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June 30, 2010


Christine N

As usual, your place looks beautiful!!!

Christine N


Morning Karla..OMG..where do you get the time? you are always so busy...& industrious...your amazing...do you sleep? It is so much fun to read your blog.Take care..Lorraine


What a fabulous room! Always busy and still time to craft such beautiful things. Grace xoxo

Leanne Shawler

Sweet! First off, I loved that you were stashing stuff behind those shelves. My first year of married life had moving boxes stashed behind our sofa because there was no room in our 1 bedroom condo to unpack. So I totally relate. We went and bought a house :)

BTW, that wire basket best seen in the 3rd photo -- I think it's holding wallpaper -- was this a flea market find, because its just the thing for a corner of my room....


The studio is looking great, Karla. And it's always a relief to pick up new space and purge, though I'm not much good at doing either!

Your craft days sound fun -- and I adore the photo of the dogs together!


Karla, where are you going in California and what fun do you have in store ? !!

Julie H

Wow! That looks like it was a lot of work and energy. And here I am only dreaming of the day when I have enough space to stash like crazy! LOL

Nice work!!

Deborah Woodrow

Karla...love those pics of those darling pups ! I SO wish we could have bought one !
Never get tired of looking at your blog, your home, your ideas, and yes, you are so industrious, and busy all the time !
Now...if only I cold find some of those lovely old vintage hats you seem to find like napkins !


You must love the added space. I have a small table shoved into our guest room and use the bed behind me for extra space. Then do a mad dash when guests arrive. Did you paint the swirly wall? Love it!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Maija Lepore

Your playroom looks delightful!
I can't wait to see you in a few short weeks!!!!

jeanine mayden

beth named her puppy the same thing i named my 20 month old yorkie boy. i posted this once but i can't find it. we named him that because he is cute as a button and when he was small his nose looked like a button. buttons are important to scrap book gals. he is 6lbs now and still cute as ever. he rules our 50lb lab-retriever mix. he rules the house! lol


I adore seeing the puppy photos. They are cute as a "Button"...some pun intended! Your posts always make me smile.


I can't wait to meet you, Karla, so I can witness all this boundless energy you have! You work so quickly and still make everything so beautiful. I guess that's what gifts and talents are all about. OMG, I never, ever get tired of seeing your puppy pictures!

Patty in Kansas

Oh, Karla...I am beginning to think we were separated at birth...your studio and mine are alike...we can't bear to part with too much, can we? And...last week we went to visit our son and his wife in Colorado, and I kept showing them pictures of our two little dogs and our Siamese...my husband said to them, "Notice your mother doesn't have any pictures of the grandchildren with her?".....You love your little dogs as much as I do! Can't blame you; they are adorable. Patty in Kansas


That puppy picture has to be the best photo I have ever seen! Your Friend, Bobbi


wow Karla, what a great room! wish I could give you a visit and spend days in your lovely craft room! this is craft heaven room! drools!

Kerryanne English

It's always good to have a de-clutter day - it inspires creativity. Look at what you found back there.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Mitzi Curi

I'm in the midst of a gigantic clean-up all around our house. I applaud you for what you've done, as I know what a chore it is. Your little Agnes Rosebud and Button are so adorable together. Great photos!

Debra Ganas

Karla, thank you for keeping it real. I worked in my living room yesterday, at the end of the day I too had a big pile of mess (wonderful Stuff). You have inspired me to get it done. Hmmmm, maybe I need to invite some friends over.
The puppies kissing are adorable. So glad you decided to keep one for yourself and give one to Beth.


Hey Hoarder,
Every time I see your amazing studio I spend 10 minutes or more just blowing up the pictures so I can see every single piece of lace or an orphaned millinery flower. Your space is truly TDF. My bucket list includes a day of crafting at your place with your best bud Beth. Sister Ho.
The babies look so cute playing together, did Button miss crawling down your shirt??
Love the framed collage. Lisa

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I hit this post before your Where Blogges Create post and I had an intake of breath on seeing your space. I just love it and would so love a place like this for myself! From your walls to your chandelier I'm in love. Also love Button and Agnes Rosebud ~ too cute and just the type of dog I love.

Cami @ Creating Myself

I don't see how you get everything done Karla. You need to slow down some...you're making teh rest of us look lazy. ;o) The puppies kissing are adorable!

I soo wish I was going to the Sirenes event!

Heidi Meyer

I love your collage - so pretty! I have also been chipping away at the junk graveyard in my craft room, lol. Transformation is slow but feels good to know where all of my favorite crafting treats are. Thanks for sharing! Heidi

scrappy jessi

hey doll

eeekkkk i love your room.
i want to come and play!!
now you know i love the puppies so much.
there kissing. to cute.
see ya soon


Renee Miller

Puppy is adorable! And I love the room! I just found your blog by chance! Love it!

Renee ♥


Your having way too much fun with those cute puppies. They are so adorable - the picture of them today is priceless.



Cute puppies.

Your room is beautiful. The colors are so pretty. looks like a great space to create.


Karla, your room is yummy! I want to come and play with you too! Hope you have a wonderful time at Kim's mermaid event and also junking tomorrow. Give Carol a big hug for me and tell her to give you one from me too! xoxo


Great space! I enjoyed my visit to your studio. Connie

Lynette Killam

Your studio is wonderful! I loved looking at all your treasures, but had to come back and tell you I'm in love with the Yorkie puppies..too adorable!

Thanks for letting me look around...


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