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June 05, 2010



Dear Karla,
Have fun with your hubby on celebrating his birthday. I so enjoyed touring your attic room - I love it. Your painted furniture is neat and I can't imagine someone ordering this done and never picking it up. It blows my mind that people would do this. You have a very unique room filled with loving objects from the past - that's my kind of room. I never tire of those puppies - I am going to miss them.


love the rose room, karla. the chippy frame is perfect as are all of the big and little details. i'm even noticing your own "rosebud" sleigh!



Love the puppy video.


I love that room! You have really spiffed it up! Have fun celebrating!


I love your rose room, it is beautiful! I can't seem to get enough of those old porcelain roses! Thanks for sharing!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Janice Rehmeyer

Karla, You have a beautiful yard.
What talent you have. I think the Rose Room looks very cozy. I like the colors.
Hope you had nice weekend.

Suzie Q

Love the new look for the room. I always loved it before though when you handpainted stone work to make it look like an ancient stone cottage that had partially fallen down with the sky showing through and even a few gargoyles. Of course, roses are friendlier looking than gargoyles, but if you have old pics, you should show how different that one small room can look every time you paint it. _But I do love the roses.


oh Karla,

Can I be your guest? hehehehe.. this is such a dreamy room.. my fave kinda room.. so rosey, pinky and comfy! three most important words!

Common Ground

Hi Karla, I just found you from Theresa at Time Worn Interiors. I love your rosy attic bedroom. It's so cozy and any one would love to have sweet dreams there. I had to read all about the pups, they are such cuties! Loved the videos. Come by for a visit when you can.

Lesley Walker

Hi Karla, I'm not a 'pink' person, but I love your attic room. I think you may have a pink 'convert'. Love the pups. Thank you for sharing them with us all. Blessings

Marilyn Lynch

What a gorgeous room! You have such exquisite taste, wish
you'd come decorate my home. Thanks for sharing the photos.
Have a great time while you're away.
Warm regards,


have a wonderful celebration!!!! the pupps are getting soooo big!!!!


just lovely, I love your rose room . I name rooms too :O)

have a lovely bd weekend. We have had the same, as it was Humbugs bd recently. xx


What a beautiful room!! And love love love the puppies!! :)


i also have a room i named the "rose room". my favorite room:) your room is beautiful and the painted furniture is out of this world!


Your rose room is charming! I can't believe you found de Longpre roses for 50 cents... Love the puppy video!

Leanne Shawler

I love the rose room and how it all came together with stuff you already owned. Brilliant!


Hello Karla...that dresser is lovely...sweet videos...keep up the good work....you are absolutely the best blogger!!!some of those women,just use pic`s from magazines..&pic`s of their roses..dull & boring ....you & you AK friends are the best..& most interesting...Lorraine

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