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June 24, 2010


Jenny S

Oh no....anything specific? Good thoughts are always better when centered on specifics!!
Also I am sending cooling non itchy thoughts your way!! hehehe! Your Sugarwings and my Kyle would get along GREAT...not hyper...just a zest for life. Wonder if I can get the teachers next year to think that way too??

Joyce Gilpin

Sorry to hear about the baby...but I will keep you and yours in my prayers and be thinking ONLY Positive thoughts for them. It sounds like you've really had a "heck-of-a-week!" Also, I can relate about the Premarin...as my doctor took me completely off of them and I was insane! So...I told him and he said I could take a small dose and I've been taking three a week and it's worked wonders for me! Hang in there, girlfriend!!!


Oh, Karla, I'm so sorry about all this. I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers. You have too much on your plate at the moment. Sending healing thoughts for Mom and baby.



Keeping your new little girl in my thoughts and prayers, and hoping Sugarwings keeps you smiling and distracted while you wait on news. Hope all turns out well.


Karla, I'm so sorry. The irritations of the itches and the meds and the printer are bad enough, but the baby worries are just heartbreaking. I'm praying. Stay surrounded by beauty and don't give up hope.

Judy J

So sorry to hear about the baby...I will keep her and her family
in my prayers. I know you will be strong and do what you have to do to keep things "normal". That's what grandmas do!


Wow! What a crappy day!! The good news is, when it's that bad, it can only go up from there.

Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!


I was, at first, startled to see Sugarwings in the kennel. It is soooo funny! I like the idea of you running through the woods naked and getting poison ivy better than any other possible means of contact! When you take a break from scratching, stop by my blog and see our new dog. He's three and was returned to the breeder, through no fault of his own, because his family could no longer care for him. We were thinking of another puppy, but couldn't turn him down. We've had dalmations (he's our third) for twenty years now.

Hope your son's significant other is improving. Frightening to be ill when pregnant.


Sherry Williams

Karla, I will keep the baby girl in my prayers. That is really sad to hear but remember those tests are not always accurate. We had a big scare with my last granddaughter and everything turned out fine. I hope your itchies get better soon! See you in Cali!!!



Oh my I am speechless. Your in my thoughts and wishes for all to go well... I get poison ivy so bad it makes me itch just thinking of what you are going through... Oh dear...

Leanne Shawler

I don't think I want to find out what a chigger is.

I'll keep your girls in my prayers and pray that everything turns out well.


Oh Karla,
what an awful situation! I hope all will get better with the baby. I will be praying for a good outcome.
I'm with one of the gals above I can just imagine you running through the woods....although I didn't know streeking was back in style.
Last week I mananged to get rose thorn in my leg while deadheading my roses and 5 wasp stings on my upper right arm so I guess we both should stick to the inside for a while.
I wish you all better days and nights
Hope everyone is all better soon!

Cheryl Stoneham

You and your family are in my prayers. Take care of yourself and hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day!


Dear Karla, This is so much to deal with. Keeping your girls in my heart, thoughts, and prayers that they come through this happy, healthy, and well. Hugs to you all!

Kim Caldwell

I am so sorry to hear this Karla. We had all sorts of scary things with both my pregnancies. Doctors are amazing with what they can do to heal all sorts of issues. It sounds like she is in good hands too. My thoughts are with all of you. . .



OH Karla~ what a hard day...I will keep you all in my prayers that soon all will be well...XO


I am praying for all of you. Sometimes "it" all seems to converge and we just wanna be about seven years old again and let "someone else" figure it all out! I know the feeling. I hope that the rest and the doctors are brilliantly what your sweet family needs to see your grandbaby to be through this! Sugarwings in the cage was too cute. She is adorable. Did you try Oatmeal in your bathwater? It really is helpful. Aveeno has it in it and they make a soak that isn't as MESSY in the tub. Chiggers are horrible. But poison ivy is worse. Top it with heat, our particularly "gifted" time of life... grrrrr.. I feel for you. I really do. You're a better woman than I am. If all that happened to me in one day, I'd just sit and stare at a stack of laundry. or something.

Hugs.. from Missouri.


{{{{{Karla}}}} keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.


