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July 25, 2010


denise hahn

love how your "big" mermaid came out! Still haven't got mine out yet!


You just made me smile big-time with your beautiful "old lady" mermaid, saggy butt and all! Looooooove it!!

Debra Ganas

Hysterectomy scar.... Karla you crack me up. Love all the mermaid things ya'll made. I really need to try that paper clay. It looks like a lot of fun. Or could you make me one just like yours? Hysterectomy scar and all. lol
Sugarwings will love the Grammy/Sugarwings mermaid. I know I do.
Congratulations on the WWC honor. You deserve it .


Too cute!! I don't think she has a saggy butt! You really can paint great faces! Glad that you are doubling your pleasure and doubling your fun. That gets the most out of everything!!!!!
Have a good trip to the lake!


Karla you are a hoot! I'll bet everyone in that class had a great time. Love the mermaids--with all the "grammy" imperfections. It's good to know that mermaids have such human qualities.



Love the pillow, Karla!


I love them both, but the Grammy stole my heart. A mermaid with a real woman's body, and so pretty!
Enjoy your pool day!

katie struckhoff

Karla ~
These are so whimsically charming! I can't stop admiring them ~ love the colors and the sparkles. You paint beautiful faces my dear! You are so darn artistic in everything you do!
~ katie

Diana P.

I love your saggy booty mermaid! I took a paperclay bluebird class with Jenny at Art Opera and she is fantastic! Love how everyones mermaids turned out at this event!


You have me laughing at the title...What wonderful creations! And that saggy butt, hysterectomy scar belly old grandma mermaid is one I can identify with, too!! You are all having way too much fun!! LOL!


this is so cute!


Love those mermaids Karla....too cute!

Kerryanne English

I love the realism Karla. We should all love our lumps, bumps and saggy butts (LOL).


The Mermaids are Wonderful, you do fabulous faces.
As for the pillow well...I'll pm you my addy LOL
Gorgeous really

Patty in Kansas

Karla...I loved the beautiful pillow...lots of "glimmer"...and the mermaid's description was hilarious. It's nice to have you home again. Patty in Kansas.


Love them! I followed a tutorial that Jenny did on making paper clay birds, it is soooo much harder than she makes it look! Mine were lumpy too!


what a lot of gorgeous mermaidy prettiness to catch up with. Everything looks so sparkly, glitter and happy. Good fun no doubt! :o)


OMG that is so funny but they came out adorable, love the faces! Thanks for visiting my blog and I love my new chairs too, now I just have to get out there and get them painted (;

Laraine Atherton

Both mermaids are adorable and the pillow is lovely.
You are so much better with the foo foo than I am. My art has a harder edge..although I did make a frozen charlotte necklace, over the weekend, that is very pretty. I'll take a photo and post it on my blog later today.


Love it Karla ~~both your mermaids are so adorable!!!
I still need to finsh mine~~hopefully this week!

Time has just flown since we got back:)

Have a good week,
Kay Ellen

Cami @ Creating Myself

Your Grammie/Sugarwings mermaids are toooo, tooo cute!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!


I'm laughing my big lumpy Mommy butt (complete with stretch marks) off!!!!
Love the mermaids. Is this paper clay? I read 'Prims' the entire drive to and from CO. I'm obsessed with making a doll. Something I've never attempted. Just wondering what you used & how you like it.


I love everything Karla! Saggy butt grandma is hystercial... AND beautiful! She's a special one!


I agree....a Mermaid with a REAL body! Too Cute!
Those faces are amazing Karla!


Hi Karla, the mermaids are so cute! I love the faces
that you painted and the pillow is gorgeous!! You have
some lovely treasures from your trip.


Karla, I love your grammy mermaid. I am amazed that she can see her scar, whereas mine is hidden by a "slight" pooch. LOL


Hi Karla!
Sounds like you had a great time designing your
Lumpy and saggy is good! It's realistic and more interesting than really smooth and sleek would be.
Both of them are very pretty!
Thanks for sharing.

Cathy Kizerian

What cute mermaids! Grammy Mermaid stole my heart - complete with her hysterectomy scar (check), pouchy tummy (check) and saggy butt (double check!). You’re hilarious! Love ya, Cathy


Karla, these are precious! Really. And I love that you personalized them...your painting is fab!!! ~ Angela


Look!!!! It's you & Sugar Wings mermaid style!!!!1 They both turned out adorable!!!!!!! You have such a knack for painting those sweet faces. I still haven't had a chance to finish my projects. But, that's on my list next week. Yours all turned out amazing. I'm missing you girlfriend. HUGS! CHarlene


Oh! too much fun! I love the realism!

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