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June 18, 2010


Beth A.

Karla, I love your space! You use every inch of it and it looks so pretty!


I should be in bed! Instead, I'm touring your studio. I feel as if I've stepped into Victoria Magazine (as it once was). Thanks so much for the lovely "visit".



Thanks so much, Karla! It was SO fun to see the photos and the video of your studio! You truly do have a dream studio full of inspiration! You have really put your heart and soul into it!


Karla AKA Hoarder of the hats,
I am absolutely speechless. Where to start. 1000 square feet!!!!!!!! That's bigger than my first house. You need it to hold all those hats & buttons! The buttons & lace in the apothecary jars had me foaming at the mouth for sure. Love the video. Love it all so much. When I come see you, with Spidy 1 & 2 & the princess I vow to not leave until I have 100 hats in my possession. Lisa

kelli hansen

You have inspired me to get busy in my craft room and paint some soft light colors on the walls of my craft room. It's SO SWEET in there. I'm coveting your jewels you have. I'm always on the lookout for them too, to put them on the hair flowers I make. Thanx for the tour and happy crafting. Kelli


What an inspiring tour! Your incredible space is beyond words. I adore the fact that little Sugarwings has her own little space in your studio. Every child should be so lucky to grow up with a Grandma like you! After seeing your stash, I'm thinking I need to move to Kansas to find all the good stuff! Thoroughly enjoyed my visit! xo, Sue


I never get tired of seeing pictures of your studio. It makes me drool every time!

I would love to spend a day just exploring your beautiful, inspiring space. Thanks for sharing!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow! Oh Wow! Your studio is just amazing Karla. I saw so many great ideas and so much inspiration. I loved the video too. It was good to hear your voice though I don't know why you don't sound anything like I would have imagined. LOL Does that make sense?!


the whole space is just fabulous! I loved the video too!


I love your studio!! When my youngest moved out...I took her small room for my studio, but after seeing your wonderful large space...now I'm wishing I had taken over the whole basement.
I love how you have displayed some of your supplies in the glass jars!! I have all my buttons in jars...but would like to now put other supplies in some jars too.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful space...it has given me lots of inspiration!!


Hi, Karla! Wow, that explains why you never run out of creativity-- you're surrounded by a place full of inspiration. I enjoyed visiting, thanks for sharing it with us.


I love the space and I love the word cluttery!!! just love it.

Joanne Kennedy

Wow! One could spend days in there just looking at everything. I bet that is a dream room for any crafter! I used to live in an apt that was smaller then your craft room!

I noticed you are using vintage pottery for your dogs water bowl. Is that right?

Just a heads up in case you had not thought about it. Back then they used a lot of lead in the paint and glaze in the old pottery and it could be poison to your dogs. Slowly making them sick from lead poison. You may want to get it checked before you let them eat or drink out of there.



WOW!! I have never commented in any other blog in my life but I just had to let you know that you studio is jaw dropping!!! I would be there for days just looking at every nook in your studio! Thanks for opening your doors to us..I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations!



I agree with the person who said your studio looks like it could be in Victorian magazine. It's wonderful. There is so much to take in everywhere you look. It's truly amazing, and now I can see how you are able to create so many beautiful things.

Thanks for sharing the tour.


Where do I begin?? I love everything, just every single thing in your beautiful and charming studio!!! So inspiring!!

Julia - Vintage with Laces

Hi Karla, Your studio is a wonderful place to create! You are surrounded by so many gorgeous things and there is inspiration everywhere. I especially love all your glass jars filled with goodies, the hats, the jewelry, the pretty boxes and doll parts. There is so much to discover. Thank you for sharing all the pretty pictures and I also enjoyed watching your video.
Have a great weekend!

I see the bridge! (Linda Lilly Cottage)

Oh my goodness, such an amazing room. I too would never want to leave it and what a pity sleep gets in the way.
I wish I could have commented against each photo...they were just too beautiful....I could happily live in that space!
Thanks for sharing...
Kiss Noises Linda!