Oh Karla, I am so sorry to hear about the baby girl, I hope the doctors will find a way to help her and her mommy. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
Plus, you sound absolutely miserable, ack! I think I'll stay out of Kansas ;) Get better soon sweet girlies.

p.s. just found out yesterday that I'm going to be a grandma in Feb...my FIRST grandbaby, I can hardly stand it!


Oh Karla, Hope everything is going to be okay with the girls!!! I just caught a glimpse of your post heading - and thought you must be talking about me...... I actually felt like saying something on my blog tonight (other than pics), but it was going to be nothing but bitch, Oops - complain, complain, complain! I felt like I wanted to bite someone's head off! If I wasn't beyond that point, I would swear my period should be coming tomorrow! Anyway, you are right, when you put it all into perspective, it isn't the end of the world being stuck at home all summer, with time to spare, but no car to do anything with!!! (hubby needed it for work, darn it!) I had a few other items too, but oh well........ so I am trying to catch up on my blog reading (I finally have it under 1,000 now!) and was missing seeing your fairy grandbabygirl grow up-so have lots of reading to do....... but just wanted to stop in and say hi - and together we will all get there to smile another day, right? (let's hope - smile!)

Big hugs from Michigan - Diane

LiLi M.

Thinking about both the girls and sending healing and positive vibes your way. We always say: an accident never comes alone. The advantage is that there are always things worse than others, so you get distracted from the annoying but not so important ones (this is very easily said by someone who doesn't even know what a chigger is). Okay guys please take care all of you! Thinking of you!


Oh sweet Karla, I will keep your new grandbaby girl in prayer. I relate to you so very much as I am THe Grandma too. There are always one or two little ones around here. You do such a grand job of it too. The hormone thing can really get you. My Dr made me stop them after a few years and I hate it. E-gads, can you say HOT FLASH? Like every 10 minutes. Sending you good thoughts, love you, deb

Heidi Meyer

My prayers to your family for your little one on the way. Those chiggers are just darn nasty! Hope all is better soon! All the Best - Heidi

Sheila R

I will keep your family and your sweet new baby girl in my prayers. Sending hugs your way for a much better day!


First off, let me say prayers are going out for you and your wonderful family.
Second, the picture of beautiful Sugarwings in the cage sleeping with the pup is priceless!!!
Had I not been following your blog, well... So sorry about your discomfort in the private sector.

charmaine deadman

Guess what Karla, all of this will make you a stronger woman. If that's even possible for you (you seem one of the strongest to me). I do send well wishes your way, and prayers for your little grand baby to be.
Take care,


I remember Chiggers. They don't seem to thrive in northern Illinois. Thank goodness. I do remember painting fingernail polish over them which I understand now, did - nothing. I wouldn't recommend trying this.

The scary part of your story makes me feel like I've been kicked in the gut. I can imagine the panic and fear all of you must be going through. You truly are in my thoughts and prayers. - Kathy

Kerryanne English

That is the worst (and scariest) kind of news Karla. Makes all the other crap seem small in comparison. Hope all will be okay for mum and babe.
Keeping you all in my thoughts.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Eileen Elder

I HATE chiggers. And you are right, they are way worse than mosquitos. I am praying for the health and safety of baby girl and her mom. You take care too....


Adding our Prayers, well wishes and concerned thoughts along with the others being offered today.
Frazzeled can't even begin to describe how you are feeling this week. So just handle what really really needs to be done and let the rest go till life resumes at a more normal pace.


Oh, Sweet Karla! I was laughing at SugarWings in the crate and then saw the news about the new baby...will be praying for all of you....Your Friend, Bobbi

Dee Ann Head

I am adding my prayers for you and your family also. I know just what you mean about the chiggers and you're right - they are much worse than mosquitos! How can something so tiny that you can't even see it with the naked eye cause such misery?!

jeanine mayden

so sorry about your itching. chiggers are the worst!!!! praying for the beloved and baby. looks like sugarwings is a good distraction from worry. those grandkids can bring joy just when you don't think there is any to be found. lol thanks for posting. i totally enjoy it. give agie rose a hug for me o and twinkles.

Lolly Busey

Sending lots of Reiki and healing energies to you and yours.

On a happy note, Sugarwings is adorable and that little pup is scrumptious!!


Sher Miller

My prayers certainly now include your new grandbaby. Is this her first baby? You all must be so worried and I am sorry your family is going through this.

