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June 08, 2010



Just look at your little fairy!! Darling!


Have a great trip, Karla!! Love the fairy collage!


hee hee, that water spray did indeed look like a dorky...love the Sugarwings fairy collage, so cute...your new shop goodies are fabulous...i am loving that bouquet and the bar of soap...have fun on that road trip...and be safe!!!


Your collage is so adorable!


ahw! The puppies are getting so big! I havn't been stopping by here as much as I used to! I've been so busy. I would love for you to come see my new and improved blog! I've been working on my photography :)

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla, oh my heavens...I cant believe you kept all the puppies. They are SO adorable! Wow! What a roadtrip that's going to be. ;) Have a safe trip! Cant wait to see you soon! XO,Jenn

Joyce Gilpin

OMG! Loved this blog! I soooo understand about u wanting to keep the pups in the family. LOVE the photo of Sugar Wings! She is BEAUTIFUL! I so...envy you. Getting to take a trip. Ahhh...that is good. But..some day I will take one again too. Until then...work...work...work.

Come see me.



Have a wonderful and safe trip. Can't wait to hear how the pupppies travel. They are just too adorable!! How great that you are keeping them in the family...you will be able to watch them grow up and see how they are doing.
Love the photo of mama sleeping upside down with the pupppies near her. My little Chloe is actually sleeping upside right beside me as I'm writing this.

Kerryanne English

Have enjoyed catching up with all your news of the past week Karla. Have a great and safe trip.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Hi Karla,
How wonderful that the puppies will be with family and
friends. Hopefully, we will still be able to see
pics of them now and then as they grow. I love the
collage of Sugarwings.
Have a safe trip and hugs and well wishes to all of
the puppies. I miss them already!


The artwork with Sugarwings is too cute! So glad your pups are staying in the family so you'll be able to see them!


I'm going to be on the lookout for you (and all your traveling companions) in Indiana!
Will you be taking I-65? Have a great trip.



Karla, have a safe trip, say hello to all your family in Indiana for me !! I am so happy puppies are going to good homes and people you know, Have fun !


Does it really matter which is the dork? Both are wonderful!


That water fountain DOES look just like a yorkie! So funny!


Oh, I think it's wonderful that your pups will stay with family and friends! A great outcome. And, I am freaking out about the water splash thing -- that is pretty durn amazing! Have a great trip!

Cathy Kizerian

I'm a couple days late reading this post (OK, 4 DAYS LATE), but I just had to write to comment after catching up. I laughed when I saw the rose flannel fabric under the puppy. You had pj bottoms out of that?! I had a bathrobe out of it, and wore it out. Literally. I didn't give it up until my elbows were worn through, and boy do I miss it. I, too, saved the fabric, LOL. Great minds think alike!!

And hey, if your MIL lives here in Utah (whereabouts, roughly...), you'll have to let me know if you're ever out this way!! Maybe we can get together and go treasure hunting or shopping or meet for coffee!!

Hugs, Cathy

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