Good heavens, what a studio! I am dizzy with scrolling through your pictures....
I just love your apothecary jars filled with treasures.
Julie x

Paula Clare

Hi Karla,
Your studio is tres magnifique! I love the cluttered, comfy, shabby chicness (?) of it all! I am drooling over your vintage brooch collection...and it looks like your "collection theology" is much like mine: 2 or more of ANYTHING constitutes a collection! My sisters and I joke about how we "force" collections on one another when we intentionally buy 2 or more! I need more wall/shelf space...like you, if I don't see it, I don't remember where I put it!


Please enter me in your darling peat pot giveaway, your frozen charlotte fairies KILL me! (and your little twinkle pup!)


You weren't carried away at all. This was a blast! I'm just like you in that if I put things away I forget about them. But then, when you find your put away "stuff" it's kind of like Christmas, isn't it?! - Have fun, Kathy


Your studio is delightful and charming! When one steps inside, the mystic journey begins. Your eyes dance around the room trying to catch all the colors of each piece, the soft pinks, the whites, the sparkle, glitter, the painted pictures, the various furniture pieces, the soft lamps, sugarwings peeking out from every corner, the colorful/ soft colors of the fabric/wallpaper, and the most magical thing of all "Twinkles and Rosebud." Now, who wouldn't enjoy working in your magical studio every morning. Thanks for sharing your pictures/video. I enjoyed every minute of it.



I've always loved and been envious of your studio! It also makes me wish you would paint more furniture and have sales, again.. I miss them!

sandra blanks

Oh my Karla, your studio is beyond awesome!!! Loved your tour, seems like you get to see much more of it that way. So many gorgeous things...love that you have so much space and can have everything in full view, and at hand's reach. Your supplies are incredible...don't think I've ever seen sooo many goodies in one place! Truly amazingly beautiful!


No wonder you create so beautifully! This room is full of inspiration! I can never find just the right piece to add to things but you seem to have everything right at your fingertips!

Ruth Graham

Thanks for sharing Karla.... Just beautiful!
Such an inspiration!

Ruth ;)

Christine Edwards

An absolutely gorgeous space. I enjoyed seeing all of your favorite things as much as seeing the space itself. (Oops, I think I might have drooled on your jewelry pieces.) Thank you for sharing.

charmaine deadman

haha! Obviously the guardian angel is in training, she didn't watch these two very well if one has an axe in it's head! *wink*
Your space is gorgeous Karla! I bought a similar spice rack set and I'm hoping to pretty it up too!
Thanks for sharing!!



Sweet Karla...wonderful photos, as always. Thank you for the video tour, it is good to put a voice to the person. Please keep posting photos of the pup as she grows...also, who finally got PartiPup? Your Friend, Bobbi


Karla, I never tire of seeing your gorgeous space. 1000 sq ft! My little cottage is just 1500 sq ft! Oh my goodness. I know you use all of it. It is a wonderful space. Thanks for the video as well.


Jean Knee

What a beautiful place to do your creations in. Every little bit of space is so pretty.


Your studio is an inspiration. 1000 sq. feet; the space of my dreams. If I ever get a bigger space (my studio is a tiny, tiny baby version of yours) I am going back to this post for ideas.
Have you ever been in the Where Women Create magazine? They should feature you!


So many pretties in the photos of your studio Karla. I didn't get to see everything when I was there last month!! Enjoyed seeing it here in all of it's glory.
I'm sitting here on the sofa typing to you wif the sweetest Lilly Bella Yorkie puppy on my arm! Still can't get enough of her...sigh....

She's made our family so very happy...more than I ever imagined!


Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Your space is simply gorgeous!!!
Thanks for the tour!
Have a great weekend


oh I have had a lovely time snooping around! Loved the video. Have been reading your post with a little girl on my lap, who said 'ooh, what a lovely room'! She's not wrong. What a heavenly place to create, and I so want to come on over to have a good rummage around!

