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August 10, 2010


Caitlin Joy -- Hippy Chick Mama

Happy Anniversary to you both!! You two are a beautiful example of a loving, trusting and compassionate relationship. I look up to you so much Karla. And those Oz tags!! How wonderful <3 <3 <3


Congratulations Karla!!


I love it that you posted your wedding picture. You guys look so happy and it was fun to celebrate in California, I'm sure... I think artists and business men probably get along better than artist and OTHER artists at times.... I mean, you don't want to add, and he doesn't want to dabble.... haha... Hugs from hot, hot Missouri... I'm getting ready to work on some tags I think. I will officially let you know if anything looks good enough to swap. I can't seem to let it go... What a goofus I am.


Oh, and I can't believe how cute that puppy is.... She melts my heart.


Hi Karla,
Happy, Happy 25th Anniversary!! I love your wedding
photo. I'm catching up on your Blog entries. Twinkle
and Agnes Rosebud are so cute with those little tiaras!
Great pic. Your Dorothy tags are wonderful!!! I have
to admit though.......the one thing that always scared
me when I was little, were those flying monkeys. :(
Maybe it was the way they just swooped down and hovered!!
Anniversary Hugs,


Happy Anniversary Karla! Love the tiaras on the pups. =)


Happy Anniversary, Karla!!! 25 years - that's wonderful! I love how you said he doesn't mind how you decorate and redecorate all the time- that was funny about showing the magazine article that wasn't even your house!
Those tags are great inspiration for us - such different illustrations too.
Congrats also on your 800th post - amazing! So glad you include Sugarwings and the doggies so often.
Always look forward to your latest post!


Happy 25th...you look stunning in your sweet dress....take care ...Lorraine


Happy Aniversary to a great couple! 25 years is really something to celebrate these days.
The pups look so adorable with their tiaras. It looks like they are having fun..Your dogs really love to pose, I saw Button posing on Beth's post, too.
Congratulations on 800 posts. I just hit my 100th so 800 is almost a lifetime away!!


What an accomplishment to stick it out for 25 years in these days. I'm sure you guys have had ups & downs over the years. Hopefully many more ups than downs. Here's to another 25, your an inspiration in so many ways. BTW, poor Twinkle, that poor thing is going to need doggy therapy being dressed up all the time. LOL Also, what the heck is that last picture!!!! I want to know how you did that! Lisa


Happy, Happy 25th! Love the wedding photo and the pups are as cute as ever.

Beth Leintz

Did you put PRODUCT in Rosie's hair to get that crown to stay put? Your dogs are so much more photogenic than mine. If I get close enough to Button to take a headshot, he just ends up licking the camera.

Happy Silver!


Happy 25th Anniversary!! Our 31st anniversary will be here soon on September 1st.
The doggies look adorable with their tiaras!! My yorkie won't leave anything in her hair for more than a few seconds...so I put her bing on her collar.
Congrats on 800 post!!

Kerryanne English

Happy anniversary Karla. 25 years is pretty special.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne


Happy anniversary, Karla! What a sweet wedding photo! I love all the wonderful tags you did, too!


Wow Karla! It must be awesome to celebrate your Silver Anniversary in a world that is unwilling to put in the hard work it takes to keep a marriage strong. We have been married 12 1/2 years and remain best friends! We're half way there!

Congratulations to both of you!


awwww, Happy Anniversary Karla!


Karla,happy aniversary,the photo of you are so beautifull.
and so are your wallparer journal,-and already sold! Love it.Your tags are fun and special,too.
Have a lovely day, dear.
Hugs, Dorthe


Happy anniversary Karla - you and your beloved look sooo sweet together - best wishes for many many more years together. LindaSonia

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, Karla! What a sweet wedding photo of you.


Happy 25th Anniversary! That is very exciting! I'm so happy that you had a chance to celebrate together! Your tags are looking SO cute! I'm glad you are cool with an overall Oz theme, as I think I may end up stuck on those flying monkeys. They are, after all, creeptastic!!!


Happiest of silver anniversary's to you! You and hubby make such a gorgeous couple.


Awe look at you crazy kids, Congratulations
25 years building a good life together.
He certainly is handsome and you are gorgeous!!


Congratulations, Karla! Having enjoyed your blog for a while now your positive and grateful attitude and warm sentiments towards your "special guy" are always so endearing. No doubt these have all contributed to twenty-five years of wedded bliss...and of course, what a lucky fella to have you as his bride. Can't forget that part! Adorable wedding pic! AND your tags and prolific creative run are all too wonderful as well! Xo, Sue

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

Happy Anniversary, Karla! What a good looking couple you are! : ) We celebrated our 25th in May ~ and I just don't know where the time went. I had to laugh at your little pup diva's in their tiaras ~ how cute is that!


Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary,Happy anniversary, Haa -py anniversary! Be happy you didn't have to hear me sing that:) We're celebrating 25 years in Sept. - of course I was a child bride:)

Love the princess dorkies. And the tags - well AWESOME!! Can't wait to get started on mine.


