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July 03, 2010



I'm focusing on the hair because I am in the same quandry. I grew up a brunette--I am talking dark, dark brown--almost black. However, like my mother, I started getting white hair (not gray) in my early twenties. Mother never did a thing to her hair and it was her crowning glory--snow white and softly curling. My hair is now, thanks to modern "hair miracles" blondish. Every time I fork out the big bucks, I think about mother and her gorgeous hair. Here's my question. If I (we) go gray/white, do we hide our heads in a brown paper bag until we are there? Proudly show our multi-colored pates? Feedback please.



Oh goodness don't even get me started on hair.........I despise women with pretty hair (not really). I struggle with my hair and almost alway pull it back in a clip or pony tail. I am going grey really fast - I can't believe I am 31 and I have to color my hair every month because the grey is EVERYWHERE. I can't afford to get it colored at a salon every month so maybe every couple of months I will go and then touch it up myself........Then the thickness - I have too much of it. I say go back to the salon - I have done that a couple of times after a week or two when I wast not happy with the color or cut. You don't have to pitch a fit as they will usually either fix it, or offer a steep discount, say just pay for the cost of the chemicals and not the labor, etc.


These sweet, precious girls! What fun for you.

As for the hair, don't you get annoyed with the coloring maintenance? Sometimes when I add up the annual costs....

LuLu Kellogg

These girls are so darling and the pup is just the cutest!

If you are not happy with your hair, I would say go back and get them to redo it. I am sure they would want to make you happy rather than loose you as a client. I still think you look very lovely!


Cindy Is Crafty

I love your mosaic pin. I have several of them and love them all. I wear them in clusters on my denim jacket.


I absolutely would go back! Especially for 140.00!!!! I started getting grey hair when I was twenty. At 39 I had streeks.(?SP) I had long hair then so I cut it short and colored it
at the same time so no one noticed that I had colored it. As the years went by it got so white along the sides of my face that I had to do it every two weeks. That was a real pain so I just quit. My hair is mostly white in the front and it is softening to my face. Even though I think it might make me look a little older I wouldn't go back to coloring it. I guess you just have to try it to see if you like it.
Sugarwings and Rosebud sure look like they are having fun. I'm so glad you kept the pup even if it was just for Sugarwings..she and that pup will grow up together. Prayers ae going skyward for the new baby.
Happy 4th!

Sher Miller

Clover AND her name are both beautiful! Your new grandbaby will remain in our prayers. Blessings to you all.


Hello Karla..Happy 4th to you ....we Canadians just had our Canada Day on thurs...so nice to celebrate our countrys,..about the hair,go back..thats a lot of coin to spend..& you need to get what you asked for...the nice thing is ..it`s hair & it will grow back..Clover is as lovely as her name..lucky you with such a sweet extended family....Lorraine


Hi Karla

Happy 4th July to YOU!

Please check out my blog as I've done a special post for my US galfriends and that includes YOU!!!!

Isn't Sugarwings sooooo adorable and Agnes Rosebud has a special friend for life.

See you soon at my place.....


Hi Karla,
I started going gray in my twenties and had totally white hair by the time I was 35. I colored it for a few years and then I let it go white. Just a matter of months ago, I got it colored again. Why you ask? My daughter is a hair stylist and she had been wanting to color it for a few years and I finally let her. I kept getting asked if I got a senior discount and I'm still some years away from that. It was funny at first, but then I realized that my white hair was making me look older than I really was. I liked my white hair and I know that in a few years I will let it go white again.
If you are unhappy with the way your hair turned out...I say yes to going back and having them fix it for you. I know that where my DD works...they want people to come back if they are unhappy and they fix it for free.
Sugarwings and Agnes Rosebud look like best friends and are so adorable together!!
Hope you are having a great weekend.

Biljana Pantelic Adzaga

Hi Karla, Happy 4th of July!!!
Greetings from Europe, Hugs Biljana


oh I just hate the hair coloring maintenance! My gray hair pops out quicker than I can color it. I'd go back and ask them to make it lighter if you are not happy. I honestly think it looks nice, and it's a good deal lighter than it was....if my memory serves me right!
The pictures of sugarwings with Agnes Rose Bud are just too cute! and oh how SWEET Clover looks all dolled up!
I'll be thinking of your new little grandbaby peanut....I hope all goes well with the Sono. I had to have one of those (17 yrs ago) because they "thought" something was horribly wrong...and I went 2 weeks thinking the worst....only to find out there was a perfectly healthy baby girl in there!

