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June 14, 2010


Maija Lepore

What a lovely post Karla! I loved being along for the ride!

Karmen Sunshine

If your Rosebud gets as big as mine did, you may call her "the Bud Girl" like I do mine. Karmen


This post is making me cry. First of all because of the beautiful picture of Sugarwings chillin with Rosebud & her tunes. It's just a moment in time, like when she's 20 you'll think of her like that. I catch my kids in little moments like that & I take a mental photograph of it. Store it away for the future, like when they are 13 & arguing with me. LOL
The other reason I'm tearful is your darn luck at finding every hat in the US! I have been on the hunt for 2 weeks now. I'm not asking for much, not 30 like you, just 1 or 2 that are priced under $50. Is it too much to ask for???
I'm glad the pups are in place with new families to love on them. Lisa


Dear Karla,
Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your trip. I like that you shorthen the puppy's name to Rosebud - it fits. When we travel with our two puppies, we love to stop at the rest stops for them to play and us to rest (usually in our fifth wheel). It feels good to stretch out and nap.

Hope you share some pictures of your sisses - can't wait to see them.


Looks like the trip out was great. Can't wait to see/hear about the time spent with your sissies.



Karla: You sure have good luck when it comes to granddaughters! as well as the hats.

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

OK....that's it. I'm stompin' right to your house and kickin' your b-hind right now!!!! Is every gorgeous hat near you???? You truly are the hat whisperer....and your babies are so beautiful, Sugarwings and the furbies ~ hugs and love, Dawn

LiLi M.

I think if i would live closer by i would desperately in need of one of your pups! That's how far your posts have got me already! Just too cute!


thanks for stopping by. Your comment made me,litteraly, laugh out loud! Love the pics from your trip!

Julie H

They are so cute! I am glad you found homes for all of them, even yours.

Ruth Graham

Thanks for shaeing your trip with us. Glad it was a safe and happy one.

Ruth ;)


I'm with Lisa, Karla please save me a hat or two to buy. I think you have them ALL!! They are far and few between here in Okla. Wish I could find some.
Your pictures are so adorable and the one where Sugar Wings and Rosebud are chillin is just toooooo cute.
Glad youre home safely and have one of the pups left.



I just love the photo of your grandbaby laying down with Rosebud near her. Sweet! Her room looks so enchanting I'm sure many, many yrs from now she'll speak fondly of all the time she spent at her grandparents house and how you blessed her life.
P.S. Trader Joe's is coming to Omaha. I can't wait!

Kerryanne English

Cute photo of Sugarwings and Rosebud. Honestly, is there really 4 leaf clovers out there? I've spent my whole life looking for them and decided they just weren't around.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


those last TWO pictures of Sugarwings....oh my gosh....so SWEET! that pup resting on her lap in the carseat just too cute!


Hi Karla... I had to laugh about that pogo stick! I had a pogo stick obsession too... Mine was to set the world record (everything was about world records when I was a kid) of jumps without stopping! I wonder if my knees will pay for that someday?
Good luck on finding your four leaf clover!


Love the photo of Sugarwings and Rosebud in the carseat together. Glad you are all home safe and sound.
I found a 4 leaf clover when I was around 10 years old and have never seen another since then.
Have a great week.


I love the photo of Sugarwings and Agnes Rosebud...they will be best friends! I am loving the box of corsages...


Love that pic of Sugarwings all zoned out with little Rosebud cuddled up with her. Loved seeing all of your fabulous purchases, too! I've found several four leaf clovers in my lifetime. Not a handful, mind you, but quite a few. I too, look every time there is a opportunity. Luck is always there if you look for it. ;o) Well, that was kinda cheesy wasn't it?!
Have a terrific day, Karla. - Kathy


Ahhh, that picture of Leandra and Rosebud in the car seat, the cutest thing ever !!!


OH, I'm so jealous of your hats! Rosebud is too precious with her fairy girl. I love that photo of the puppy in the hat!!


How fun; you are an adventurous soul... YOU remind me when I had my son, I took our baby, a new puppy and our pet cockatiel on a road trip. I had fun, it wasn't dull! :-D


I don't know how your parted with those puppies! I am so glad you kept one. I just love puppies....It is a good thing I don't work for the Humane Society!!

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