Becky H

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will hit our 22nd next Friday. Thank you for posting some pics of your tags. I am starting today to work on my tags. I am sure I will do more than 6 to get the ones I want to send. Thank you for all the posts. Congratulations.

Sheila R

Happy Anniversary!! What precious "dorkies"!!

Thank you for being a SB big sister to Nora. She and I were very excited that she would be able to get to know you!


Happy Anniversary Karla!!! You look so beautiful in your tiny little wedding dress! I remember wearing tiny clothes...once upon a time, long, long ago. :)
And the princesses look darling in their crowns!


Happy 25th Anniversary Karla! Loved seeing your pretty wedding picture and the pictures of the cute pups!
Hope you have a nice week!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Amy Bauer

Silvery Salutations & Congratulations! I was on the fence about joining the Dorothy Tag swap, but your "in the zone" examples were so wonderful, that I just have to join in. I love how you don't make folks "sign up" per se and wait to see what you get! - Amy Bauer

Dee Ann Head

Happy 25th anniversary! What a lovely couple you make! Wish I could participate in the swap, but too much going on right now at work and working overtime. Enjoy!

Cami @ Creating Myself

Happy anniversary Karla....you were a beautiful bride!

I have no idea what I am doing for the tag swap so appreciate the inspiration you have provided...love the twister one! Very clever!


Ahh! happy anniversary sweetie!


Happy Anniversary, Karla!! Still lovely after 25 years! And wow, 800 posts!

Deborah Woodrow

Happy Anniversary to you both. Thats great! 25 YEARS, WOO-HOO ! Congratulations ! :) I love all your new tags and stuff you have in your shop ! Karla, you amaze me every single day ! Wow, you're talented !
I'm not as fast as you making those tags, boy they sure are challenging ! But, I hope you like what I've come up with !
Keep in mind, I don't have all the lovely papers and doo-dads that you and all the other ladies have !
But, I DID use a few of those prints you said we could download, and I hope they are nice enough. I did not have anything to use here, with a WIZARD OF OZ THEME !

My hubby, so sweet as he is, went out to Barnes and Noble and bought me a huge book of frameable prints, to use for the tags ! HOW ADORABLE IS THAT ?!
Am I gonna cut them to shreds, for some mini tags ??? NO WAY ! Plus, the size was too large, and not to scale to match with the size of the tags . So now I have those big lovely prints to use for pictures ! :)

Also, it makes me use my noggin' a little more ! LOL !
BUT, I sure hope everyone likes them...it sure is fun joining the swap, and seeing what we can make, isn't it ladies ? Ok, back to the tags.......

robin foster

Congratulations on your 25 years! that is really something to be proud of!

Deborah Woodrow

Oh, Karla...I forgot to mention how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wedding dress ! Its so beautiful and romantic, looking. I HATE those strapless, prom-gown looking, ones I've seen on women, what the past 20 something years ?
Ok, enough already ! Why do the girls like those things ?
Well, I'm Old-Fashioned, and I love the old Victorian, lacey, long-sleeved ones...or the 3/4 sleeves, just something to look like a wedding gown and not a dance dress ! Ok help me out here, ladies...is it to much to expect a WEDDING DRESS TO LOOK LIKE A WEDDING DRESS ???
I rest my case...its lovely Karla ! Are you saving it for Leandra ? :)

Melissa Test

Happy Anniversary!!! You are fortunate to have married your best friend :o) Your wedding picture is so beautiful.

Love the Dorothy tags. I am not sure if the quality of my craftsmanship will compare to yours but I can say mine are made with great enthusiasm.


Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to you.
Love your tags--hope mine come out as cute as yours.



Happy Anniversary, Karla!!! May you celebrate many MANY more years of wedded bliss together.

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Jenny S

25 years! Wow! We just celebrated 11 and most of our friends were shocked! hehehe!


Happy Anniversary Karla! Hubby is one lucky guy to have married such a wonderful and talented lady! Love to you on your special day, Lori

Jan Olson

Beautiful bride and handsome husband ! Happy Anniversary !


Oh,Oh, Check out today's Google logo - Thursday, Aug. 12 - it's the Wizard of Oz!!!


congratulations! I love your wedding photo, you both look gorgeous :o) xx


Gratulations on your Anniversary! You both were "lookers" back then!

Elaine Weishaar

Happy Happy Anniversary! And may the next 25 years be even better! Enjoy! A "Southern" Kansas friend, Elaine

Laurie Jackson

Happy anniversary! Loved your wedding photo! Love the close ups of your dorkies! I can't wait to hear what you're cooking up!


So many pretty things here, Karla. I love the hutch, and the little doggie at the floor is so cute. Congrats on the anniversary.


Can you put up closer pictures of your hutch with your decorations. I have a hutch similar to yours and would like to decorate it.

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