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June 01, 2010


Elaine L.

Yay! You're keeping a puppy! Keep the pics coming.

Love the pics of Sugarwings.



I'm happy we'll be seeing more puppy photos, too! Love the junk jewels...


Who can resist pictures of adorable puppies? They're also such natural clowns!


Hi Karla,
Ohhhh, I would never get tired of the sweet fuzz ball
photos!! Keep them coming please. : )
Wow.......what a precious and wonderful Birthday gift for
Beth. I would be bouncing off the walls with happiness
to have a precious puppy as a gift. I hope Twinkle is
doing better and I am glad that you are keeping one.
What happened to the sweet Parti boy???
I love them all Karla!!

Joanne Kennedy

I'm so excited I won your giveaway! Thank you very much!

I'm also happy you are keeping one of the puppies and another one you will get to see all the time. That way you can take more photos! You have to be one of the best puppy photo takers I've seen. They are all so darn cute!

How do you get those shots? It looks like they pose for you.



Congrats to the winner of the forgotten giveaway! Yeah, I'm glad you are keeping a pup. I bet Beth is tickled to be getting one, too. Has she named hers yet? This way you and Sugarwings will get to see hers all the time ~ a win/win situation!

I'm having a Wedding Blog Party on the 25th (my first time ever as hostess) so I'm hoping that you'll be able to join us ~ come take a peek at my blog and see if you are interested. There will be another sweet giveaway, too!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Rochelle Gaukel

Aweee....she is so cute and I'm glad you are keeping her! Lola's pups are still sleeping and eating - opened eyes now. I can't wait till they get to the stage yours are at - then the fun begins!
Keep the photos comin'!
Have a great day


I've really enjoyed the puppy photos!!


Hi Karla,

The little ones are adorable,
and so are your art, love this post with all the great things you made.
xo Dorthe


Beautiful photos of Sugarwings ❤ I love the junk jewels!

LiLi M.

Great idea for a birthday gift for Beth! Love to see much more of these dogs so just go on!

Lesley Walker

Good morning. Who could get bored with pics of pups. I'm really happy that you decided to keep one. I used to breed Siamese cats, and although I did it for 20 years, it never got any easier to part with the kittens. I ended up keeping far more than I should, but sometimes in a litter there's one that just grabs your heart and won't let go. So enjoy your little ones and don't stop taking pics. Blessings


Keep the pics of the pups coming, I am vicariously a dog-owner through your blog. I'd love to have a dog but I am not home enough to make it fun for the dog too. Maybe one day, when I can quite my day-job....


I love seeing your puppy pics, so please don't stop.


my daughter adopted a doggie from the society...her name is Bettie...(bettie paige) and now she it thinking of fishnet stockings...for halloween..or whenever...lol...bettie is a boxer...

keep the puppy pics coming!

Paula Clare

Hi Karla!
I NEVER get tired of the sweet little puppy pics...and these guys are so tiny, even when they're grown their pictures are STILL adorable...DO keep us posted on their whereabouts and happenings!

I DO LOVED the altered album you created with vintage "crap" (aka cool stuff). Beautiful!


LOVE the puppy pictures! And all the fairies. And congrats to Joanne for being May's winner. Can't wait to see what you come up with for June. HUGS!


I love puppies and altered books. I think I'd have to keep them all--pups and books! My dear friend is a bookmaker/collager/jewelry maker/quilter. I think you two would like each other. She made the wedding book for both of our sons. First, she actually made the book! Then she did a lot of collaging inside and out in the wedding colors and themes. They are treasures!

Thanks for sharing the "beauties".


LuLu Kellogg

I could look at puppy pics all day long!

More, More, More!


Wendy Wirth

Sugarwings is so cute in that top photo with all the puppies.
I love the puppy pictures, no complaints here if it becomes a dog blog.


Hi Karla: How many cats do you have? Love the old Tom cat. Does he have a name? I think you need to post about the cat (or cats) sometime. I love cats, but can appreciate a cute dog. Just love that Parti Pup!

Maija Lepore

I love the puppy blog!! I thought you were keeping 2 for yourself, but I guess you took one for you and one for Beth!

Jenny S

So, can you fit one of the dorkies into your suitcase on your next trip to Raleigh?? And how much do they go for? Since I know you are not a puppy mill I would feel better about getting one from you....I WISH I WAS CLOSER!!!


I am glad to hear that you will be keeping one of the puppies. I think if it were me I would want to keep them all.


Oh, I won't ever get tired of puppy pics. I'm glad you're keeping one of the babes! And how fun to have one of her siblings living with one of your best friends! Yes, I can see you now pushing your flea market carts...too much fun.


Well, I for one won't tire of the puppy pix! These guys are adorable! I wonder what Buddy will think of Beth's new baby? I suppose if Mr. Tom can restrain himself, so can Buddy!

Thespoena McLaughlin

Your puppies are just too cute! My favorite pic is of you in your studio area, oh the eye candy that surrounds you! WOW! Have fun!

Karla Nathan


Karla, who would ever tire of puppy and fairy photos!?! Such sweetness is not easily found, so enjoyed all the more. Your creations are beautiful. You've been a busy bee! ~ Angela


what adorable little babies!! You are soo blessed with little furry friends! Thank you for sharing all those cuddly fellow with us! :D
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!
Debi xo


I never get tired of looking at puppy pictures!! And I also love seeing your wonderful creations!!


wow, i love you work space! and great projects and puppy pics as well!


I love the photos of the beautiful puppies, but I love the ones of Sugarwings even more... Together, it's magical! Have a good week.


Dear Karla,
I have enjoyed your puppy pictures so much - please keep them coming. I don't think I could part with any of them but I know you can't keep them all. I want one so much. I have a Westie and she is so jealous of me and won't share me with any other pet. Some day I will own one of these delightful fur babies. I am so glad you are keeping one. My MIL was named Agnes - she was such a sweet person.


Zita - Mlle Magpie

That's a great photo of you and puppers in your studio, Karla. Love it! And how fun that Beth is going to be getting one of your puppies - those little guys will be able to be best buddies :)


What a beautiful May prize. And those puppy pics are priceless :)


The puppies are looking spectacular!!! So is our Lilly Pie!! I am trying to avoid making my blog a puppy blog, too. It's pretty hard to though!!

Lilly is wearing a collar today....first time ever. She climbs stairs (a few) now and hops faster through the grass everyday!! We all LOVE her to absolute pieces!!!


Jessie Christieson

Just LOVE that wee sampler book...so gorgeous!! Maybe that could b the prize!! ;) lol...your puppies are adorable! Thanks for sharing.


Fun pictures of SugarWings with the pups! Puppies have a charm that wins the hearts of many! Keep writing books for you grandaughter! What a wonderful heritage she will have!

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