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June 17, 2010


Suzanne Duda

Oh, I am smiling at every inch of your studio...what good times I have had there! Glad the suitcase pocket found a way in to the treat closet...near the homemade granola bars and vintage wallpaper!! Great pictures as always! xo


I am Moving In I'll just sleep under the table you wont even notice except when it's cold i'll let you put your feet on my back to keep them warm :D Yes I think I love your Studio that much!

Luvs and glitter

Dawn Gahan

Love the yard, all white with pops of pink.

Kay, Oklahoma City

Ooh, a treat cabinet!! Love it! And love your fairy peat pots too - so pretty!


Hi Karla, I love seeing your studio! It makes me want to clean up my mess of wanna be projects and get busy!


Your painting is beautiful!!


Soon my room will be done but I don't think it will hold a candle to yours. Love your al fresco dining. It looks so relaxing and fun!! Love the pictures, esp. Twinks and Rosebud!!


The yard with the tent looks so inviting! Hope it stays dry!


I always love seeing photos of your studio - it looks like a heavenly place in which to create. I don't know if anything is in the works, but you should DEFINITELY be in Where Women Create.



Your studio/house is like a world I've dreamed about. I just love it! I've been blog distracted (but quite nicely because I had a friend to visit) so am guessing your trip and sister visit was a good one. I love it when my sisters and I can rendezvous!

And please enter me in your drawing. I love the adore "Charlotte"!!



your studio is beautiful Karla...you sure have a huge stash of wallpaper...yummy...


Your outdoor area is so wonderful for entertaining. Me, all I'd need would be the puppies, tho. I'd be like a little kid playing with them. Love your hp furniture pieces! Your studio looks huge and is so neat and orderly! Oh, how I'd love to win one of your Frozen Charlottes!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


I enjoyed the pictures of your outdoor dining area and I am happy the rain stayed away so you could enjoy the evening.

I love the magical enviornment you have created in your studio. The DR table that has the beautiful bench and red chair looks like the one I have in my kitchen. I bought it many years ago at an antique mall. However, mine did not have the table extensions to make it longer. This is the first time that I have seen another one like it.

As always, the picture of Twinkle and Rosebud are enchanting - they know they are special.


jeanine mayden

i have so enjoyed your puppies. and prayed long and hard about getting one while you were passing through st. louis. but decide two dogs were enough for now. i love your creative pieces. my daughter gail introduced me to your blog and have been blessed. thanks for posting so often - it makes my day. love watching sugar wings - she's livin my dream.

jo lucero

sorry all lower case...just took the skin off a finger with my hot glue. aghhhhh. i love to collect and use vintage wallpaper, too. your collection looks wonderful. i love your blog and peatpots.

Ruth Flowers

It makes my day ,seing all the lovely pictures of Sugerwing puppis , oh and your home .


Your studio is so great. What a great place to create. I loooove the charlotte angel. I want it reeeeeeally bad.
I love your puppy's name Agnes Rosebud. How cute!!



mmmm....what a lovely home, inside and out! Love your storage cupboard/wardrobe...makes a beautiful display!


Your studio never ceases to amaze me; you never cease to inspire me......


Oh! Ooodles of goodness abound in your studio,Karla!


I'm still getting up my nerve to paint any piece of my furniture. Gad, what a deal this is turning into.

Things never stay in their place, they're always piled upon one another in plain view.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s,


Karla amor, I love everything about this post! Your back yard dining area is fabulous as is your studio and all your treasures (crap? lol I thought Iwas the only one that sometimes referred to my treasures as that ) I love that picture of the lil girl in your treat cabinet! Everything looks beautiful as always! Besos, Rose

ps...I missed visiting your beautiful blog, but w/everything going on, sometimes too tired to do so :)


Your studio is heavenly!! It is a beautiful and magical place to create!!
Love the picture of Twinkle and Rosebud...too cute!!

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

oooooooo!! LOVE the doll with the sheet music wings! As you can tell, you obviously delight and inspire many women with your artist's eye.



Love taking a peak into your craft studio! You have some wonderful goodies to work with!


What a wonderfull studio Karla, love all your lovely things dispalyed, and the bunch od gorgeus paperrolls, but most I love the peatpot fairy ,my goodness, it is beautifull.


Well Karla, you know I want to be counted "in". Love your "baby" pictures. We are going to be getting a little Yorkie puppy this summer.

Take care,


Your studio is amazing, what a fabulous place to create in. Love the idea of a treat cabinet.


Seeing your house and studio is always so nice. I so love the colors.

Lesley Walker

Good morning, many thanks for sharing your lovely home and garden with us. I wish I was organised. lol. I would love to take part in your giveaway. Thank you for giving me a chance. Blessings


I always enjoy seeing your studio and treat cabinet. Personally, it seems the treat cabinet has treats all of the time. Not just the ones you can eat. I like that lamp you have covered in flowers, too! Really, pretty.

