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June 03, 2010



They look very irresistable even without their adornments, but I like how you dressed them up!


Darling all dressed up! Good Luck, Hugs, Diane


Adorable! Does she come with the pearls?


Sheila PAyne

OMGOODNESS.... I would get me a baby boy if you lived in
S.California, I have been watching them grow and they are so sweet.



Oh how I wish I lived closer to purchase one of these adorable pups from you.
Best Wishes on finding them their new mom's and dad's!!



OMG those puppies are soooo cute!!!


Hi Karla,
Love, love, love the puppy photos and the sweet video
of Sugarwings holding just one puppy at a time! Cute!
Is Beth still taking one of the sweeties? I wish I
lived closer, to purchase one.


I've loved all the puppy posts - If I could have a dog in my apt that multi colored boy would have been the one I'd want even though I usually like female pups. Did you give him to your friend, I hope?


I came across your blog purely by accident, and saw these sweet little faces! It just so happens that I am looking for a sweet, tiny puppy to add to our family. I live in KC. Could you email me more info about these sweeties? Thanks! sageanddaisykc (at) yahoo dot com

Zita - Mlle Magpie

They're all adorable, but that first one is too, too cute, Karla!


OOOHHHH...if you were nearby I would swoop one of those up for myself!


Boy karla, I would adopt him in a minute. I want one so bad. I thought you lived in Idaho, when I asked you about them. I am just looking for a small dog, I don't care if its a runt, without papers, or has three legs. I just want one to love and for companionship. We are keeping our eyes open here in Spokane. God provided our last dog and I know He will provide a new one, now that our Sammy has passed on. They will be adopted for sure, they are just toooo adorable.


Oh Karla, I want to cry every time I see those sweet faces. How big will they get? I would buy one in a heart beat if my Westie (Molly) would accept it. We also have a Welsh Terrier (female) and we have had our "problems" with having two females. I should have made the Welsh a male but our sweet Sadie picked out DH two days in a row so we got a female. I am afraid my sweet fur babies would think the puppy was a play toy. I am sure they will get good homes. Just be sure to run a D&B on the person who wants to purchase one. LOL Keep the pictures coming and I would love to have a sweet granddaughter like Sugarwings - she is so precious. I would be hugging on her every minute.



So sweet, I bet they are sold, by now~
Look at those adorable faces...
Going, going, gone..I bet~

Lynette Killam

As a Yorkie lover, I am delighted to have found your blog! Your little ones are adorable!!! We lost our girl two years ago, but are still in love with the breed. We have a schnoodle now...a great little dog...but if you don't mind, I'll visit again for a peek at your wee ones. The rest of your pictures and art are gorgeous, too...thanks for sharing!



Have fun! Would you mind popping by to look at a hat that I bought? I wanted your opinion on the price - you are the hat whisperer right?

Thanks Karla!


I do not need another puppy. I do NOT need another puppy. I DO NOT need another puppy. Just keep telling myself that...
But, they're SO stinkin' cute!

Patty in Kansas

No, I am NOT getting tired of the adorable Yorkie faces...they remind me of my precious Wicket's sweet face! I still miss her....your blog is becoming one of my favorites...and I love that you're a Kansas Girl!!! Patty in Kansas


Hi Karla, Oh my goodness the puppies have grown up! I don't know how you part with the little darlings:-)


OMG!!!!!!!Me screaming!!! The cutest picture ever!! I so wish I didn't have little ones & a cranky old pup who'd terrorize the poor thing. Otherwise I'd be on a plane to KS to scoop that baby up! I'm sending this post to my step mommy who has had Yorkies since she was 20 & my Dad bought her first one. She'll die. Are you sad to be saying goodbye to them all? I'm glad your keeping one. Is Twinkle back to her old self? Lisa

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