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July 13, 2010



That would've scared the beejeebies out of me! No chiggers here, just murky weather..I hope the sun comes out for you! hugs! karen....


YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd have taken off like a rocket! We had a snake here a couple of weeks ago but not big like that one. I'm glad that you got the pups out of there.
That's a great picture of Carol. The sunflowers are such happy flowers!


I guess it was "just" a black snake, so we leave it alone? I think that Dorkies and Doxies must have that utter and complete fearlessness in common. Mickie was acting odd the other day and I told a girl at work...she said "was there a storm? Maybe she was scared?" I knew she'd never had a doxie...the thunder would be scared of THEM! Have a wonderful, insect free trip, Sweet Karla! Your Friend, Bobbi


Mid-MO is another haven for those pesky chiggers. But would rather have them than the traffic and over-populated west coast.
I grew up in Southern California - beach and desert - but love living here in Missouri.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s,


I am glad that you found your pup before the snake bit her. Hope your day is chigger free :)

katie struckhoff

Karla ~
What a delightful group of photos and interesting to read post! I enjoyed every single minute of my visit here today!
I agree about your terrier comment. My niece has an adorable little 5 lb. one who thinks he is quite the big guy and is so much fun to watch! Have fun on your trip dear! XO Katie

Karen Hoida

Just found you over at Kay Ellen's. So glad I did. Love all of your photos....you are a brave woman to take photos of that snake. I think your yorki could have been breakfast, lunch & dinner!!

Loved the visit and will be back soon.


Karla, I was enjoying your post and fab photos...until I reached the photo of that snake! Really!?! Yikes. Can't believe you were able to snap that photo without having fits...that is one scarey snake! Love the birds you added to the box. Such a pretty addition. I'll go back and look at that one again...gotta forget that snake. ;) ~ Angela

Jenny S

I know you like to keep things natural. Is there any natural stuff you can spray on the yard or something to try and keep the chiggers down?
We use the cutter yard spray around here and it is GREAT! No skeeters or anything! And it is safe for the dogs and kids!


That looks like a powerful-mean snake! I'm sure you must know the difference, but the photo of the Twink and Snake made my heart stop! Just another day, huh?!

Patty in Kansas

Karla, Karla, Karla....only you would race for the camera with a snake in sight...God bless the fearless puppies...you are correct, Yorkies don't KNOW they're teeny! The box with the birdies is so ADORABLE... I love your blog and am getting hooked on it. Patty in Kansas

Beth Leintz

I'll wait here in the jeep with Marlin while you and Jim get pictures of the snake.


My parents have a hobby farm and my Dad was constantly getting eaten alive by chiggers--until they bought chickens. Chickens eat chiggers, ticks, and any other dreaded bug that lives in your grass. I don't think my Dad has had a chigger bite in about 3 years or so now!
Just thought you might be interested to know that...
I love the basket of pretty birds you purchased!

Leanne Shawler

What kind of snake is that? I'm from Australia originally so any snake ought rightfully be fleed from before it bites and poisons you....

And what are chiggers?


You know, I haven't been stingy in my admiration for you, for your sparkle and loving ideas with Sugarwings, for your dedication and drive with those beautiful puppies, for your swoony shop and all your yummy projects... but this? This? This? I hereby nominate Karla for something huge.. (dunno what award is appropriate)... Purple heart, I think. You actually got your camera, and I think maybe laid down in the yard? and I think swooped in and grabbed a puppy or two with that snake? I. am. impressed. as. heck. and dutifully ashamed. I called my son once to come home and dispose of a wee mousie I had trapped under a fruit jar in my sink... He was at work 9 miles away. He was not. impressed. as. heck! hahaha.. Love Missouri, but Never the blacksnakes. We had one in our kitchen the first summer I moved in with Mom and I almost cried myself to sleep for a week.


p.s. are you sure that wasn't a blue racer?

Julie H

No thank you! You can keep your snakes, LOL!

Safe travels!!!


Hello Karla...omg is that really a blue snake? I`ve never seen one that colour...have a great time in Calif....your pix are lovely ..as usual...I`m going on a week long road trip here in B.C...so many places I`ve never seen here...it is so beautifull..take care ..Lorraine


Karla, The pearl earrings you made are cute!. I read the referred article on chiggers-yikes. It made me itchy just reading about them. Have a fun trip.


