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August 02, 2010


charmaine deadman

I would love another chance to enter a tag swap! I got sick during your other one and didn't get the chance to participate!


how lucky I am, to be the winner of your july giveaway,those earrings are so beautifull looking, and I love the pearls, thankyou so much dear Karla.I am just feeling so very happy that I was to be the one.

I love all your found roses, and the clown-and dollsheads,so sweet.The book is adorable with its Forget me not drawings,-love it,too.

Thanks again ,I will wait for the post to arrive with this wonderfull gift.
Hugs, Dorthe


Forgot to say, that I love your Corgies ,too, I alwayes wanted a Corgie when I was young, but I never got one. You are so lucky to live with this sweet little doggies.
XO Dorthe


Karla, That would be fun if I can participate I will. Still trying to get this room together. TOOO MUCH junk!!! I'll keep watching to see when you get it going. Just love those puppy pictures. Josie looks like she is going to be a beautiful silvery color!

Elizabeth Wix

What a lovely selection of images!
I imagine you are talking about your grandbaby.
As a European person, I feel children should be naked as often as possible
(not in the blazing sun of course.......!)
much healthier than clothed!

Cami @ Creating Myself

I'm an even bigger fan of Wizrd of Oz than I am Alice, so count me in!

Congrats to Dorthe on the winnings!


Yes! Yes! Yes! Dorothy/Wizard of Oz tags would be a blast! It is such a classic and is dearly loved by many. Since we're about the same vintage, don't you remember how its annual showing on TV was a HUGE-look-forward-to event when we were children? If you get enough interest, count me in!


That Agnes Rosebud is just too cute! I want to grab her and squeeze her and just kiss all over her face! Don't cut that baby hair just yet because she will have a long time of being silver and that sweet, soft puppy hair will be gone forever.
I have 3 yorkies and a Shih Tzu and it is hard for me to get anything done around here with them and all the scruffin I have to do to keep everyone happy. Such is my life. ;)

Laraine Atherton

Sugarwings running around half naked is a girl after my own heart. It's about 103 in the shade today and if I could run around naked....well....
Do count me in on your next swap....I look forward to the rules post.


I love the Wizard of Oz! If you decide to do a swap, count me in! :)

Debra Ganas

Yes, the baby yorkies do have the fine fur that gets matted. We went through a time with our Jackie Marie.But now she is mostly matt free. I rarely find a yorkie hair anywhere.
I would love to participate in a Dorothy (wizard of Oz) tag swap. I so enjoyed the puppy and Alice tag books. I look at mine all the time.

Kerryanne English

Aahhh... if only we could still run around naked with neon orange paint smeared on us when it is hot, but alas, that is surely a vison to scary to contemplate!! LOL


Count me in Sista! I love the Wizard of Oz! I don't have any little ones around to share it with so when my nieces come for Pumpkin Palooza in the fall I pop it into the DVD player.

Love the flowers and the sweet vintage images of the girls and the clowns.

Enjoy your week!


Nothing better than a happy naked girl running through the sprinkler. Don't you wish we could be that uninhibited again? Makes me shudder to think what I would look like now... OH MY!!!! Moving on I must go check out those flowers. Since you are THE HAT WHISPERER! Hope you find the camera. That is terrible to loose it. Off to shop. Hugs! Charlene


The puppy pictures are so adorable!! I remember when our Chloe was a puppy and we had to have her fur shaved off...it grow back silver-gray on her body, but her legs are still the rusty-tan. It's hard for me to believe that she will be 4 years old this month...seems just like yesterday that she was the size of Anges Rosebud.
Love the flowers and the vintage images!


Hi Karla! Just wanted to share that my Samantha, now 34, spent most of her 3rd year nekkid as a jaybird. She did outgrow it, thank goodness! Your friend, Bobbi


Oh, oh, oh!! Me, me, me!!! Waving furiously over here! I'd LOVE a Dorothy swap. Please, please, please! Let's do one!!!

Loved this post btw. Those puppy faces are as cute as those clowns are scary. Not caring for the clowns so much...

Great post. Great swap idea!




Off to see the Wizard???!!!! Yay, of course there's enough interest!!! Love the idea! Our local (Orange Park) Munchkin recently died at age 94, so it might be fun to make Munchkin tags. Would love to join the Dorothy tag swap!
Jane - Jacksonville


I love the wizard of Oz !! and Tags are one of my fav things --- I have a pair of children's red sparkly shoes on display in my art room --So I can always click them together and be transported to
my art room fairyland -- where all things are possible
to create and it feels like home -Kathy - ga ♥


I love the flowers, you are so lucky to find such beauties.

I really love it when I suddenly realise I haven't visited your blog for a while, I know I'll have loads of delicious photos to enjoy :o)

eeks. summer sounds hot,hot,hot for you. I'm glad Sugarwings has found a way of enjoying it, even if it does mean she's as naked as the day she was born!


Paula K

I have never participated in a swap, but would love to get started! There would be no better swap than The Wizard of Oz. Also, will give me an excuse to pull out my DVD to watch!!


The roses are dreamy! The Dorothy swap sounds like fun, whats not to love about the Wizard of Oz? Every year when it came on tv my mom would buy soda and jiffy pop popcorn and we would watch it together. Fun memory.


Naked kids. Is there anything that can bring more joy? However, nowadays, I would not send a pic of my naked, or even partial dressed, family members to the photo developer for fear it would be reported to the photo police. That is a sad commentary on modern life. So, I shall just have to imagine that muddy, smeared, naked child. I'm smiling.


So glad I stopped by to visit and got to see all your goodies, but most importantly, I'm glad to 'ooh and aaw' over little Josie. Few things in the world are as beautiful to me as Yorkie puppies! Thanks for posting that and brightening a grey Vancouver day...:>



hi karla,

i have a hunch that a dorothy swap would garner a huge response. gingham and red glitter ... the possibilities ...


Michele Askeroth

I think that sounds pretty cool. I love my Alice tag book so much and I am always showing it off to everyone. I think that would be really fun to be involved with.

Freda Butler

I think Sugarwings has the right idea. Too hot for clothes.
She is a very imaginitive child and painting herself you never know what she is imagining in her own little mind. Maybe she is playing Indians with warpaint. Oh to be a child again.

I would love to enter the Wizard of Oz tag swap. That sounds like fun as long as it is not too soon.



Judi Storm

I have never done a swap befor, however I think I'd like to try. This would totaly bump me out of my comfort zone.
It's time I quit watching from the sidelines and jump in.
P.S. I also hope it's not to soon like FredaB. Daughter #3 getting Married at the end of this month. Thanks Judi

Andrea Villarreal

I would love to do a Dorothy swap! Now that I don't have anything going on I am feelin' the urge again:)

Connie E

Cute puppy. Enjoyed reading your posts. I love the pill box in the previous post and of course all the beads throughout. Connie

Laurie Jackson

Did you ever find your camera?

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