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July 07, 2010


holly abston

Karla, I don't know how I missed that your little grandbaby was perhaps in danger, but I am SO grateful to hear that that little sweet baby is healthy and fine. What a blessing! I know you can't wait for mama to deliver so you can get some sweet snuggle time.

I love that dark book made from the cabinet card folder.


Weee, I am so happy to hear this news. I know how worried you were friend, you can breath!!!!!!!!!!!


Karla, What WONDERFUL news. It is so scary to think that something is wrong. I am the mother of a special needs child and though I wouldn't trade her for a million zillion it can be quite a life changing thing.
It is also SO exciting that Carol is going to be in FiFi's new book. I bet it will be fun that you and Fifi will finally get to meet. She's quite a facinating lady. I am also sure that she will love the book that you made for her. Hope you have a great time at the shoot. Take some pixs if they let you. You know all of us will want to see them.



WAHOOO!!!!! I knew it!!!!good news...we in B.C.were sending positive energy baby`s way....Have a wonderful evening...Lorraine


Sorry I was so happy..I forgot to say ,what cool old pix..great work..Lorraine


Oh, so happy for you. Your books are beautiful and so thoughtful!


I'm so glad to hear the great news that the baby is fine!!! Yay!!!! The books you've been working on are lovely!!


YAY!!! Glad to hear the baby is just fine!!! GREAT news!!


Oh, that is the best news about the baby!!! I'm so happy for you all!
The photo shoot sounds fun...and I think cake is always a good idea! :)


Such wonderful news~ I am so happy for you all! Your creations are just beautiful! Hope you husband will be better soon, seems to be a lot of it going around right now!

Mary Green

That is excellent news about the baby! And those little albums are beautiful - I love the colors.


Wahoo! I'm so thankful to hear that the new baby is doing well.

Sugarwings must feel very safe and secure and that's why she isn't afraid of scary stories.

How considerate of you to volunteer to help with the photo shoot. I seriously doubt that you will be in the way.



Great news! It is so hard to breath correctly, til you know the results! Mom's intuition, I gather, gave her peace of mind, but it is nice to have the news confirmed!!!

Love the homestead books, really beautiful! Hope hubby is
better, it is difficult when the man of the house is down.
Glad you found time to create, it distracts the mind~xXx


oh that is WONDERFUL news, I am so very happy. I can imagine the worry that has been going on . Now you can breathe and look forward to the new baby.

Love he book. How exciting to get to help at the photo shoot.





Wonderful news, what a blessed relief for everybody.


Happiness--a healthy babe!! Wonderful news!

In addition to the great news, you gave us a great post today. I can't wait to come back and really "look" at those books. They are a memory in themselves.

I love the fact that Sugarwings is fearless!!



I am so happy to hear the good news! Your family must have let out a collective sigh of relief.

Have fun at Carol's with Fifi!


Natasha Burns

oh what WONDERFUL news!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!! xo


What wonderful news! You can breathe again, all of you. And, gophering with cake? Sounds like a great day to me. I'm so glad that your news was good. - Kathy


HAPPY HEALTHY BABY DAY!!!!! The best news, ever!!!! Your Friend, Bobbi


So happy to hear about the baby. You can relax and enjoy your visit with Carol and meet Fifi. I would so love to meet Fifi. She is awesome! She sure has increased the sales of Romantic Country Homes when she became their editor.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.


Whew, I am relieved as well. I was praying and sending good thoughts your way (as well as for my hubby who was having ultrasound at the same time - still waiting for his results). I LOVE The Old Homestead farm photo !! Tell Rich get well !

Sher Miller

Great news about the baby!!!! Now all you have to do is wait for the cuddling time! ;)


What an answer to prayer for that precious grandbaby on the way! So happy to hear this great news. Love the little booklets you created...just wonderful. Sounds like you are going to have a fun way to celebrate your good news at the photo shoot being a helpful, un-opinionated, sweet little gopher! Truly happy for your whole family on this outstanding news. Xo, Sue

Jean Knee

that is such good news. I am so happy for you

Laraine Atherton

Wonderful news....I am so happy the baby is ok. Take care of your husband and he will be better soon. I wish I could create such pretty things as you. You never cease to inspire me.

Cheryl Stoneham

I'm SO glad to hear that everything is OK with the new grandbaby! Prayer is such a strong thing!
You amaze me on how quickly you create, with just your "snippets" of time! You are truly an inspiration to me.
Can't wait to play next week here in So Cal! Hopefully the sun will be out by the time you get here. Its been "June Gloom" into July, but, I'm not complaining....I know how HOT its been on the East Coast!
See you next Thursday!

Suz Reaney

Tears, Karla. I am so thrilled for you!!!!!
Beautiful work with your snippets!!!


