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August 26, 2010


Dawn Edmonson

I just LOVE your cabinets Karla!!!! Well, really your entire studio! I know you must have so many treasures tucked in the nooks and crannies ~ I hope you're doing wonderful sweet girl....hugs and love, Dawn


I love when you show your studio, especially all the little details! I need some glass front cabinets to keep my goodies in because it's so hard to find everything when it's stored in boxes and closets! Plus it makes me happy seeing all my pretty supplies! I love your Gothic Ghost pieces hanging in the window!


I rather like the jumble inside of that fabulous piece! It is truly a cabinet full of curiosities!

Janet Ghio

What a pretty studio you have. A wonderful space to work in!!


I love the closeups. I too am a visual organizer. I am working on a better system for the small space I have.
It takes time. But I dream big studio dreams LOL
Till then I will live vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

I'm just like you, Karla, in that I like to have glass doors on cabinets to see what is there. Otherwise I do forget! I'd put glass drawers in my cabinets, too, if I could! : ) I love the things you've put in your hutch and cabinet ~ it really is decorating even though you think you've just stuck stuff in there, because it is things you've made or enjoy looking at. That's always good enough for me as far as decorating goes!

Wanda Contreras

I LOVE, LOVE your studio. I agree with you, the place has to be pretty or with things that you like to feel inspire and that is why I have your dress form/ birdcage in my scrap room. Thank you Karla for such a beautiful inspiration.
best regards,


Beautiful! Karla, if you can remember, who was the lady who did a tutorial on Glue Books not too long ago? Can't find it anywhere, and I know you mentioned it in the blog at the time...Your Friend, Bobbi


Morning Karla...love your work place....it is so nice to suround our selves withwhat we love...especially where we work...Lorraine


so many treasures, in your wonderfull cabinet, love your collections, and artwork, you have a fantastic studio, full of beauty--I know from earlier fhotoes.
Your banner is gorgeus,too.
Hugs and smiles, Dorthe

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

WOW! That first cabinet is packed with treasures. I'm sad that I don't have an art studio. Someday though . . . :~)


jeanine mayden

karla! i love your studio - i feel the same way - i like my work/fun place to be inspiring and nice. i am envious of the dog collection. it is hard to find them. i have small dogs but none as big as yours. love em. love the little ones infront of cabinet as well.


What a great place to play. I agree with you. Our areas need to be fun wo we WILL want to go there. If it is messy we won't want to work there.


My Blessed Serendipity Life

Such pretty treasures in your cabinets! I would love to come and play with you!


Deborah Woodrow

A beautiful Studio, Karla. Everything is lovely.
Wish mine were that organized ! :)
Can hardly wait until I get my tags back from the swap !


You have a delightful studio Karla. so light and inspiring. A perfect place to create in! have a great weekend


I know that I've told you before, but I could live in your studio - Dorkies and all!



Such beauty all around you! Thank you for offering the halloween class!


I have a Yorkie collection too...with a few Scotties also. You are so right that it is hard to find Yorkie stuff. I have found most of mine around the Holidays. Love your cabinets!!

Mitzi Curi

That cabinet is full of joy! I love views of your extensive work space, but I'm curious....does your husband have a "man cave"? He must be a pretty agreeable fellow....to go along with all of that foof!

Judy B.

A while ago I was at KC Willis' Studio and Gallery for a workshop with Judy Wilkenfeld. The day after the workshop I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with KC. Your china cabinet reminds me of KC's "inspiration boards". She has several in the studio. I think your china cabinet is your inspiration board.

Thanks for sharing! It is lovely! Would love to touch everything in that china cabinet for the inspiration it would convey!


Hi Karla, I love your studio and the hutch filled with
your treasures is just wonderful! Twinkle and Agnes Rosebud
look so sweet together. I hope that you are having
a wonderful and restful time away.



I love taking a peek inside your spaces -- there's always such a lot of fun magic going on! I love seeing your collections!

Katsui Jewelry

Gorgeous banner, Karla. Love those closeups pf Sugarwings and the picture of the dogs together!


So pretty and fun, Karla~ thanks for the glimpse of your goodies...

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