Thank you for sharing, it's been such a treat :o) xx

ece aymer

Hi Karla,
I haven't been visited such a lovely blog just like yours for a long time...For half an hour, I am reading your words, I am examining your house, your rooms, your techniques etc....Everything is so beautiful...I am a decorative painter and the owner of the most popular workshop in Turkey...I really admired your working place...Everything is so amazing and so cozy....I am sure that I will visit you very frequently from now on...Have a full of sunshine and beauty at the weekend....


Wow Karla!! what a gorgeous studio you have. It looks like so much fun.. and all the space. I would be overjoyed! My little studio doesn't have an inch to spare! I LOVED your video too and I giggled listening to your adorable little doggies jingling around. Thanks so much for sharing.


All I can say is WOW! What a wonderful workspace, all those gorgeous things around you must be truly inspirational.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and I look forward to dropping in on yours again.
Nicky x


I love your studio! It is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Isabel Eaton

I Love ur studio!! And all that old lovely jewelry!! Great space:O) Thanx for sharing:O)


I have no adjectives that can even come close to describing your amazing, blissful, cute, darling, exquisite, fantastic, grand, happy, incredible, joyful, keen, lovely, magnificent, nostalgic, over the top, pretty, quaint, rockin', serendipitous, to die for, utterly charming, vibrant, whimsical, x-ecptional, you've got to be kidding, zest filled studio! Well, there you have it, adjectives from A to Z on your creative haven. As always, I so enjoyed viewing your studio, thank you for sharing.

My Grama's Soul

What a BEAUTIFUL, feminine space you have decked out for yourself!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I so pleased to meet you.




My goodness, that has got to be the biggest studio I have seen so far, and I don't think it can be beat. And it is so full of the most delicious treasures! It is absolutely gorgeous.


Holy Moly 1,000 sq feet - I would die and thought I'd gone to heaven - love the colors and all the bits and bogs....you are very lucky! And I loved the guided tour to...Jewels


Hi Karla!
I can never get enough of looking at photos of the inside of your lovely home. It makes me want to go and make something pretty right this very minute. I love seeing your cute little "Dorkies" too as I have a soft spot for that particular breed. Thanks for letting us in for a peek.


I can never get enough of seeing your studio. It is amazing! An art work by itself.


A dream studio, each piece painted or wallpapered or somehow personalized, tons of supplies within reach -- I'd live there till 3 in the morning, too! :)


So gorgeous Karla!!

Lucy, Molly and Caroline

Wow! I'm overwhelmed in prettiness! We will have to come back so I can study the detail you've put into all of this. :D

Thanks again for stopping by our humble studio today!


Such a beautiful clutter of treasures! I LOVE your studio! You are blessed.

Freda Butler

You have made a wonderful world for yourself in the studio. To have even half that space but not sure I could use it as creatively as you do. I know for sure I couldn't. I can see why you spend so much of your time there. I too listen to NPR in the daytime then tv goes on about 7.




Heaven, just sheer heaven! It's so beautiful! I knew it was as I've seen peeks but all of it...WOW!

Jenny S

I just loose myself in your pictures! I am not as sparkliy, girly as you are, I tend to like reds and blues and greens even in my decorating...but your studio is just AMAZING!


One thousand square feet and all of it filled with beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing Karla ~ what a treat for my eyes.


Sherry Williams

I never tire of looking at the pictures of your studio, Karla. It is magical, just like you!!

hugs, Sherry


WOW! If I were a magazine I would publish your studio! There is so much to look at! It is awe inspiring! I had to sign up as a follower so I could come back again.
A W E S O M E!
Queen Bee Studio


At every turn there is magic and inspiration. You can tell you are well seasoned in this space and it loves you back for all the love you gave to it.

What a stunning space to do your art! I love your style

I will be back (marked you) when I have more time to look around... i am sure I will be inspired.

I have also become a follower.

Stop by if you get a moment... I have a little give away.

Have the best day-- enjoy all your visitors!




Your studio is amazing...simply amazing! I am in awe of all your wonderful collections and vignettes! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for letting me have a glimpse into your work space and life! I enjoyed!



