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June 18, 2010



I could haved looked at a hundred more of your pictures of your lovely studio. It is AWESOME!!! Enjoyed the video immensley!!

Anna Matthews

You have an incredible space, every nook and cranny looks like its filled with inspiration. Thanks for the tour.

Terri G.

Truly a dreamy creative space...look at all the those button, and bling and vintagey things ..wow. TFS.

Karen Valentine

Karla, I just don't have enough words to describe how I feel about your studio! There is so much to look at! It just looks like pure fantasy to me. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. This party would not have been the same without you! I'm going to have to come back over and visit agin!
My Desert Cottage


Karla, when I grow up I want to have a studio just like yours! It's what mine would look like if I had more space and if I would put all my pretties out so I could see them (I'm the same way -- I need to see what I have!)

Romeo and "her"

A little bird (Rowann at Antiques in Old Town) told me about one of her favorite places in her studio visits and so naturally I just had to skip over a few to come peek!

I am loving that you love to display lots and lots of things - talk about inspiration!! And I so agree - glass jars are such eye candy for displaying vintage items. Of course when I want to get into one to play with whatever is inside, it can be a bit of a problem. Have you ever tried to get the lid off with two paws??!?! Yep, you guessed it, you've had a cat come to visit. But no worries, my best friend in the all the world used to be a dog before she got old and had to leave me for a better place. So like I said, no worries, your little buddy and I had a great time in your studio. Hopefully we put everything back in it's place.....sorry we couldn't help ourselves - your studio is just wonderful!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


Romeo and "her"


Amazing, amazing as usual, Karla, I am already a follower and so I've seen a lot of your work but these rooms are just incredible. You are so talented.Your space is one of my favorites!

Halle G

What a wonderful creative space! The little girl in the kennel with the puppy was hysterical!


AbSoLutely InCreDiBle ~ Love everything in your studio, I think I could sit here for hours & still see more .... loved having the video to watch too ~ Thanks So Much for Sharing

Cathee Stegall, Hilton Head Island... SC

I absolutely adore your studio..I would be there at all hours of the night as well.....time ceases to exist when we are in our element!


Your creative space is wonderful. Someone could wander around in that room for a long time and see something new with each look.

I'd love to just sit in there for a bit and soak up soem inspiration ~ and really, I need a glittery tape dispenser! Love it!


Wow, wow, wow... oh and did I say wow!! Your studio is beautiful and you've got SO much stuff to play with! 1000 square feet, did I read that right? That's bigger than my first house!! LOL!


The Polka Dot Closet

OMG you win! That is the most beautiful space I think I have seen and it is huge! Oh man don't go to my little sterile space unless you want to ZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Mary Anne

Oh my - it's so beautiful that I don't even know where to start to comment! The best part though is that picture of the wee puppy all curled up content. Thank you so much for inviting us over!


Karla, this is lovely. 1000 square feet means you have room for me. I will be packing and moving in very soon. Expect me momentarily. I already follow your blog.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Well, I am enthralled with your space! It is just beautiful! Seeing the one area with all those lovely apothecary jars filled with buttons and things made me think of a candy store. I'm sure I would feel like a kid in a candy store if I was in a room like this.


Your studio is amazing! It looks nice and roomy but loaded with all sorts of inspiration. I could spend a lot of time in there just getting lost. Glad you posted! I absolutely loved the tour. Connie

Cheryl Stoneham

I just read on Karen Valentine's blog that you WON a photo shoot in Where Women Create! Girl, this is your LUCKY WEEK! Winning both door prizes on Sunday and now this! If you've ever had a chance to win the lotto, it is NOW. Go buy those tickets!!!!

Congrats and hope you are having fun in the desert! See you in November. Loved our weekend together!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home

Wow Karla! What a studio! Looks like such a fun place to create. Congrats on your feature!


Oh my! Look at all the goodies in your space!! I could move right in. Especially since you have room for a yorkie ;) What would a spot be with out one! Congrats on your win to be in WWC! You deserve it!
Hugs, Lisa


I am Gobsmacked!!
Really stunning space.
It feels like a comfortable loving space,
full of all things good and beautiful.
WOW congrats on getting featured and
Happy Creating!!!


I LOVE your beautiful creative space! The letter "K" got me right here...
Thanks for the tour. I will be back! :-)

Creative Grammie

Hi, congratulations on winning a spot in WWC! I can see why you've been selected, everything is so gorgeous. I love your cabinets and cupboards and how you store everything. I also love how you give the furniture your personal touch by adding wallpaper in small ways to a piece of furniture.
I'm actually on "d" on the party list, but I just had to go check out the winners studios.
Thanks for a wonderful tour.


Congratulations on being one of the winners of Where Women Create to be published, Your studio is drop dead gorgeous, I'm in awe! You have an unbelievable amount of goodies, I'm in love with all of it and I'm now a follower. You are so blessed to have so much room, one lucky lady for sure and I can see how talented you are, it shows in your decorating! Thanks for sharing one of the best spaces I have ever seen! I would never get any work done I would just sit and enjoy it all! XOXO


how wonderfully creative and girly...
lots of magic happening here.
thanks so much for sharing your space, it was a visit to remember.

Magic Gypsy

I would like to move in! What a delightful place and congratulations on winning!