Chiggers are awful - I guess you've probably tried the clear nail polish trick on them. (It didn't always work for me, either.)


oh my goodness, you have a lot on your plate right now. I will keep the little baby in my thoughts & prayers. I hope things will be alright.

And poor you! Sounds like you have been suffering. I have no idea what your creepy crawlie thing is (will have to google it), and I don't think we have poison ivy over here, but, I can sympathise. Sounds utterly grim.

My Humbug is very much like Sugarwings with her zest for life. She too wants to be outside all the time. Nowhere near as hot as you here, but I am not a summer person, so it does not thrill me to have to keep going out and filling the paddling pool then trying to find a shady spot where I can keep an eye on things! Love that you have sugarwings in a cage!!!! ;o)

Hope you have a good weekend, filled with joy and happinesss, and good news. xx


Forgot to add...I told my dr, when he stated that at 55 we would have to revisit the estrogen patch I use, that he would have to pry them out of my cold, dead hand, and I was fully aware that this might be the case. I only have 5 months till 55...may be shopping for a new doc! Bobbi


Oh Karla

So sorry that you are dealing with so much. I will definitely keep you ALL in my prayers.



I'll be praying for the girls...and for good news for you all.

And Boooo! to the Dr. who would cut you by half in the summertime! Yipes, couldn't they wait til it's snowing so the flashes wouldn't be quite as miserable?


What a sucky day! I am glad Sugarwings was there to give you some giggles! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers..... and big hugs to you Karla! karen....


Morning Karla..good luck with the poison ivy!!!I grew up in Ont Canada & that stuff is brutal..take care of your self..you likely got it from the pups..Lorraine


Dear Karla, please know that all of you are in my prayers
and I hope all will be well soon. You are a very brave
and strong Lady!! Do you think the chiggers took a
ride on Twinkle and Rosebud and then transferred to you?
I know I find mosquitoes on my dog after I bring her in
from outside and I hate those darn things. Black flies too. I hear you on the hormone thing!! I'm so sorry
that all this miserable stuff has happened to you.
Sending lot's and lot's of good vibes and hugs.


Oh my gosh Karla, you have every right to be bitchy with all that you are going through right now. I don't miss chiggers one tiny bit and if I had poison ivy you would have to peel me like an orange as I could not take it for sure. Those pix are adorable, wonder if I can convince my 20yr old to get in with our pup? Hmm... I feel your pain with the hormones, trust me, take my patch and the flying monkeys will get you my pretty...

I will send all my good thoughts and cross all my body parts for the new family addition. Such a scarey thing to go thru indeed puts everything else in perspective. Meanwhile, you rant, fret, fluff, and scratch all you want friend, I'm here for ya anytime!

Deborah Woodrow

Karla... reading your blog about your sons loved one brought tears to my eyes.
No matter what drs or anyone says I for one know that GOD IS ABLE ! HE IS STILL ON THE THRONE, AND I KNOW HE ANSWERS PRAYER !
You're talking to someone who had her daughter kept in Lebanon against her will in 2001, when 9/11 happened, that was the same year I lost my mom... then lost a son in 2005.
Had a Congressman through the state dept get her out of the country !
So, yeah Ive spent ALOT of time on my knees !
Love seeing the pics of Sugarwings, and the puppy...they are both adorable together :) Hoping and praying your bites/rash gets better soon, too !
Love & Prayers,

Laraine Atherton

Oh My !!!! The Lord has put a lot on your plate this week. You know I will keep you and yours in my prayers.
( Yes I do pray...everynight before bed )
I am fighting fleas in my house and yard. My five little shih-tzu's can't stand to even have one flea on them...they whine and moan until I pick the flea off by hand.
You'll get better, everything will be alright....and I will win the flea battle.

Romeo and "her"

Okay so first "she" is laughing out of control over Sugarwings in the doggie crate. AND about the stinking chiggers AND poison ivy (you couldn't have tortured yourself better if you had planned it)...and I told "her" it wasn't nice to be laughing about poison ivy and chiggers and told reminded "her" that I too could bring in some poison ivy. So "she" got it under control. And then I read "her" the part about the new little girl and nothing was so funny anymore. "She" promised to keep her and Mommy in "her" prayers....


