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July 21, 2010


jeanine mayden

love the bust! agnus rosebud is growing too fast. it's wonderful what a little glitter can do for making a memory stone. lol. my sugar bean and i painted sea shells last week.
love looking at all your creative treasures. have a great day. jeanine


love the glitter!!! it adds a bit of magical existance to the world...and with a gust of wind, who knows where it may end up to sparkle someone elses day!

Jenny S

Those little things are always the most fun!!!

Eileen Elder

I hope you are having a FABULOUS time, and enjoying every minute with your friends. I love how Sugarwings sees the world. She will inspire others just the way you do. Reminds me of how I do alot of glittering outside myself, and catch glimmering specks here and there when I look out my patio doors. Have a great rest of the week, and thanks for working hard before your trip so we can enjoy posts while you are gone!


How fun; brings back fairy house memories. My daughter n' I
did this when she was little down at the shore. A lot of shell furniture, we used flowers, acorns and sea glass. It
was a magical time~

My hubby is in CA...Navy related! Enjoy your time away~





Looks like a perfectly lovely time to me!! One of the perks of being a grandma!


What a fun time you both had!! Very pretty and magical!!...and I'm sure that the fairies love it.


Looks like glittery fairy fun! Congratulations to you for being chosen as a winner by "Where Women Create"! ~ Angela


I love the glittery rocks. Way to go, Sugarwings!


I just know you are having a fun time... but nothing like the morning depicted here... building castles, glitterways, dreams, and memories with your fairy grandbaby!

Suz Reaney

I didn't hear about your honor. That is WONDERFUL and well-deserved!

I hope you are having a blast in California. I can't wait to see your pictures. Thanks so much, Karla, for writing a post for us. Very thoughtful!



Congratulations, Karla!!! I think those of us who have followed your blog for any length of time can vouch for your space having been the inspiration of many of our dreams and creative pursuits! Xo, Sue

Wanda Contreras

CongraTulations!!! I LOVE your craft place. I'm honored to have one of your creations in my craft room. My dress form collections have grown to 15. Can't you believe???. Yours was one of the first one and have a special space in my heart.!!!
thank you for your inspiration and I HOPE you are having a wonderful time in CA. I'm heading there next week!!!

best regards,


Rocks and lots of purple glitter -OH MY-. Love how you let your granddaughter be creative. I'm sure she has lots of fun with you.


CONGRATULATIONS KARLA!!!! I just saw over at My Desert Cottage that you were one of the three lucky winners to get your studio in the Where Women Create Magazine!!! I can't wait for that blessing to shower you so I can enjoy it in print.


What a neat morning and what a neat scene. I hhope I have a granddaughter someday.


Awwww, I love the special times you have with your Grandaughter, so sweet. I hope you are having a good trip.

Patty in Kansas

Karla...thanks for keeping us up on our "habit" with your blog. Have fun in California, and come home soon with lots of beautiful ideas and photographs. Patty in Kansas


Love those rocks and the fairy gardens, esp. with the glitter! Hope you're having/had a wonderful time in California!

Congratulations on having your studio selected for the WWC! All that cleaning and 'foufing' really paid off!!! Now we'll have the fun of looking forward to "your" issue :)
Jane - Jacksonville



Congratulations! What a bonus for your trip to CA! Hope you can answer emails from there or boy will you be busy when you get back!!!

June and I are both very busy this evening, but oh so much fun!
Surreal... but fun.

again, congratulations..cannot wait to see you in WWC.



Karla~ you and your little Sugarwings sure do have fun together! It's a joy to see! Congratulations on WWC!


Karla I had to come over and congratulate you when I heard that you were one of the winners of the Where Women Create contest!! Your craft room is truly winner worthy and I am so very happy for you!!

You and Sugar wings always have the bestest time together!!

bee blessed


Looks like the rocks and the glitter make a magical combination when waved over with creative hands!


Thought for the day: You can NEVER go wrong with glitter!
Looks like you had a grand time of it. I do understand the rock fetish though. They look so cool and then you bring them home and uh...hmmm...whadya DO with 'em?????? Looks fun.


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Sounds like you had a fabulous time at the "craft spa". Btw, your new hair color looks fantastic (saw your pic on Beth's blog)!


What a fun grandma you are! Looks like you both had a great time. Now I need a fairy garden!

I saw some photos from the Sirens - looks like a blast!


It looks like a perfectly fun way to spend a day to me! I visited your blog during Where Bloggers Create and have been following since and i just read the big news - congratulations on winning a spot in Where Women Create!!!!!


Hi Karla, Thank you so much for all the posts that you
prepared during your vacation. I hope that you are
having the best time and can't wait to hear all about
your adventures when you return. The little rocks do
look like peanuts!! : ) I'm sure Sugarwings really
had fun with you and all of the lovely glitter. The
pearl earrings are very pretty. Love them!!

Jordan AJF8

Sometimes, I pride myself on this beautiful garden.


You are the best Grandma Karla! That picture with Sugar Wings and the purple glitter is so sweet. I can't wait to share times like that with little ones. Oh wait, yes I can...my oldest is SO not ready to go there!



Just stopping by to Congratulate ~ Your Studio is Amazing & Well Deserving of this Award..... Way to Go !


Karla, yours is my absolutely favorite blog!! For one thing it's beautiful, but I also love the personal details you share with us about your life and your beautiful grandaughter!!Your boutique is awesome also!!

Cami @ Creating Myself

Congratulations my friend! I can't think of a more deserving studio..can't wait to see it in WWC.

Sherry Williams

Missing you, Karla! Wish we had another few days in CA!
It is so sweet that Sugarwings loves glitter, just like her wonderful grandmother! She is so adorable!


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