Maija Lepore

Happy Holiday Karla!! I'll send prayers for the expected grandbaby!

If you don't like how your hair turned out, just go back to the salon- most places want you to be happy and comfortable!!!!


Hi Karla: I think that you need to go back to the salon and ask them to fix your hair if you are unhappy with it. I started to get gray hair when I was 16 and never have colored it. In fact, I really like my hair, which is more white than gray now. In the early 60's, when I was in college, and streaking hair was popular, everyone used to ask me who my hairdresser was, because my hair streaking looked so natural. I would reply, "Mother Nature." Miss Clover is beautiful and I am praying for the little one. Happy 4th.

rita larson

Let your true colors shine through.... Just think of the goodies you will be able to get with the money that would have been going for hair color. I've been grey since I was in my early 40's. Now, at this point in time the salt out weights the pepper. I never give it a thought.


My hair is easy. It grows fast and is really pretty easy to deal with. I have only complained once. The gal cut my hair and I ended up looking like Cathy from the Patty Duke show, except without the little bow on top of my head. I asked her nicely, if I could have a redo because I was NOT "Cathy has lived most everywhere from Zanzibar to Barkley Square." She didn't seem to upset. Good luck! Happy 4th of July. -Kathy


I have a correction. Cathy did not live in Barkley Square. I think that's actually a dog park!! Berkeley SQUARE!!! hahahaha! Just in case you have a blog reader from England.

Oops. - Kathy

Shellagh Selee

Hi Karla,
If you aren't happy I would def. go back and have them redo it. Maybe have another stylist do it. I've had that happen to me and I called the salon owner & she was very eager to please & fix it for me. She said they would much rather know, and make then client happy then lose an unhappy one.
Happy 4th :)


Karla, Clover is a beautiful girl, but that is also a beautiful photo !! I will keep the baby in prayers with my "regulars" I pray for, lol (dad, family) Definitely, call the salon tell them not quite happy how hair color turned out, would really like to try another shade, they will be more than happy to help. I just paid $160.00, I hear you !! Happy 4th of July !!!


Yikes! $140 is such a lot of money for a hair do! Worth it, I suppose if you come out feeling like a million dollars, but definitely not when are feeling miserable and unhappy. Go back and politely put your point across! Me, I'll by a snazzy colour for £5 or £6 from the chemist and do it at home. If it doesn't turn out like it should, then I haven't wasted much. Have to say though, I am usually very happy with the different soft shades of gentle red. I do like trying out different shades.


Happy Fourth of July, Karla!!!

Love all of the cute pictures and the picture of Clover
is stunning.
I think you look great!!

Prayers and Hugs,


Dear Karla,
Happy Fourth of July!
I love the picture of Sugarwings and Rosebud - they are so cute and compliment each other so much.
Clover is a beautiful name and her picture is awewome!
I would definitely go back for $140.00 you should get the color you want or be satisfied with what you received.

I have been a redhead since I was 18 via the dye bottle - thanks to my sisters being in the business. Since the industry changed whatever ingredient was used in the red dye colors (years ago), reds faded very badly. The pool started changing my color and I decided to let it go gray. It was pretty for awhile with various colors before it got gray and now its muddy looking and I don't like it. When I look into the mirror, I wonder who is that "old" person looking back at me. I guess I will try the bottle one more time before I settle on the gray. My gray is just not pretty!

Prayers will be said for the new grandbaby and family.


Kerryanne English

I think if you are a regular customer of the salon and you are not happy this time, that you should go back and let them know. If they value you as a customer they should fix your hair to the way you like it. Hair is one of those things that can either make you feel blah or like a million dollars... personally, I'd prefer to feel great not blah.
Gorgeous photos!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


I say go make them do it the way you want! Have a happy fourth!


Hi Sweet Karla!
I didn't know you and Carol were buds, she's one of my favorite people. :-)

Will most certainly be keeping the new baby in my prayers, as well as the cute "babies" pictured here. They're so adorable!

I hope you're having a wonderful and safe 4th!


Oy, don't even get me started on hair!...couldn't make it to the salon so I slapped on one of those 10 minute jobs...eek! it came out SO dark...yucky on me! :) Definitely ask them to fix it more to your liking...they should be happy to do it.
Clover looks like a sweetie...and I love her name! Baby and Mama will be in my prayers!