Hi Karla,
I just love your studio!! I could live there... : )
Thank you for the video, it was a lot of fun seeing all
of your beautiful things and seeing Twinkle and Agnes
Rosebud. I could hear someone's little bell as they
walked around. Do they both wear one? I'm glad I'm
not the only one who stays up into the wee hours of
the morning. I guess I like the quiet and stillness
and that helps with creating.
P.S. Does your Husband go into the studio? Just wondering.....


Wow Karla,
Words just won't cover it! I'm so jealous of all the millinery hats and flowers!!! oooh, I am in the wee hours club, as well! I need mine time! Love all the details and
gorgeous creations!!! Drool worthy~


Just amazing, Karla! I loved ALL the pictures! You can never have too many!!
I'm playing along at Where Bloggers Create, too. Hope you can pop over for a tour!

Laraine Atherton

I want to come and play at your house. Too bad your so far away.


Karla, life has me so crazy busy that it seems I don't get to visit as much as I would like. But, I knew I had to get my rear over here to visit you for WBC. Now, being here lets me know how much I miss your inspiration.

I love the style and feel of your space. Every inch oozes beautiful and wonderful pretties. I would feel like a little girl let go in fairyland. Oh, how I would love to come play.

I miss you on Pink Saturday. You are the epitome of what pink should be.


oh, I always LOVE looking at your dreamy studio!! its just filled with the best treasures EVER!!!


Morning Karla...amazing ...NEVER get tired of pix of your home,or,studio...I`m moving In...so is the rest of your blogging friends..judging by the response..love it...Lorraine


That studio...what a dream! Just looking at all that vintage jewelry had me drooling. Well not the gross drooling. You have found some really great things to insire your lovely art.


Oh my my..........I'm coming to create at your house. Your space is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Susan

Paula Laurens

Karla! Your creative space is drop dead GORGEOUS!!!! I am in heaven ... it must be like falling into a treasure chest day after day!! There is bling, pearls, and everything a girls heart could ever desire awaiting her there...

You are so correct, displaying all the yumminess does make the atmosphere so much more fun and inspiring! You must be dizzy from all the ideas swirling about in your mind! :)
Thank you, for sharing your private cocoon with us!

lori oles

Good grief.....IT IS WONDERFUL. I love it all, each and every photo!

P.S. I don't know how you get anything done at home, I would never leave that wonderful space.

Freda Butler

Karla I am back again. Was having a second look and came to the statue of the co-joined twins with the one with an ax in her head. It took me so by surprise yesterday and I thought of it a couple of times. Do you have any idea what this depicts? It is so very strange and I have never seen one like it before.

Just curious.


Julia Smith

'And yes, the guardian angel seems to be watching over co-joined twins, one with an ax in her head.'


I adore your studio, and really enjoyed your You Tube clip. My favorite pieces from your pictures are the cream-colored metal dancer corner shelf (I'm a ballet freak) and the aforementioned guardian angel.

Suz Reaney

I am sure it all has been said...that is 1000 feet of sheer heaven. I love it so much...the flowers and the jewelry and the hats. You didn't show your wallpaper, though. I think when I saw a picture of that, I almost fainted. Without a doubt, you have my dream studio. Thanks so much for the time you put into showing us!


OH KARLA IT IS ALL AMAZING! You offered a visit to your studio (you said Lisa & I could come play with you & your friends.......) & I want to hold you to it girlfriend! The hats........ OMG the hats............. I mentioned you in my post because of hat hunting but, you do have the corner on the market! LOVE your button jar/jars... every thing. And your space is HUGE! That one single puppy in that crate seems so strange after seeing all the others. SWEET that you have the company & Sugar Wings. I have had my GRANDS all weekend & am just now begining to visit the studios in the party but, it is my goal to go to each site & see each studio in the next few days Thanks for sharing yours. HUGS! Charlene


Okay, sugarwings grammy, I give up; I quit. You have the most toys so I'm gonna go home and sob my heart out, chick. Darling, darling and NO ONE can compare to that bit of heaven to create in, sugar.

I call my new great granddaughter "sugarlips" because they can't find the "perfect name" for her yet. *Sigh*.....



*love* First one I have seen I wanted to follow. Your place is incredible!!