Happy Friday! - Kathy

sherry bamsey

You have a beautiful studio. I enjoyed all the photos and would love to explore it in real life. So many treasures to be discovered. See you soon Can't wait to meet you


Love the view of your wonderful treat cabinet, and I'd love the opportunity to win a frozen charlotte fairy!


Just let me curl up in a corner and live there! I will pick up my bed in the morning and... and... I can cook! I will cook for you!!! I will even help you keep everything clean and organized! hugs! karen....


You can't keep it "nice" because you USE it!!! All that creativity that pours out of you has to land somewhere! Loved seeing Twink and her little Aggie Rose together. I wonder if they will always stick close to each other. One more thing, I want the giveaway to be a big piece of your painted furniture, I should win it, and I will come and get it (ROAD TRIP!). Seriously, though, those pieces are amazing, I love it when you show them. Your Friend, Bobbi

Maija Lepore

Beautiful!! I can't wait to see more!!!!

Freda Butler

Karlait is always a treat to see any part of your home. My word for it is "delicious".




It's been awhile since I've read blogs! Love the treat cabinet! Can't wait to get back into crafting again and eating :) haha take care miss ya shawn

Cheryl Stoneham

Thanks for sharing pics of your studio....what a lovely place to create! I'll have to come and play some time!
Take care and see you next month! :)


Love the treat cabinet makeover...it is the same one that was in Romantic Homes isn't it? That rose/toile paper is SO pretty and really does look like it will go with everything.
Your hand painted furniture is gorgeous too!
The pic of Twinkle and rosebud is darling!


It was fun seeing your studio in a different light. Definitely think you need just a few treats in your treat cabinet, though.

Judy J

I'm 66 years old and this is the first time I've written a comment to a blog. I just started reading blogs a few months ago and love it. So many creative & sharing women. Your studio is great. What a neat way to use a wardrobe. Thans for sharing your granddaughter, puppies and home. Oh, how do you litter box train puppies? Great idea.


Seeing yours makes me want to tidy up mine! I have a mess going, a few spots are pretty the rest is piles! I love
the idea of the suitcase pocket! Beautiful hand painted items, really lovely~


you have a lovely blog and a lovely studio! i would love a chance to win your lovely giveaway!

Suz Reaney

What pretty pictures of your creation room. It doesn't look like a hodge-podge to me at all...just very pretty and very real. I just about croaked when I saw your wallpaper, Karla. OMG...I have never seen so much in my life. I just got my first little wallpaper stash today. I was at an estate sale...kind of an odd one...and found a little container in the basement with about five rolls of vintage wallpaper. I told the worker I made art with it and she gave it all to me for fifty cents! I have been high about it all day with no one to tell so you get the story...fun, huh?

Agnes Rosebud is a wonderful name!!! Katie named our first dog Crystal Moonbeams when she was young. Did you name her or did Sugarwings?

Cindy Morris

Love your blog & your crafting space. Thank you for the inspiration! Enter me to win our pretty giveaway!


Love all the spaces that you have created. I am hoping that I will get a more creative once I read and go over it once more.


How totally beautiful and inspirational. After I looked, I saw I HAD signed up for the Where I create party. So I did put in some snaps of the mess I am organizing for a creative space. It's kind of like the before pics! haha.. I hope there will be an 'after.'

Your photographs and video are amazing. I love your blog and your puppies, Sugarwings... everything! It is one of those inspirational ones. You seem so real, though. How is that possible? haha..


Beautiful studio space Karla!

rachel crisman

Would love to have it! Count me in too!


I wanted to add, even your voice has a fairy/Glinda like
quality to it! There's no place like home, etc, etc. ;-D

Laura Ingalls Gunn

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.


Hi Karla,

What a beautiful inspirational studio!!! It must be so much fun to work there with so many wonderful items at your fingertips. Love it!!!


I wouldn't mind living in that room ... just put me in the pup area and throw me a treat every once in a while. Your studio is TO DIE FOR - truly. I would love to win this peat pot; it is darling. Thanks for the opportunity! PS - I am a follower, too!


More gorgeous photos and love the festive outdoors!

Beth A.

Karla, Your space is amazing! I love the beautiful colors...so yummy!


So many wonderful things to love in there! I am totally envious of your old jewelry and those hats! I buy them to use the flowers too! After I got past the guilt of taking one apart I was hooked! If they are too amazing I can't get myself to take them apart but oh my, the flowers are wonderful! The lace pocket on the wall is genius, I'm really need more wall space to do all of the wonderful ideas I have found through this party! Thanks for sharing so much inspiration, Theresa


It must have been a lovely dinner. Your creative storage is clever AND beautiful!


Hi Karla,

well you have been a very busy lady, from crafting, to decorating, entertaining, have loads of fun with Sugarwings and puppies, trips etc, etc....my lady you are liven the life, and you are looking amazing...how do you do it...."Nike"..just do it!!! but I was wondering can I play in your wallpaper storage cupboard for an hour or so.....wont take "Much".....lol

been a great journey thank~you

hugs to you
Kirstie. xxx

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