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June 09, 2010


LiLi M.

Those photos of Sugarwings and the puppies are adorable and that one of her and her mom is perfect! I think Sugarwings is growing up to be a very happy person. You are right Karla, the best things of a trip is coming home. I always am a bit reluctant to go away too, even without having puppies, you are right to be concerned about them. Take care!

Thespoena McLaughlin

Awww, love that picture of those two together, such happiness.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Such beautiful photos of Sugarwings, the puppies and your gorgeous garden, Karla. p.s. you're not silly to worry about the puppies - I'm already fretting over our puppies neutering operation which will be next month when she'll have to stay at the vet hospital for two days and two nights :(

Sher Miller

We'll be headed to Indiana to visit with family and for a class reunion. If you see a rather handsome, friendly-looking couple in a Chevy Venture, be sure to wave at us! ; )

Julie Ann

Sugarwings looks so darling in her pretty pink dress!! I just love that very first picture of her running away with the puppy! And of course the last one with her big hug for mommy!!


Have a great time! My two sisters and I meet in Virginia (our home state) every October for two weeks of fall frolic. Love it. I wish I had a "Sugarwings". She is enchanting!

I can't remember if I told you about losing our precious dalmatian, Argos, last month. Well, the breeder where we got him called to tell us they have a three-year old who was returned to them (that is their requirement) because his family could no longer care for him. Well, he's coming to us. We are thrilled. I'll be doing a post when he gets here in two weeks.



Have a wonderful time!!! You do have your hands full, but what adventures~ enJOY!

Amy P

Ahhh, that mom and baby hug just melts my heart :) I love it when my kids do are excited to see me get home makes you forget all the times they are not so sweet ;)


gosh, you are a whirl of activity!

I LOVE the dress that sugarwings has on . I should try making something for Humbug, but I am so slapdash it would be wonky, one arm longer than the other, a zip that wouldn't work and it would probably fall to pieces after one wear! Still. Something to ponder :o)

Enjoy your trip. Safe travelling. xx


I have enjoyed all the pictures of the puppies and seeing them get bigger. Sugarwings will surely miss them when they go to their new homes.


Hi Karla,
Sure wished I knew where your sister lived in Indiana. I live in the middle of state (east of Indianapolis) because I would drive to see those cute puppies and meet sugarwings and her grandmother. Your a saint to take the puppies but it doesn't surprise me. They would miss you so much and you would miss them.


Morning Karla...love the last pix of Sugarwings & Mommy..beautifull!!!!!Lorraine


An in-house Princess...how magical!!


Love the photo of Sugarwings and her mom! Do you still have a pup available? Just curious, as my sis has been holding out for just the right pup. ~ Angela


Gorgeous photos of Ms. SW and the pups. She is indeed a fairy princess!


what a little princess!

Freda Butler

Have a great visit wih your sister and drive carefully. I am glad you are not going alone and have other drivers with you.
you can tell I am a nervous annie.




Karla, Sugarwings has the prettiest dresses to play in.
I remember playing dress-up when I was little and my
favorite was a dress that I wore as a flower-girl in
my Aunt's wedding. (many, many years ago) : ) The dress is
long gone and I wish that I had it now. Definitely vintage!!
I still have the flower-girl hat though, all tulle and
sweet cream flowers with a satin ribbon that when tied,
made a gorgeous bow, even though I felt like I was choking.
Have a wonderful time with your Sister and can't wait
to read about your trip. I'm wondering now.....
are the puppies with you?
P.S. The photo of Sugarwings and her Mom is precious.


We always have trouble leaving our dogs, too! Lovely photos!!


Can I just say that is the sweetest picture ever! Well, they all are of course...but Sugarwings and her mama...oh my gosh....that one needs a frame! How sweet is that!!!!??? That one will be treasured always.
I'm a freak when I go away and leave my dogs too. Remember when I was at Silver Bella my husband was sending me dog videos!?
I worry about them so much when we go to the beach......I don't know who is going to watch over them yet this year when we go.....but you are so lucky to have the doggie door and your son to keep watch over the older dogs.

Patty in Kansas

The photos of Miss Sugarwings are beautiful....not to mention the baby yorkies being cuddled constantly. When we carried ours around so much, and older gentleman friend asked us "if the dog can walk...." and , of course, we howled. Love your blog, Karla. Patty in Kansas

karen cox

Your photographs of your Sugarwings and your daughter are lovely. I was just browsing your blog to catch up on your posts. OMG, the photographs of Sugarwings radiate the love you feel for her. So beautiful!

Have a wonderful time.

Maija Lepore

Like you, I can't stand to leave my babies home alone!!

Suz Reaney

I love Sugarwings in her princess dress and "my highness" just cracks me up. I wonder what you decided about the pups. It is so hard. I even have a hard time leaving my rescue dog during the day. He gets so upset and "scolds" me when I leave with this awful bark. In fact, that's how we know he likes someone....if he barks at you when you leave. Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Your pics made my heart smile today! Thank you!
As for the puppies, I understand quite well. They could feel very lonely... We go on vacation only if we can leave our girl with my parents or take her with us.

Judy Adams

I love the name Aggie Roses, Grandma would just laugh and laugh about that. Glad Paula suggested it. Hope you all have a great time in In. and kiss your sisters for me. Don't be putting on the lipstick faces out in public this time!!! Wish I was there too. Love Judy


Simply magical pics of Sugarwings and the baby pup and her mom! Yep, the best part is the coming home!!

Big TX Hugs,
ANgelic Accents


Sugarwings looks just like a fairy princess in that dress :) I can't believe how big she is getting!



The photos of the cute little Princess are Beautiful!!!

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