I am still visiting creative spaces from Where Bloggers Create. Congratulations on being selected for Where Women Create. Your space is lovely and I totally enjoyed my visit.


what an awesome space


Oh Karla,

Wow wow and wow, Natasha was right about being a treasure trove when she came to stay with you....I love it, now you could never ramble on or get carried away....I want more so much to look at, all those little pieces and bits and bobs....my favorite is the cabinet filled with all those sparkly jewels, **ooohh look at all those twinkles**hmmm PRESCIOUS**while druming my fingers together** the vintage flowers and vintage flower hats...slapping my face **WOW** the vintage wallpaper oohohoh....oohohhh where to look, where to look...listen to me I sound like alittle girl in a candy shop....oh I'd give anything to visit your shop opps treasure trove...lol.

Ohhh its so nice to come back here I have truely missed visiting you...and feeling like I'm at home.

Thank you Karla for being you.....BIG KISS.



I love all your tables and jewelry! Such a wonderful room! I love it! And congrats on winning WWC!!! You deserve it!!!


Every time I visit you, I see new things in your amazing space!! I linked you to my FB Scrapbooking page :)
Amazing Karla.


Oh my goodness, your studio is right out of a dream! Such a wonderfully creative space!!

Linda Schwarzenberg

What a lovely space...it makes me happy just to look at it!


Linda Schwarzenberg

Oh! ..and I LOVE your beautiful warm fuzzy bundles of love! What adorable little pups, and momma1..Animals ALWAYS add a wonderful energy to a space, I couldn't live without them...


Lisa Kay Balazs

Hi Karla,

I'm sitting here with my husband oohing and aawing and drooling telling him "look at this" and showing him the pictures. Oh divine!! I would love to have a studio like yours. Someday mine will be. I've only just begun after finally quitting working full time to be a stay-at-home mom and start my own business making jewelry and other crafts. Something I've desired to do for a long time. If you get a chance take a look at my new blog.

Lots of love,

Jeanne Ratchford

Wow..what a fabulous world !! I envy every square foot, Karla...fabulous !! I can see why it would be a story in a Magazine !! Even now !!


Hi - I just happened to stumble in on your site, this is beautiful.The event in Oct 2011, Ashville caught my eye and I would love more details on it. The information may be there but perhaps I just couldn't navigate the site well enough.I live in Florida and my best friend is in NC. She loves this and it would give us a place to meet!

Karla Hartzog

Wow, Karla! What a great space! I'm all over the house (and in the basement, much to my husband's chagrin)and dream of having dedicated studio space. Jealous I am! I love your cottage, come visit my krafts! 'Nother rare Karla with a K

Kelly Booker

You, miss thing, are officially my new favorite blogger- and by far my newest inspiration!
You rock... Just everything is perfect and fairyland- ish!!! Your peat pot frozen charlottes are soooooo great!!! Saw them in a magazine and just ooed and ahhhed. Love your words, your cute names and your love of life. Thank you for sharing so much of you with us!


sherry french

Ok I am not a jealous person but I find myself jealous ;-)..I came upon your blog via Somerset Magazine and so glad I did...love it..




Hello Karla

Love your shabby studio,love your creativity,love your dogs.


Regina Brodbeck

Karla--Had a great time today with you and Randy--thanks for the inspiration. Loved making the tags--Randy and I have got to make a trip--now that I've seen the studio on here I want to see it in person. xoxo Regina



Thank you for sending me the proper link for this year. I LOVED seeing the photos and watching your video as well. I wish it were longer and I didn't feel you were rambling on, I was really interested. I don't know what part of the country you are in, but I wish it were nearby so we could craft together. I am often up into the wee hours myself and many times I will just keep creating. I enjoyed seeing your doggies as well. I have two kitties who try to be helpful but mainly get in the way. . . lol!

I loved seeing all of your beautiful things and the way you display them. I couldn't believe that all your furniture was found or bought second hand except that one TJ MAx piece!! Where do you find such beautiful wallpaper to embellish everything with? Is it hard to do?

I know I am asking too man questions, but I LOVE you space so much. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I missed this giveaway but am following you now and hope to be entered in the next one.

Please keep in touch when you can!


Rita Alamanou

How wonderful, I would love to spend some time in your beautiful studio to just saver all the precious gems, furniture. materials dolls etc. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful occupation. Thank you for your tutorials on painting furniture which has encouraged me to do the same with some old bedroom side tables and dresser. I will follow your instructions in hope I will achieve such results. Regards

Karla Nathan

Thank you, Rita, I hope you had a good time painting!

Sent from my iPad


Wow, I found your site through Pinterest, and I can't even remember what the pin was now, because I just got lost in your studio! It is like walking through a dream!! One day I hope to move my walk in closet craft room into a beautiful space and you have truly inspired me! Thank you for sharing!

Karla Nathan

Thanks, terry, a space of our own means so much! Before I had this studio, I made do on dining tables, folding trays, here ther and everywhere. Im so blessed to have this wonderful room!

Sent from my iPad


Where do I find that vase that is#19 from the bottom pictures.or what is the name of that vase. The one with all the pearls in it. It's like 3tiers.

Karla Nathan

Angel, that is just a plain, old, glass apothecary jar. You can find them at Michaels, TJ Maxx, and many other places.

Veronica Miller

Your studio is fantastic, but how the heck do you keep it clean, I mean dusted, etc.?

Karla Nathan

Ha! I doubt if the room would be considered clean, Veronica!

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