Hi Karla,
Snakes, rats, chiggers.......oh my!!!!!!!!! You must have
been running really fast to rescue Agnes Rosebud, grab
camera, take picture and then get Twinkle!!! You deserve
a Bravery medal. I'd have been screeching my head
off through the rescues...but, I would have completed
the necessary mission. (gulp) I hope that you didn't get
any chigger bites.
I love the rose re-do that you did and the birdies in
the foofy box.


Ah the dreaded chigger and that ewww.... Ick...snake. eeps.
Glad he didn't snack on your puppy and yes I know they eat rodents but oh shiver... I could've gone all day without seeing him I'll bet you could've too!

Have fun in California!


Laraine Atherton

what a beautiful snake......no... I am not afraid of snakes. Little twinkle is such a brave girl. It's amazing but these little dogs are just fur and bone with very little meat on them....Yet they think they are 10 feet tall and bulletproof. Bless their little hearts.

Deborah Woodrow

Karla...your abilities never cease to amaze me !
Love the Rose Re-Do, and all the pics, the earrings are divine ! But, those darling brave little dogs are too much ! Now...about that snake....creepers ! I guess since it eats rats and mice, I'll let it live. My Mom always told me to never kill Black Snakes or Blue Racers, but if it were me, and any other kind of snake in MY yard, ...it would have been a goner !


OH Karla~ I would have freaked! I would have grabbed my dogs...but probably would have been shaking for quite awhile...


I loved all the pics until I got to the one of the snake. I have major snake phobia and could live with never seeing another snake in my life. I have killed a few rattle snakes during the 27 years we've lived in this house. I'm a sissy and don't think I could handle living someplace with all those biting bugs. That is the one thing I do like about living in the CA desert. Oh, but we do get HUGE wood rats that live in the junipers. YUCK!


jeanine mayden

wow! yorkies are brave little soles!!! what was the puppy doing? i'm surprised she wasn't out there in the midst of it all. love the splash of color in your room- nice change for a while. amazing what just a little re arranging can do for a room. glad baby is developing well - when is she due? keep posting- Jeanine


Wow! That snake looks big! Twinkle is a lot braver than I am to get so close. :)
Have a great time this weekend! I hope you love the Long Beach Flea Market as much as I do!...go early, it's supposed to be hot!

Suz Reaney

Oh, those chiggers. Is there anything that itches more? They just love those tight spots and I go nuts itching!

Twinkle is frightingly brave! What kind of snake was that? A Rat Snake? We had bull Snakes in South Dakota that looked frightening but actually were pretty harmless. The Rattlesnakes in the Black Hills are another story.

Carol's house looks sooo swooooney. That is the perfect word! Will it be in Romantic Homes?

Love that Agnes Rosebud!


You should come to my yard - we are chigger infested. I can't even run outside to the mail box without coming back in with a bunch of little bites on my ankles. I don't hate many things, but I HATE chiggers.

Have fun in California - that's where I am from. Its hot days like today that really makes me miss the coast and breezy summer days.


California sounds great about now! I've never heard of chiggers...I read the link.....how in the world do you get rid of them!?
Have a great trip!

Paula Laurens

Hi Karla,

I am rather fond of snakes. I know, I'm of the odd crowd, but I will admit, these photos kinda scared me! This reptile looked big enough t,o ehem, take on your sweet little pooch. Though I'm sure all the barking startled him more than thoughts of anything else! Our cat found one the other day, out in one our gardens. We made sure Mr. Happy Feet stayed faaaaaaar away from this big guy!

What kind of snake was this? Great photos by the way!

Raised In Cotton~Carol

OK Girlfriend~ That's a first for me, sharing a blog post with a snake! The snake wins:)))) Have a great time in Cali:)

Cami @ Creating Myself

Oh my! The pictures of Twinks w/ the snake are awesome...what a brave lttle girl she is!

Your living room redo looks lovely. I'm like you, I go from creams to more florals the warmer it gets. Hell, what am I saying...I probably stole the idea from you. ;o)

Have you ever tried beneficial nematodes? It's the best way to rid your yard of ants, fleas & chiggers & it's organic.

Have fun in California...I sooo wish I were going. :o(


Wow -- you and Twinkle are so brave to get that close to a snake! I'm not afraid of them, but am respectful! I love your pretty box and your sparkly birds!


Hi Karla.
I am playing catch up on my blog reading.
I am glad you saved your little dog.
Gosh...that is one really big snake!
Karla, what kind of snake was it and what is a chigger?

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Congrats on winning the WWC contest. Your studio is just beautiful. How exciting!


What a Great Cottage.I Never Show in My Life This Type Of Cottage....I like it..I will Visit This Regularly. I like to thanks owner of the site for sharing resources and Information..Thanks

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