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August 13, 2010



Oh Karla - I'm just loving all the details you're adding. Too funny about the lollipops I just printed the Lollipop Kids to think about!


Mandy Ni Bhraonain

looking good! amazing covers!!! :)


I so sorry I missed your 25th Wedding Anniversary post.



Janet Ghio

I love the TOTo tag. I have a cairn terrier--my own little toto (only a wheaten color). Your tag is adorable!


Cute covers Karla! And the lollipop charms are adorable!


Oh my goodness! Yay! I am so happy to be part of this swap - the covers are so beautiful. I will treasure mine.


Karla, just adoreable girl..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


Wow, these tags are gorgeous! And I love your "tag within a tag" - that is sooooo cute! And lots and lots of work, too. :)


Karla, you're really going to town - so fast too! I'm still thinking about my tags - so many possibilities. Love your cover!
Jane - Jacksonville


I've said it before and I'll say it again.....YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!
They look great....and their not even finished yet.
I can hardly wait to see how the lollipops turn out.
Please post about them when they are finished.
Have a great weekend.


Oh, you are a busy, busy one.
Going to work on these this weekend.

Happy Saturday.



Thats a whole lotta tags!!!!

Mine are packaged and ready for post office :)


You and Beth are making THE most adorable tags!!! Love them!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Wendy Bearden


You are just an amazing person. I am so excited that I joined this swap. Your tags are so lovely. I am so ready to start putting mine together. I have so many ideas.
Have fun making those little lovelies.

wendy from wonderland

Jill at buckscountyfolkart.blogspot.com

These are ADORABLE!

You are quite the artist!

Your partners are going to love them. : )


Deborah Woodrow

Well, How Lovely ! your tags are gorgeous ! How do you come up with these neat and pretty ideas ???
Well, my tags are finally done ! YAY !
Only took me what 2 weeks ??? for 6 measley tags !
Shows how slow I am LOL ! No, seriously, I was down in my back, with Herniated discs, and had to go the ER, a few days ago, so I was laid up for a week. Well, I hope you like them.
Anyway, I'll get them off to you next week.
Maybe they will match with some others, coming in.
I used what I had here, and, Hoepfully they will be liked, by anyone who gets one, they are unique, thats for sure !
Happy Crafting, Karla... Can't wait to see the Lollipops, when they are finished.


Linda Boren

I sent an e-mail to join the tag swap, but I don't think it sent. I would like to be included, if possible. - Linda Boren - 13grands@aznex.net Thank you


Adorable as usual! My jaw just dropped after seeing the post below and your banner for your sweet girls birthday. You have some mad painting skills and this is just beautiful.


These are wonderful; I love all the details and thought!
I am still trying to decide whether to join in! I do love
this movie. Belated Congrats on your anniversary; You looked gorgeous! There is magic in our memories...keep the good ones, alive!!!


Hi Karla! Have been reading daily but not commenting...not to bring down the room, but my dear Mickie has IVDD and is paralyzed in the back...we are on day 10 of conservative treatment and so far so good...still, it is exhausting, like tending to a newborn with special needs...not that I begrudge her a minute, I love her like you love those Dorkies. But the point (and there is one) is that I am thankful for the extension on the Oz project...am so looking forward to digging into it (my first swap!) and your start on all of it is so darned exciting! Right now I need a happy diversion, and if Dorothy and Toto won't do it, what would??? Your Friend, Bobbi


I can't believe how cute these are! It really motivates me to make th ebest tags I can!


Hi Karla,
I admire your talent and excitement. This is my first swap and I am looking forward to joining the club! Thank you for what you do.

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