but these today - outstanding!! It helps to have such gorgeous people IN the pictures. Including the darling puppy. Love that top hat you found! I've been looking for one of those but not for Silver Bella. just because...

Have a great day!


What a great trip!
And....whattayameanyougotthosehatsforunder$7! hee! hee!
hugs! karen....

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Looks and sounds like an amazing family trip and celebration, Karla. LOVE the sequined top hat - so perfect for Silver Bella this year!

Suz Reaney

I want that top hat!!! I even kept a copy of that little picture but did I think of putting it on a hat...no!

Love the matching dresses and am so jealous of all the things you got! Hopefully I can buy some in your store!!!



I adore the floral hat, and the top hat is fab!

Glad you had a great weekend :o) xx


That looks like an amazing trip! Sugar Wings is too cute for words. Loved the picture of her & the puppy. Also in her pink. But the photo of the two of you snuggling with your hats on was divine. Oh for some pink in my world. Have you started making mermaids? I haven't & I SHOULD! Hugs Charlene

Paula K

Sugarwings in that etherial photo with the floral hat is FAB! (Coco Chanel would be impressed) The way you love hats, you should try to incorporate that photo into your next new banner!! Also, wanted to say, "love" the miniature puppy painting. How darling. The stitched package made with the vintage wallpaper is a treasure. What a lovely presenatation....

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