No, not cluttered...LOVED! Fabulous studio, makes my 12x12 seem a Wendy house by comparison.


what a beautiful post...and tour..its wonderful!!!


Seriously Karla, this is such an amazing space.... So, so many things to play with!

Chris Anderson

Talk about amazing shabby chic finds and tons of BLING!! Love your creative space!
Best wishes,


Cindy Morris

Your creative space is wonderful! It is eye candy galore! Thanks for sharing!


Drooling over your vintage jewelry stash. Just drooling!


Karla I have never seen so many beautiful things all in one space!!! There is so much eye candy here. I am so glad you let me in your special space to see it all. It has been a pleasure.


Such a fantastic workspace Karla!
I love it all - especially the flowers and vintage wallpaper (got some of those from you)!
Is there only one yorkie pup left now?


WOW! You have quite the space and collection!! I also see we share a love for yorkies;) I love my GiGi (named after one of my favorite movies:)

Martha's Favorites!

Hi Karla: Remember me? I have not been by to visit lately, but I see that you have been buzy. The one thing I like the most about your studio is that there is too much to see! My kind of place. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Martha


Lovely to meet you Karla...Super Fabulous tour...gorgeous, enchanting and full of special magic and charm!! Wonderful! thanks for the stunning tour!
Kiki, Heart of a Wizardess

Natasha Burns

your studio tour was, as always, amazing! i miss you and your studio!
loved your video, it's fun to hear your voice again! xo


oh my goodness!!! I am on eye cany over load!! lol I love it!!!

What a wonderful space to create in~~All the bling jewelry makes my heart sings:)))

and that sweet puppy~~~aaahhhh:)

Kay Ellen

Cami @ Creating Myself

Hi Karla. I came around last week to thank you for your thoughts & prayers but typepad wouldn't let me leave a comment & I've been so busy that I didn't take the time to return.

Your studio is exquisite...simply exquisite. It's inspired me so much (but then you already knew that) & some day, I hope mine will have all the charm & appeal (& stuff LOL) that your's contains....what a fabulous space!

Sounsd like you had a wonderful vacation & I soo enjoyed seeing the pictures of your gorgeous family. And yes, they look beautiful in white!


Love your studio tour! It's looking great! Someday I'll do that -- I didn't dare sign up for the tour -- torn up as my space is as I added several new yard-sale shelves (and in the process lost every bit of wall space). Still, it's getting better. I'd kill for 1,000 feet -- though I'd fill it up -- always do!


Rats! Hate it when I leave a long comment and then forget the verification word! Splendid pix and love the tour. Hoped to do mine, till I decided on a redo thanks to new shelving from a yard sale. Can you spell total chaos? It's coming along...

Karla Nathan


zandra cudney

Wow, what a fantastic shabby chic creative space. So, many nooks and crannies filled with such cherish treasures. I'm sure you find inspiration in every corner. So, enjoy my visit with you. Have a great week.


I had a lovely time touring your dreamy sanctuary....all that glorious pink and vintage goodness!

Have a wonderful week!


Jodie (everything vintage)

um Karla?
For real, I'll turn out the lights when I'm done in here. I'll make myself at home so don't worry about me...I'll see ya in the morning :)
I'll be sleeping with visions of Alice in Wonderland, running my fingers through the millinery and playing with the pup...I'll be JUST fine!
It's always a pleasure to come play in here...in your fairy world!!!!

Karla Nathan


Oh.My.Goodnes. I can only imagine so much space to store and display. All those sparkly things make me swoon. You are one lucky girl indeed. Thank you for sharing all the eye candy!

Sheila R

Love your beautiful studio. The bling is to die for!!! Love your stitched samplier!

valerie myers

Wow, what an amazing space! I love that you work into the wee hours in your studio when hubby travels, great idea. Thanks for sharing. Valerie


hi karla,

i am slowly workin' my way through karen's party list. so glad i just got to your space. it is a real feast for the eyes!

i love how obvious it is that you're thankful for this space and how you've just put special touches into everything big and small. looks like a wonderful place to play with paper into the wee hours.


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