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July 23, 2010



Karla....meeting you and Beth was one of the highlights of my trip! It was so great to meet in person after so many years of blogging. I really think the event needs to be a week,or two, long. The weekend was just to short! Talk to you soon! Karin


oh...and everytime I look at my mermaid I think of you!


Oh I love all the photos Karla~~we had such an amazing creative weekend:)
Thrilled I got to spend time with you and Beth!

Relax and go have some fun with your puppy and darling granddaughter!!

Kay Ellen


It looks like you had a lot of fun. What a great time to create and play!


Looks like it was a BLAST!!!! You have all of us wearing bibs from drooling over it all. Glad you had such a good time. Congrats on winning all the goodies and most of all for www.!! Look forward to seeing more pixs!!!

Rochelle Gaukel

Loved getting a peek at your pictures from the event....it's a treat seeing photos from everyone's blog-makes me wish I was there though! Now go and kiss your puppy for me!


Looks like such a great time...life looks good!


How wonderful and what a FUN time you all had.

Just love your pretty skirt and jacket Karla - soooo feminine.


Looks like a fun week!
Congratulations on having your studio chosen to be in the pages of WWC. Your studio is beautiful and very deserving. I look forward to seeing it in the pages of the magazine.


all those photoes ,of smiling laughing you, and all those other fantastic women, that I "know" from their blogs-only- tells me of a week-end full of love and laughter, and great friendship . How wonderfull an event you all have had-
Blessings, Dorthe


Wow... That looks like a blast. I can't wait to see more pictures. Midwestern mug awaits... You have to come home to it! Hugs...


oh. my. goodness. Wish I had been there!

Sheila R

Looks like you had so much fun! Congrats on being selected by Jo Packman on your beautiful studio.


Karla, I was so excited to hear about your WWC win! You deserve it - your studio space is fabulous. I can't wait to see you in the pages of Where Women Create.


scrappy jessi

Hey love bug!!
im so glad you are home safe and sound!
i had such a ball with you girls.
you just keep me laughing.
you are a lucky duck on the apron prize.
go mid west. tee hee
Ponte is awesome!!! we stopped there to have lunch on the way back from the barn. yummy.
great pictures. so pretty.
have a great weekend.

Biljana Pantelic Adzaga

Hi Karla! You have fun time, great pictures:))Hugs, Biljana


It sounds wonderful! It's so fun to put a real face with a blog name isn't it? Congrats on winning the spot in WW Create! So exciting!
Your hair looks great! :-)

Laraine Atherton

Karla.....It sure looks like you had a wonderful time.
No matter where I go, I am always very happy to return home. I think I kissed my frig once, upon returning from a week long vacation at a somewhat rustic cabin.
Your new hairdo looks great...you have such a pretty smile...your photo's always are flattering.

Andrea Villarreal

The Beauty queen. Ha now that's funny! It was truly a pleasure to have FINALLY met you!! It surely was an amazing weekend. Man I wish I was going to Silver Bella you guys are going to have a blast!!:)


Oh my sweet Karla you are just a wonderful as I had hoped. You know when you blog/email with someone & you THINK you know them & that are amazing, you always hope that in person they are as wonderful... YOU ARE!!!!!!!!! Your beautiful soul just shines when you smile that eye crinkling beautiful smile. So, girlfriend just shine that light & don't worry about those pretty eyes! What fun we had. I miss you Mermaid Sister(& our sweet Mermaid Beth)let's keep in touch. HUGS!

sherry goodloe

Wonderful photos Karla! Thanks for sharing with all of us that were not in attendance. I was smiling through the whole blog post *smiles*

Grace P

How fun! I love your pictures...and your smile is contagious. Sugerwings will have the best birthday. Grace xoxo


It looks like you all had a wonderful time!! Congrats on your win of having your studio in an upcoming issue of Where Women Create...I can't wait to get that issue!! I just love the studios of all the winners.


That first picture of you is great! You look ten years younger in it. Make a print. It's a keeper.


Suz Reaney

So glad you had a great time and then you won prizes! I love prizes!

The dresses Jenn and Christine are wearing in the last show are so gorgeous. In my dreams! Christine looks like she made hers from bits and bobs of fabric.

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Kim's events. I hope I can go someday, too, and represent Minnesota!!! Looks like you have Kansas covered.I am going to be out to your neck of the woods at the end of August.My brother live n Shawnee Mission and we are all getting together at his house.

Rest up and enjoy the puppies!


Hi Karla,
Thank you for the pictures of your wonderful trip! I'm
sure Sugarwings and the pups missed you a lot. I love
the pretty, lace top that you are wearing in the first
pics. Glad that you are home safe and sound. : )

Kim Caldwell

I just adore you and your wonderful smile. You make me feel happy, safe and comfy ~ sort of like a warm chocolate cookie. Hmmmm. . .



Karla can a girl get any luckier? And any cuter? These pictures are just darling of you! You have been so busy with the great events, friends, and sales. You are truly a blessed gal. Thank you for your awesome words about my studio. I came over to congratulate you on your win. I am so happy for all three of us.
hugs to you,

Mitzi Curi

Congratulations on being selected by Jo Packham. What an honor. I can't wait till the magazine is published, you are so deserving of recognition for having such a special blog. Thanks for the pictures of all of the beautiful ladies that attended the event in CA. I'm going to go back through and click on all the links so I can connect each gal with her blog. That Kimberly must be a force of nature, to coordinate all of the activities and create such lovely decor. Sigh. Someday I'd love to participate in such an event.


Oh, Karla -- all those smiles say it all!


The California week looks like so much fun! CONGRATS on the studio...I have long wondered why I don't see you and your lovely creative space in the magazine!! Way to go!!


Hello Karla...back from my awesome road trip to northern B.C....you need to come here some time...anyway just catching up on your blog...you are so right, we do feel like we know you...you share so much with us....I`m so jealous you even have a Silver Bella.....so dont listen to the crap...I love your apron & your blouse....Lorraine


P.S.....now you know why I spend 5 months in southern Calif...isnt it lovely...Lorraine

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