What a relief it is to know the new tiny one is just fine. It's hard to function with that in the back or front of your mind all the time. Sugarwings is going to love being big sister. On another note, I have sooo much sympathy for you with the horrible hot flashes. I am a few years older than you and have been there and still doing that. LOL. Can I say this about that? I HATE HOT FLASHES!!!!My dr finally scared me into going off my Premarin and I have missed it every day and night since. It's been about 2 years and I thought it would get better. NOT! My dear friend works for a group that rescues the poor horses thatare used in the making of Premarin. She sent me long letters with pictures that broke my heart. She sent me many other things that women use to relieve the Horrible Hot Flashes. I tried them all. And I will be honest with you my friend. Even with the knowledge and pictures and everything else, I STILL WANT MY PREMARIN.It shames me to feel that way but unless you have lived with HF then nobody can judge you. They suck and that's the truth. I feel insane with the ripping off of my clothes and then grabbing a rob 4 minutes later because I am freezing. In winter in our old house it gets freezing at night.When you wake up soaking wet with sweat and it's kinda frozen on you; tis a weird feeling for sure.Sorry for the book Karla. I pray that maybe Black Cohosh will work for you. You are the favorite part of my day. Thank you for sharing with us all.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Wonderful to hear that everything is just fine. My daughter is due on the 23rd and I swear "they" tell her (for the past month), when they just touch and measure her stomach, that the baby is small. Then they do a sonogram a few days later and the baby size is fine. Can't wait until she is just here! I love the books you made. I couldn't follow the description of how you made them, but that's okay since I don't plan on copying/making any for myself. I enjoy seeing yours and reading your thoughts behind what you add to them.

Maija Lepore

Thank God for the good news!!!!
I love the special books you made!!!

Thespoena McLaughlin

That is wonderful news! So glad to hear everything is good. And that book you made is wonderful! LOVE IT! Fab-YOU-lous!


Hi Karla! I've been away from my puter for almost a week now, and just trying to catch up with your past posts. So sorry about the chiggers (I get them everytime I visit my dear daddy's grave) and poison ivy, the printer problems, hubby's sore throat, and especially about the scare of your precious little granddaughter to be. Glad everything is working out good!

I got to go with my daughter for her latest sonogram and she is having another little boy! I feel so blessed to have been in on this amazing experience for all three of her pregnancies! Seeing that sweet little bundle and hearing the heartbeat is just awesome!

Does you son and his gf have a name picked out yet? Daughter & SIL are still thinking, as he was so hoping for a girl this time!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Kerryanne English

That's the best news Karla. Won't you be pleased when that babe is here and you can hold it safely in your arms.
Beautiful art books and I'd be pleased to have you running errands on a photo shoot, you'll be wonderful!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Cami @ Creating Myself

Oh Karla.....what wonderful, wonderful news! I knew it would be but I know how worried you were. Yep, great news for any Grammie!

Enjoy the photo shoot...how fun!


So happy to hear that the baby is good!! Just hope your husband is better and your hormones calm down. Enjoy the photo shoot and please remind all of us when it is time to buy the magazine! I don't want to miss it. PS: the books are lovely!!

Jenny S

So glad the little one is okay! We are going through a rough patch with my sister now. She is 37 weeks pregnant and her blood pressure has skyrocketed. She is on bedrest now and we will find out tomorrow if they are going to induce, or just let her go until....


So glad to hear your little grandbaby is FINE! What a relief that must be for your family. What fun to meet FiFi. I am so jealous. Have fun and I want pictures.!!!


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Hi sweetie!!!! I'm SO, SO glad about the precious baby!!!! Now I hope you can rest easy and wait for the little one's arrival ~ and I have to tell you, I just LOVE your new creations, they are gorgeous!!!! Fifi is such a sweetie, I loved meeting her when she visited Georgia to shoot my friend's home a few years ago. This book is going to be SO AMAZING!!!! I hope you have a great weekend ~ hugs and love, Dawn


Great to hear the baby's fine. I am happy and relieved right along with you! Sorry your hubs is sick. Take care of each other...


Karla, what good news to read that all is fine with the baby! Love the albums--they're beautiful!!

Barbara Jacksier

Great news and thanks so much for mentioning my live chat.


So happy to hear that baby is fine! What a relief for you. Poor hubby w/strep...yuck.
At least he has precious sugarwings to keep him company.
Praying for relief from the hormone mishap.



What a praise that the baby is healthy!!! I am so happy for you all and I know you must be extremely relieved! How fun to hang with Carol and meet the Fab Fifi! I hope you get to hang around and have fun in a non gopher sort of way!


So glad to hear the good news about the grandbaby.....the waiting can be awful..sorry about the hot flashes,,I am over them now,but founf white sugar praducts seem to make things worse..take care..


oh I'm so relieved for everyone! Sometimes doctors put us through unnecessary worrying! So glad all is ok!

andrea singarella

Oh, what WONDERFUL news!!! Really puts everything in perspective,doesn't it? I'm breathing a sigh of relief right along with you. I've had that baby on my mind constantly since you and I emailed.
Sending you a BIG hug, Karla
xoxox andrea


That IS the best news ever. So very happy for you all.

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