Romeo and "her"

Suzanne Duda

Oh Karla...so much for you to have to deal with! You all are in my thoughts and prayers...sending love and good wishes your way...
xo suzanne

Brenda Kula

Karla, my thoughts are certainly with you and your family. Why did the doc decrease it? I take 0.9 of the Premarin. On top of the Estrace cream. This menopause thing is not at all for the faint of heart. They take mine away (been on it already nearly five years) they'd better just lock me up and throw away the key.

donna joy

chiggers AND poison ivy-ouch! and yes, dogs will give it to you-that's how i found out recently it had sprung up in my backyard again-thanks puppies.
prayers to your family too


I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourself.


Karla, I'm so sorry for the itching but I'm so distracted by that sweet picture of Sugarwings with her best friend in the cage! That is the sweetest ever. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Suz Reaney


I have had PI and chiggers (just awful) and my estrogen taken away (just awful) and also pregnancy problems...they are the worst.

You are in my prayers, Karla. I know that worrying about the tiny baby is the ultimate worry. xo, I will also keep you and your poor son in my prayers. It is just plain hard right now.



Oh no! Poor Karla! Your post name made me giggle a little so it sounds like maybe you're trying your best to keep your chin up! I said a little prayer for you and loved one to be healed up quick! :)

Vicki Chrisman

OH BUMMMERRRRR! I have had chiggers and Poisen Ivy.. but NEVER at the same time. Just one of those is enough to push me over the edge! I cant even imagine both!!! Hope they clear up for you SOOOOON!

ps. I have to keep my dogs from creeping into the tree line .. past the mowing ..because I have gotten poisen ivy from them a number of times that way!!


Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

We have lots of poison ivy along our fence line and my little Chloe keeps getting in it. I'm allergic to it and worry every time I pet her that I'm going to get poison ivy.
Take care and I hope it goes away soon.



It sounds like you are having one of those days. I totally loved the pictures of your little one. She reminds me of mine. I have seen her in 2 years and she would be about that age now I think.

I feel for you. If you don't mind I'll put in a shameless plug for an outfit that saved my life when it comes to chigger bites. They have a great info pack on chiggers that I think will help you. It is well worth the bit they ask for it for sure.

http://chigger-treatment.com Hope this helps

We use to have both chiggers and PI at our place in Missouri. It took a while before I figured out how to control the chiggers but never did the PI except to stay away from it.

My best to you both and take care of the little.

Alison Gibbs

Sugarwings sounds just like our Riley (full on) After my 2 day babysitting gigs I am exhausted, menatlly and physically. Hope that itch eases up soon
Sending positive thoughts to the sweey Mommy and babe

tiffany ~ the fancy farmgirl

oh my, that is a bad day!!!! My prayers are with you, for all of you......tomorrow is another day, and hopefully a better one.
xoxo, Tiffany


sorry, Karla, to hear about things...Keep the faith, prayers are with you:)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Sound like you've got a lot on your plate now, Karla. Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day, with better news (and less itching). p.s. are chiggers as bad as fire ants? (got bitten bad at Round Top/Warrenton last fall and it was awful)


Believe in love and I will pray. Your little girl will be hiding in the dog's bed making you laugh next year for sure.


Hope n' pray, everything will work out; Scary to worry and wonder. My last pregnancy was like that; Everything turned out fine, all was well, but it was a rollercoaster ride of emotion. Sometimes blood tests can be done too soon, that are not accurate! Thinking of you and family~

Natasha Burns

I hope everything is ok with the new baby, please keep us posted. You're all in my thoughts and prayers
And that poison ivy, you poor thing! I hope you get well soon! xoxo


Oh it makes me ITCH to just think of poison ivy on top of chiggers! They are the bain of a person's life when they get you. Bless your heart! And that is said in the most southern of voices. And big prayers being sent out for the new little sweetie due in November. But, the biggest laugh of my day was Sugar Wings sleeping in the crate with the puppy... I had 2 of my GRANDS (but of the blue/not pink variety) & I'm thinking I could have used that idea. Take care of yourself! HUGS! Charlene


thoughts and prayers for better baby news to come. And wishes for chigger healing. We get them, too. Miserable.

Krisite Wenzrel

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know you all are worried sick but I pray that it will all be just fine and you will have a healthy baby. I have a friend that went her entire pregnancy thinking the baby would be born with Spinal bifida and ran numerous test and confirmed it. Well then when the baby was born he was healthy and completly normal. I pray that this will be the case for your lil' baby. Keep us all posted and until then lil' baby will be in my prayers.

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