The photos of Sugarwings and Agnes Rosebud are too cute...I love the way it just follows her around and sits in her little car! Clover is a sweetie, too!


The girls looks so cute, Clover couldn't have chosen a better new Grammy if she's hand picked you from a Disney line up! That girls got some serious fun in her future. My thoughts today on the progress of your new baby. We had those 4-D sonograms the whole time with ours, being high risk. They are amazing to see. It's like taking a camera inside the womb. I just got thru cleaning the drool off my laptop from Beth's post & you show more awesome Linda stuff. The woman is a wonder! Love it all. Makes me excited for Marburger this fall. Maybe you & your syndicate sound make a road trip for the blog party! Just sayin. Lisa


Hi Karla
thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment.
I so enjoyed visitin your blog, the little girls are so beautiful, almost like fairies ! Gorgeous pictures indeed, pup included..how adorable!
Now, about the hair, I like the color but if you're not happy about it I think you should go back and -politely obvioulsy-complain. I never did, even when I wanted to go from very light blond back to chestnut brown.. it went green-ish, not a pretty sight I can tell you, still I didn't complain and tried to correct it at home. Big mistake!
I'm sure at the salon they'll be happy to help , nobody wants an unsatisfied customer!
Have a nice day


gorgeous photos as always :O) I love the photo of Clover, she must fit in so well with your family and your love of dressing up :O)

I will keep the new baby high in my thoughts. I hope Wednesday brings some good news.



Hi Karla,

I've been in the hospital for the past 12 days and finally feel up to catching up on the blogs. So sorry to hear about the baby. You should feel comforted by all your blog friends who will be praying for her.

Looks like you've been having plenty of fun!



Agnes Rose is such a BIG NAME for such a tiny fur baby! I am kind of thinking I should have gotten one of your puppies to help me get over my loosing Reba blues. And Sugar Wings is such a HOOT! A pistol for sure! I can just see her tossing that foo foo dress in the pool. I am soooooo looking forward to seeing you in a week! Keep the prayers going that hubby's doctor will say it is OK for me to go. We will know more on Wednesday.

Don't you LOVE Linda's property? Hubby & I looked at it for purchase. We are hoping to retire in that area. Just didn't have enough room for building a barn to hold "the toys". I love her hair too. As for yours... YES!!!! For $140 you should have what you asked for & be happy. I had been coloring my hair for years & didn't even KNOW what color it was. I decided I was DONE with the expense of all that (plus it was sooooooo dry from chemical treatments) & I let it go natural. Have a great week. Hugs!! Charlene


Hi, Karla. In January I resolved to embrace my gray, but in a chic way (one tries). Now every 3 months I have a "foil" or weave where about 4 different colors are blended in with my natural gray. This is after decades of at-home color. My salon charges a similar price to your salon. I think the color outcome is largely due to talent of the stylist. IF you believe your stylist mis-understood what you want, go back for a correction. Otherwise, you may want to find someone who specializes in color. Bon Chance.


Definitely go back! And I thought $45.00 was alot to color my hair, and stopped 1 year ago. Now when I am in the stores people think I am Paula Dean!! We have the same color now!
Quite a change from black hair!!!


ahhh what a great post!! Darling girls,a baby on the way~~cute puppies, celebrating the holiday and shopping for treausres!!
I love it all!!

Thanks for stop by!
Happy 4th a day late sweet Karla:)

See you in a few days~~I can't beleive it's July?!! summer is flying!!

Kay Ellen

Laraine Atherton

It must be something about getting older...but.....when the dogs get a grooming, I get a haircut. I color my hair at home and if I spend more than $9.00 on package haircolor, I feel like I have been ripped off.
Please don't hate me because I was born with curly strawberry blond hair. HA!HA!
Your coloring is such that I think you would look great as a strawberry blond. Why don't you try a little red for a change. Cut your hair to ear lobe length in soft layers....you always look pretty to me and your life and times with Sugarwings is so special. You can be both talented and beautiful!! How lucky is that!!


Yes, I would go back for a re-do if I wasn't happy and I think most hair professionals are more than happy to re-do because they *live* to make their customers happy!! Your photo of the puppy's ears following Sugarwings is just too sweet! Our last puppy would cry whenever my Ben left without him!

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