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July 06, 2010



It was nice that you had a fritter day..everyone needs one every once in awhile. I spent the day priming the ceiling of the new room...I hate painting ceilings, it really bothers my neck.
When I was in high school I was really into Mary Queen of Scotts and read everything I coud get my hands on. That period of history is so interesting and lavish with all it's pagentry. I bet they were hot though in all those petticoats and long dresses! LOL
I know what you mean about not reading, I have one book that I pick up when ever I travel and I haven't finished it yet. I like a lot of books written by Rosamond Pilcher, most of hers are modern day but usually set in England or Scottland. She is probably most famous for the book The Shellseekers.
Hope you have a great trip to California next week. Enjoy your time at the beach at least you won't run into the oil in the Pacific! Maybe they need a big Sham-wow to clean it all up!
Happy Landings!!

Susan Freeman

While I enjoy reading adult fiction and non-fiction, the kid's books are great fun. I am sure that you and Sugarwings have so much fun together reading and re-reading her favorites! My that party colored pup is cute!! Have a great vacation!!

Susan and Bentley


Hi Karla! What a cutie pie. And Sugarwings and puppies are pretty cute too! ;) Sounds like your weekend was great and low key. Love the idea of a mini parade! And as for reading, I used to be an avid reader as well. Just too much else to explore now, plus the eyes aren't as strong as they used to be! Have a great week! ~ Angela

Beth Leintz

I read the Worst Hard Time- kind of depressing but interesting too. Reading things like that reminds me that when ever we think the times we live in are so tough- every generation has had its own share of hardship. (That wasn't suppose to sound depressing, it was suppose to be encouraging, but I don't know if I quite came across that way)


Hi Karla.. Ha lost in a dream! I can spend the whole day doing.. who knows what, sometimes it amazes me, just how little I can get done:-) I am with sugar wings on the post below... I love to dress up, but can't keep clean, dogs, the garden something calls my name:-)


Sure is nice to have some down time! The "party boy" is soooo cute!


Oh Mr. Runt of the litter is soooo big!! And so adorable in your grandbaby's arms!!


HEY, your coming to California? I'll get your room ready!


Hi Karla,
Oh the Parti pup is so adorable and I love the pic of
him with Sugarwings. He has grown!!!! I'm glad your
4th was a good one. Stay cool in this heat. Horrible
here in NY.


I love the pics of sugarwings and Rosebud.

I used to read tons of historical romances in my 30's and then lost interest as they all started to sound the same.



It always good to have a day of frittering every once in awhile. I think that we all need them.
The parti colored puppy sure is adorable!!


lordy, you make me blush. I pretty much ignore our history, and there you are, loving it all! :O)

I absolutely adore days like that. Rain outside, pottering about doing nothing in particular inside. Utter bliss. I love your collage, it turned out really nicely.

Enjoy the middle of the week :O) xx

Debby Schuh

I love historical fiction, too! The authors you listed brought back so many memories... I read so many books by all of them!


Sugarwings and Rosebud - they are made for each other when it comes to photographs. No matter what angle you use, how close or far back, they simply draw you in and make you smile. She is going to be one beautiful lady when she grows up.
I am an avid reader. The authors you mention brings back so many memories. Remember Dorothy Eden? I loved her books too. Since I am not a TV person, I read at least four books a week and maybe more depending on the size of the book. Most of my reading is done in the evening while DH watches TV. One of my favorite books is Shellseekers! When I find an author I really like, I have a tendency to read right down his/hers list of books. I wished I had kept track of the number of books I have read - I think I would be amazed myself. LOL

Cami @ Creating Myself

Aren't do nothing days wonderful? Although I see you manage to do stuff even on those days! LOL Love that Agnes Rose doesn't realize that she's the toy...she just wants to be part of the fun! My Rudy is like that..I snapped pictures, the other day, of my granddaughter playing pattycakes w/ him!

Clovis is beautiful!!!!! How fun that you have a willing cohort in your dress up games!

I will continue to keep your new grandbaby in my prayers Karla....what a scary time for your family.


Hey Karla! SugarWings is getting so big! The last few posts, you can really see the "babygirl" leaving her face...still as beautiful as ever, of course! And while she always had a "thoughtful" face at times, that is the expression I enjoy seeing now the most. Thanks for the photos of PartiPup, you know he was my favorite! I love how his fur looks so curly. Also wanted to mention how much I like seeing photos of SugarWings and AggieRose...I think she is her pup!


I always have to laugh (because it isn't fun to cry) when I read your blog and you talk about your daily activities and then "admit" you took it easy... My goodness, baby, what would you accomplish on a BUSY day? I think I would be spinning. You do bunches. I loved the picture of Sugarwings and the puppy AND the one with her lemoncicle... Your camera has the "eyes of love" I have read about it old sappy romance novels... only in a good way!!!! A painter or photographer could give away a secret admiration with those poses that can only come from one schooled in loving glances at the person being captured... But it's no secret about you and Sugarwings! You two are blessed with it!!!! Hugs and happy meandering...

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Please see my blog for a mention and a link. XX GYpsy Purple

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